Top 5 Sports Cities in America

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If you sit down with a handful of sports enthusiasts, even if all are from the same place, debating which city is America’s finest sports environment will always elicit a few different answers.

Therefore, you can usually count on it to stir up a heated exchange.

My list, going from 5 to 1 below, is presented below.

Before we get started, I want you to remember a few things:

  • One, that this list is not discussing the most successful cities, but simply the best sports environments.

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  • Two, in order to make the list it has to be one city, not a few scrambled around a state; sorry, Texas.
  • Third and finally, while I wouldn’t mind hearing any of you rip me for my list, just remember that reading it wouldn’t be any fun if we all didn’t have our own opinions over the topic. There’s no formula for this list, and there really isn’t even a way to definitively define what a “good sports environment” is. Even that is different in each of our opinions.

So let’s get right down to it, for fun, starting at number 5 and working our way down to the best sports city in our great country.

5. Los Angeles

At first, the only LA teams that come to mind are the Lakers, Clippers, and Dodgers. But you can’t forget about the likes of the Angels, USC, UCLA, and even the Raiders, who have a huge fan following in Los Angeles.

With each of these teams come a lot of annual sport spectacles throughout the typical year. And right now pretty much all of those teams are experiencing success and/or are turning the corner.

While I do give credit to LA for being a city that has a wide array of teams, and in turn fans, I’m not taking into consideration the teams’ recent success for this list. And unfortunately for those Californians, there isn’t a while lot else going for their city in terms of being a great sports city to bump them up this list.

Why? Sports do not reign supreme in LA, plain and simple. They never will. This is one of the most important factors for me in determining what cities are better than the other. LA revolves around Hollywood. It’s a city that is known for being home to the movie industry and the nonstop “tabloid and paparazzi” atmosphere.

If it weren’t, the Raiders wouldn’t have failed there and moved to Oakland; and matter of fact, another NFL franchise probably would have moved there already. It’s just too hard to predict if the city is the right fit for the biggest sports stage of today’s day and age, the NFL.

Still, LA does deserve some credit for having such a widespread collection of fan bases; I’m sure it makes for some interesting arguments, rivalries, and bets between friends. All in all, #5 is not a bad place for LA to be on this list.

Photo courtesy USA Today

4. Philadelphia

We all know that the city of brotherly love is just about as passionate as they come. Fans go crazy every chance they get. My entire family is from Philly, so I have that blood in me. I’ve spent a ton of time there listening to sports radio and talking sports with my family, who are all big into sports.

If you’re wondering whether or not Philadelphia’s fan base is as harsh and brutal as advertised, the truth is that they are not.

They are even worse.

A great example is with Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid of the Eagles. Despite having a borderline Hall of Fame QB and a great coach that consistently helps orchestrate a Super Bowl contender, Eagle Nation lobbied for them to be traded or released year ’round for about a decade.

All that for a great Phillie of the 21st century who just a Phillie. They're brutal alright. Photo courtesy NBC Sports

The pessimistic attitude in and of itself is not why I didn’t rank Philly higher on my list. I actually think that type of atmosphere is fun in a weird sort of way. I myself am a very pessimistic sports fan, and I know I get that from my Pennsylvanian roots.

But along with the pessimism can come harsh negativity, and that is why Philly is not in the top couple of spots on the list like many people would rank it.

Philly fans’ irrational, unfair attitudes and standards can sap the fun out of the passion.

It is absurd that they couldn’t fully appreciate McNabb while he was in town doing great things on the field. And if you look at the picture to the right, you see Philadelphia fans ripping on a Phillies’ great of recent years, Pat Burrell, after he left town.

Whether it’s wanting someone to be shipped out of town or disowning them because they do have to leave the city, Philly fans will turn against you in a heart beat. Sure, the tough Rocky-like atmosphere is fun, but it just doesn’t always make sense with today’s sports world.

Another example in addition to Pat Burrell and Donovan McNabb is Ryan Howard. Despite being one of the best power hitters in all of baseball throughout recent years and contributing to a World Series title, whenever I go on a trip there during the summer months, all I hear are attacks on him for striking out too much. Seriously, guys? Sure, one of our writers here at MSF agrees with you, but besides Albert Pujols you don’t get much better at first base than Howard. Appreciate what ‘ya got.

