Video: Albert Pujols Angrily Throws Glove at Erick Aybar

Erick Aybar apparently doesn’t understand the famous Albert Pujols Intensity yet.

If he did, he clearly would not have participated in such tomfoolery as smacking Pujols in his elbow/foreman rather than his hand during the postgame High 5 line.

In response, an angry Pujols retaliated.

Hat tip: Reddit

So, just for the record, in an Angels uniform Pujols has now angrily hit teammates with his fielding glove as often as he’s homered. And it’s May 10th.

Yeah, that’s probably not good.

Update: Good point brought up by Will Carroll: that is the elbow Pujols had fixed a couple of years ago. Maybe it still tingles at the touch?

I still think Pujols will bust out of his doldrums and have a solid season. And hey, even if he doesn’t, Adam Dunn is proving this year that a terrible one-year adjustment to the AL from the NL Central is not a harbinger of career-threatening ineffectiveness.

Just don’t tap Pujols in his funny bone. He clearly doesn’t think there is anything funny about it.


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  1. I think the AL/NL thing tends to get overblown quite a bit. The dude batted .348/39/121 in 143 interleague games against the AL. The fact that he has been slightly declining the last couple years and is coming off the worst season of his career, is probably much more indicative of what the problem is.

  2. What a chump! Oh no someone hit my elbow and not my hand I better throw a hissy fit.

  3. You don’t pay a guy $240mil if he needs to adjust.  Pujols is better than that.  That’s why he got the money.  Start digging deeper for real reasons he’s struggling because the “adjustment” theory is just garbage.

  4. Aybar is the guy that hurt Morales, so I have no problem with Pujols throwing his glove at him. Aybar doesn’t know how to celebrate like a human being.

  5. look at aybar as he runs away, he’s smiling, you can see the white of his teeth in a big grin

  6. Tom in StL says:

    If Pujols was worried about his elbow, he would’ve thrown the glove  with his other hand.

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