Video: Eli Manning’s SNL Sketch “Little Brothers” a Huge Winner

Eli Manning hosted Saturday Night Live this week.

I did not watch it, but from various Twitter reports I saw it sounds like the consensus is that the first half of the show was great, but that the second half was not so great. This seems to be about par for the course with SNL these days.

The reviews for Eli’s individual performance all seemed to be relatively positive. And as Jimmy Traina pointed out in today’s Hot Clicks, the “Little Brothers” sketch was a huge winner.


I love when Eli is slamming the kid in the trunk and calls him Peyton. I can only imagine how much Archie, Olivia, Peyton, and Cooper were laughing when they saw that.

All in all, it seems like Eli’s SNL dalliance was a successful one, as was Peyton’s when he hosted. Well done little brother.

And with the sketch above, and Eli’s excellent performance in it, he stepped out his brother’s footsteps even as he walks in them. In fact, he seems to be making a career of doing just that.



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