I’ve got a lot to say about Philadelphia. Here’s another huge flaw for their city: there is a very clear tier system in place as far as how much each sport is supported.

Even if, say, the Flyers and Phillies are on top of the world, the city will still be bitter if the Eagles aren’t doing well (even as far as having a poor off season). While there’s nothing wrong with a hierarchy like this being in place, as there is in other cities that I’ve ranked higher, there is no reason for them to intersect and effect one another negatively.

Philadelphians loved seeing their Phillies win the World Series a few years back, but you’d still hear more complaints about the Eagles than you would praise of the Phillies. This plays into the irrational mindset of the Philly fan base.

Obviously all of that was describing why Philly is not ranked higher, but being behind just three cities is certainly not a bad thing. I don’t want this to come off as a rant putting down the City of Brotherly Love. It’s splitting hairs at the top of the list.

Philadelphia is as passionate as any other city about their sports. They truly do bleed their teams’ colors. But the following cities do as well, and do not possess the major flaws that Philadelphia does in terms of the sports environments.

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There are numbers 4 and 5; which cities will be 1-2-3?

Continue reading to find out.

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About Zach Gropper

Zach Gropper is a sports broadcasting major at Indiana University in the beautiful town of Bloomington, IN. He is from Flossmoor, IL, a small Chicago suburb.
Zach was was the sports director for WHFH 88.5 FM Flossmoor his junior year of high school and Television Station Manager of Viking Television during his senior year.
He runs a White Sox blog at and also contributes and reports for Last summer, Zach interned for ESPN 1000 AM Chicago, working on programming for the Waddle and Silvy Show.
He is currently eager to get out into the professional world of sports media, wherever that may take him.


  1. Had to know he was from the ‘burbs of Chicago. 

    • I’m from Chicago, but married a girl from the Detroit area. After ten years of visits to the area, it pains me to say it, but Detroit has to be the best sports town in America. Detroit is 25% the size of Chicago, and they support all 4 major sports franchises. What other town of that size would still have a football team after going 0-16 (Lions sell-out Ford Field). Thanksgiving day game is an 80 year family tradition. A playoff game at the Joe with Octopie tossing – nothing like it anywhere else. And, the college football (Michigan vs. Michigan State) type stuff. Detroit lead all local markets in the ALCS ratings again this year. Beating other local markets like Boston and St. Louis. Detroit wins it, but Chicago is definitely top 5.

  2. Krisschrader says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t include St.Louis

    • Jim_Joyce says:

      Rams? no NBA team etc

      • Yeah the Rams aren’t great but the fanbase is still there. If this list is based on how good the teams in the cities are then Chicago should not even be near this list. If its based on fans then yes (I am a Cardinals fan) Chicago should be on the list. Cubs fans and Cardinals fans are a lot alike, faithful and smart. But that means St. Louis should also be on here. Some other cities fans are there when the team wins, not when they lose. St. Louis fans are always there. 

  3. Pcampeau says:

    Im living in australia, yet raised in Canada, hence totally un biased.
    I do cheer for the Dolphins, the Texas rangers and don’t give a damn about basketball.
    I Agree, favourite town in the USA is Chicago.
    Love the way people back their teams.
    also, where else can you play golf with that skilne at the forefront.

  4. While I don’t necessarily disagree with Chicago, your reasoning is pretty lackluster…
    Apparently, Chicago is the best SPORTS city because:
    A)  Some radio hosts FROM THERE agree with you.
    B)  The city is magnificent.
    C)  If it were warm year round, everyone would live there.
    D)  Navy Pier and Millennium Park are nice.
    E)  The fans are critical but not unrealistic.

    My head hurts.

  5. Mjcavanaugh42 says:

    I am a born and raised Floridian, a die-hard Miami Hurricane fan, who chooses my professional teams by the Canes on them. But I have to agree with you, especially having traveled to every city listed. Philly fans suck, hate J-E-T-S fans, can’t stand the Pats. No problems with any team in Chicago ever. Fans are fantastic, city is beautiful. I agree 100% with your opinion.

  6. Rocksoldier1066 says:

    Pretty biased ‘homer’ there.  Obviously the man hasn’t traveled to too many cities other than the 5 LARGEST cities in the country.  And without reading this article first I knew which cities he would choose.  The 5 LARGEST.  Obviously didn’t do much research on anything.  You could have added Detroit, or maybe Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, Pittsburgh, Buffalo??

