Video: Emotional Allen Iverson Delivers Game Ball, Gives Interivew to Lisa Salters During 76ers-Celtics Game 6

Allen Iverson brought out the game ball for the 76ers-Celtics game Wednesday night and he appeared to almost break down and begin to cry.

Lisa Salters found him in the second quarter and Iverson admitted he was emotional.


“I tried to get off the court as quickly as possible,” he said. “I felt my legs shake and my lip quiver.”

Iverson continued talking to Salters about how much it meant to him that 76er fans still had so much love for him. He went on to say how much he loved them and how they made his career there special.


Salters went on to prod him into saying he was retired, but Iverson said, “I don’t wanna even say that word.”

He acknowledged he may not be able to play in the NBA, but he wanted to continue to play professional basketball because he loves the game. I have never been an Iverson guy, but I have to admit I was really touched by his candidness. He appeared to be more self-aware than an A.I. we have seen in the past.

I truly hope he comes back to the NBA for one last run. How great would it be if he signed with the 76ers and had a changed attitude to help the younger guys and not require the ball as much? Philadelphia has a great team, and if Iverson can contribute at all, it would be a welcomed sight to 76er fans.

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