    Guess those cities are too small??  But yeah, no problem with Chicago though.  Good choice.

    • Rdklein says:

      To be fair, Houston is the 4th largest city and he didnt include it.  Regardless, his opinion that Miami “barely missed the cut” made me laugh.  Zach, do you even watch sports?  If you did, you would understand that Miami is one of the worst sports cities in the country. 

      Ever watch a Marlin/Dolphin game on TV and notice the 30-50,000 empty seats?  Great sports city, huh?   

  7. The reality is the best sports city is not even in the U.S. It is Clearly Toronto. The Maple Leafs as much as they suck are the most valuab;e franchise in ALL of pro sports and yes that means more than the Dallas Doughboys

    • Jrmarque says:

      Not even remotely true. Toronto is the most valuable NHL franchise, however EVERY NFL team and many MLB and NBA franchises are more valuable than the Laffs.  Check out Forbes top 50 list for 2011, no NHL teams.

    • Lancemd80 says:

      forbes list, maple leafs worth about $550ishmillion, Cowboys worth $1.85 BILLION, you’re WAY OFF… look it up.

  8. Hughwhale says:

    no bay area?? lame

  9. los angeles is definitely a GREAT sports environment.  “hey you like a different team than I do, so my friends and I are gonna beat you up now.”

  10. martinpdx says:

    Choice of Chicago as #1 was pretty weak. Is this a travel brochure or an article debating which cities have great teams? Having lived there (Chicago), I acknowledge that the support for the Bears and Cubs, in particular, is undying. The White Sox are decently supported. But the Blackhawks and the Bulls? No one cared a bit about the Blackhawks until they were in the Stanley Cup finals. The Bulls have had some resurgence in popularity that is commensurate with their success, but that’s what you call fairweather fans (admittedly, every city has that problem to an extent). Minus Philly, the other choices were understandable to an extent (an argument can be made for any city), but meh.

    My shock at a city that wasn’t listed? Detroit. The city is full of people who define what it means to be a loyal fan. The city also has great teams (who know how to rise from the ashes, eventually). The Lions are arguably the worst franchise of the big four sports in the US and have been rewarded with some of the best fans ever (why? I don’t know). The Tigers were either the second or third worst team in the history (the worst in the American league, at least) of the MLB. But look at them now. The Red Wings’s recent Stanley Cup wins (’97, ’98, ’02, ’08) and finals appearances speak for themselves. People aren’t happy about the Pistons, but don’t expect them to abandon them like they would in other cities. I mean truly, though, Detroit doesn’t have a lot else going for it other than its sports teams, which is why these fans are in some ways unlike any others.      

    • that’s not necessarily true about the blackhawks and the bulls. you said you “lived there”, but you’re not “from there”…huge difference.  the blackhawks were bigger than any other sport from the 60s-80s…and would sell out every game. the only reason they stopped was because the owner was a dick, and the fans had enough. the fans came back when the owner died…which was 2 years before the stanley cup.  chicago is a great sports town, and he was accurate with how the fans are. 

    • SantorumsNose says:

       When did you live in Chicago? In the 1920’s? The Bulls have had more consecutive sell outs then any other team, and sold out consistently even when they sucked

    • Rchapman says:

      You hit it out the park. We have shit here in Detroit, but we do have great loyal fans. If we didn’t the Lions would have moved to St Louis like the Rams did. An how can LA even be on this list when two football teams left LA for smaller markets….very strange!!

  11. Augustordie says:

    Where the hell is Dallas? Or Cleveland? I’d put either one of those before Chicago.

  12. Yanksknciksgiants says:


  13. Phillyfansareinsane says:

    “One, that this list is not discussing the most successful cities, but simply the best sports environments:”

    If this is your criteria, then Philadelphia should be at the VERY bottom of the list.  Philly fans are rude, inconsiderate, and the football fans had to have a JUDGE and JAIL put on site because they are so destructive and are completely sociopathic.

    Obviously the writer says he’s from Philly, so he’s proud of their inhuman behaviour.  City of Brotherly Love??  Hardly.  I’ve lived there for over a decade… they are simply ANIMALS and it is the City of HATE.  Nothing less.  Only a moron would say that Philadelphia is “simply the best sports environment”… The author even stated how bad they are, and still included them.  WTF??

    • Poppycock says:

       Those were my thoughts exactly.  He’s talking about the Cities with the best sporting environment and he includes Philly, which has the worst, because of the fans.  This article, and list, is nothing but digital toilet paper.

      • delawarefan says:

        Philly fans are simply the most knowlegeable fans in sports. They cheer and boo because they understand the game and know whats going on. LA is a joke, they cant keep an NFL team, and the baseball fans show up in the fourth inning. Do they even know the Kings are in the finals? The national media plays up the negative aspects, but all cities have their own morons who attend games and do stupid things. The Philly sports complex is outstanding and with the Sixers back in the mix all four teams are competetive. AND its one of the best college basketball towns in the country.

        • Captain Mañana says:

          Ummm, NO! All fan bases have some dumb fans, Philly just has more of them.

          And yes, Philly has quite a “sports complex”, everyone else just calls it an inferiority complex.

        •  Maybe you should go out west and get a better understanding of what’s going on out here? The east coast fans have networks like ESPN spoon feeding you nothing but east coast teams, and occasionally report something outside the upper north east.

          I have been to many Phillies, Dodgers and Giants home games. While Phillies fans vomit and piss all over each other, the Dodgers and Giants fans fill the stadiums, make noise and understand the game. Dodger Stadium has major traffic issues, and why crowds arrive late and leave early. You want the best sports fans in the US, go to a Golden State Warriors game in Oakland, they lose every year but fill the arena every night. Best fans anywhere!! And FYI – Every city loses teams (ie) A’s at one time were in Philadelphia.

          • Jo-the-ko says:

            the warriors are from philly ie you mooseknuckle long live wilt….. bruno

          • Suengus says:

            ESPN doesn’t spoon feed anything but basketball. ESPN is horrible.  It should be called NBAPN.  

          • Jakedirty says:

            Its only NBAPN for a few months, it will be over soon and we can get back to some sports that people in the east actually care about. Also, I would like to add a city to the list. .. . the list is called ” Home of luke warm at BEST, always runner up never the winners”  the top 5 all consist of Atlanta!

          • Nuadormrac says:

            What I find ironic, is that the Jets get a mention when including NYC…  Sure they’re a team there, but as to a serious contender, and all Rex Ryan’s theatrics aside….  Yeah, yeah, he would probably have us believe he’s gonna win the super bowl, like the last 2 years.  And note that other New York team isn’t running it’s mouth as much…

            At to this the toxic atmosphere in the locker room, and the various team mates (if team mate is even an applicable term there) going in the media to hash out their issues with one another publically….  I honestly can say I don’t know anyone around these parts (though Jersey side) who is a Jets fan.  I know a lot of Giants fans though.  Most people think the Jets are a joke, that could perhaps use a few less loud mouths on the team….

    • The problem I have with most sports fans, and Philly fans to the extreme, is that so many of them measure their own self worth by the success or failure of the sports teams that ostensibly represent them.   I mean, when you think about it, how many of the guys on your hometown team are actually a product of your hometown?  So what does this mean?  “My city’s GMs are better than your city’s GMs, therefore my existence is validated.”?     And in Philly, they are worse winners than losers (and they’re miserable losers).

      Try growing up as a Boston Bruins fan in Philly in the 70s.   Yup, special human beings, those Philly fans.   I actually had adults in a car follow me home, shouting obscenities and threatening to beat me up, when I was 11 or 12, because I had worn a bruins jersey in a pickup hockey game at the neighborhood rec.   I think sociopath is too kind a description.

      • Phillies 247365 says:

        Yes, because there are only obnoxious fans in Philly. I took my kids to a Nats Phillies game in DC last month. The organization has institute their “take back the park” campaign. We were spit on and called Philly trash the entire game by Nats fans. So, are all Nats fans trash because of what happened to us?  Get a clue.

      • Phillies 247365 says:

        I took my sons to Nats stadium last month. Was called Philly trash and spit on and we left early. Thank the Nats organization for their “take back the park campaign”, which Nats fans believes gives them carte blanche to harass and attack Phillies fans when they are only taking their kids to simply watch a game.  There are moron fans EVERYWHERE.

      • Jo-the-ko says:

        I meber you leo i almost got you in the 70s with your little booby orr jersey ill get you leo you mine next week at the rec center…….

        • Typical Philly “fan”  –  illiterate as well as boorish.   Get back in your mama’s basement, and keep wishing you could handle me.

    • Phillies247465 says:

      When you know what you’re talking about, let me know.  The Vet had a jail for fans who got into trouble, but the Linc and CBP DO NOT. Do you know that 1/4 of stadiums in the USA DO HAVE such jails, but Philadelphia is NOT one of them? I suppose you would rather be at a game in LA, where you get beat into a coma or shot by a gang in the parking lot.  Get a life.

    • herpderp says:

      umad its ride or die in Philly? The only thing Philly fans want is consistent and honest play from its players.

    • Zogg420 says:

      I’m so tired of every getting on Philly fans. Thanks ESPN and Michael Wilbon. When was the last time Philly rioted because we lost (Vancouver) and we lose a lot, or how about shooting/stabbing and putting opposing teams fans in comas(dodgers) and lets not forget the black hole in Oakland(put a jail and judge in stadium same year as Philly) Philly is by far the best sports town in America and the public seems to confuse our knowledge and passion with anarchy. It’s too bad.



    •  I thought that was crap too. How do you include a city who’s teams play in another state? If anything the credit should go to the state they play in just like every other city he put on the list.

  15. Favorite thing about Boston: four Division I college hockey teams in the city itself(BU, BC, Harvard, Northeastern). By the way, now they all have competitive women’s teams.

    Least favorite thing: our local MLS team is still playing a suburban NFL stadium, probably forever, while nice new soccer stadiums are opening in Houston, etc.

  16. Twotimeironman says:

    I would argue that Pittsburgh is the best sports town in the US,, 

  17. how the hell is Detroit not on this list?

  18. st louis mfer

  19. Hollanma says:

    If you are talking about great environments to play in, St.Louis has to be considered in this discussion. You won’t find a more knowledgeable fan base. Also, you will never hear of anyone nearly getting killed for wearing a cubs jersey or any other teams jersey to one of its sporting events.

  20. Dana Solomon says:


  21. Last time I looked, the Rangers, the Mavericks, the Stars and the Cowboys were in the same city.

  22. Ima Catflusher says:

    How can the author of this make statements about the criteria, then in the very first city, go against the same criteria. The Angels are in Anaheim, not LA. UCLA is in Westwood, not LA. Also, New York has 2 teams that actually play in that city and that is the Mets and the Yankees.

    Just that one criteria he already broke would put Dallas somewhere on the list since they have several teams in the general area. The Mavs, the Stars, the Cowboys, and the Rangers. Not to mention the college teams in the same general area. All of their facilities are closer than those listed for LA or New York and are a blast to go see.

  23. Xor6226 says:

    What BS on the 5 best cities. I guess to be considered you must be from a major market. LA, you have to be kidding!

  24. Soxfan75 says:

    Yup, Chicago! Number one to be sure…great teams, stadiums, fans and…people. The citizens of Chicago ultimately give it the #1 spot. Now I would appreciate it if the Sox fans would show up and support thier first place team!

  25. OIFSeaBee says:

    Come to 311 S Wacker during the playoffs of any sport (if a Chicago team is a participant) and get a load of the fountain inside the building.  

  26. bleedeaglegreen says:

    Lot of Philly haters!! Just jealous!!  Hate us or love us, there is no denying that you know we love our sports teams.  WE talk trash about the teams we love.  Family is allowed to talk bad about family, BUT IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE FAMILY KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF.  We don’t want to hear it.  And if we have high expectations for our teams that is because we are a group of people with high expectations, period.  Not our fault that the rest of you are so willing to settle for 2nd best or “also ran.”  And that is not saying that we always win, because we all know we don’t.  What that means is that Philly Phans (BIRDS, PHILS, & FLYERS) don’t like losing.  AND WE ARE UPSET WHEN WE DO!

  27. Steeler Fan says:

    For Pittsburgh not to make it over LA……….please!!!! LA can’t even keep a football team in their city!!!

  28. Bowdenssp says:

    It is hard to compare one horse towns like Philly and Boston and Chicago to NY and LA.
    NY and LA are big event towns, not just fans of whoever happens to be wearing their colors this year.
    NY has sooo many teams that it makes real fans go scitzo.
    A Sunday September NY sports page has Yankees + Mets, Giants + Jets, Knicks + Nets, Rangers + Devils + Islanders, Rutgers Football, High School Football + Soccer + CC.
    Sundays in Sept are a pot pourie for real sports fans in NY.

  29. Ricksmith says:

    You are correct that Philly is a great sports town, but your assessment of McNabb in particular is way off! McNabb was a great athlete, but had no heart or passion. The lack of heart became clear pretty early. Eventually, his teammates didn’t play for him. The players gave up on him before the fans did! Didn’t the feedback in Minnesota and Washington expose him as a joke. McNabb is toast. Reed was a great coach, but the chemistry is gone. Do two cities a favor…leave Philly and develop a program somewhere else.

    Did anyone pay attention to Jeremy Roenick’s first appearance in Philladelphia after his 500th career goal? J.R. showed up as a San Jose Shark. Philly had a classy ceremony, right before the drop of the puck, to honor J.R. for his accomplishment and huge thank you for bringing his heart and soul to his career….and days playing for the Flyers! J.R. earned that respect and was able to articulate why the city returned that respect.

    Philly fans are passionate…players better be too if they want to survive.

  30. LA being on there is a JOKE!!  Sports are the last thing on LA’s mind.  New York is HIGHLY questionable since the football teams don’t play in the city!  Also, too much emphasis on larger cities on this list…cities like Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Minneapolis deserve strong consideration here, where the fans are real and passionate (and the men don’t get mani-pedi’s).  Boston, Chicago, and Philly are all deservedly in the Top 5.

  31. Ricksmith says:

    delawarefan got it right!

  32. Pat Burrell?  A “Phillies’ Great?” Seriously?

  33. sportsfan says:

    Every city listed basically rounds up the largest cities in America, i.e. the most populated.  Obviously having 4 or more sports teams, and quadruple the population and market of other cities.  DOES NOT make them the best sports cities, especially Philly with their whiney, rotten, fanbase consisting of people mommy and daddy must have neglected growing up.  This list is irrelevant to me and like I said merely lists the largest cities in America.  To the creator of this list:  BAHH!  FAIL!  Try again…

  34. Bears, Bulls Cubs,Chisox, Black Hawks zzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. I’m from LA – it’s a terrible sports town.  They arrive late, leave early and pay more attention to each other than the game.  You left Pittsburgh off the list, which is a no brainer.  And Minneapolis? Denver?  Those cities have die hard fans – that’s what makes a great sports city

  36. DETROIT!!!!!!!

  37. Really? Los Angeles (who only pay attention to 2 teams out of the plethora that reside in SoCal) over Detroit?  We’re sitting in the MotorCity hoping and praying that last year’s Lions were not a fluke.  Ford Field has consistently sold out for all home games since it opened – including the season where the Lions were 0-16.  Now THAT, my friends, is the personification of fandom and dedication to team.  Not to mention the Redwings, Tigers, and Pistons. Although they only have football, I’d arguably throw Green Bay up there.  Ever been to a game in Green Bay? Know of any other professional sports teams that are publicly owner? Enough said.

  38. Maray67 says:

    Chicago! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA   it would be number one for gun shots, rude people and high taxes.  Plus they have one team that hasn”t a chanpionship season in over 100 yrs.  What a joke!

  39. SantorumsNose says:

     How many sell outs did the Pistons have last year? did they have any?

    • Detroit Rules says:

      How did LA’s football team do…oh wait.

      • Lencpeterson says:

        What teams stadium is sold out every year and has a waiting list for years
        for season tickets? It is the smallest market in the league. Has the best fan base in the league? The fans are loyal whether they are winning or losing? The GREEN BAY PACKERS.

        • Agreed.  No other city in America is like Green Bay.  Every resident lives, eats, breathes Packers football year round.

          • Furthermore, I think it’s rather unfair to include a city’s overall charm in producing this list.  While I would include Chicago in the top five (though, as a Packer fan it would pain me to do so), it would have nothing to do with their backdrop, their restaurants, weather, etc.  It would be because their fans are diehard and their teams have heart.  Again, though, I reiterate.  Green Bay is the greatest sports city because Green Bay is 100% football.  When you think of Green Bay you don’t think about their industry, or Lake Michigan, or anything else other than the Pack.

          • Projecthuman2002 says:

            That’s because their is nothing else in green bay.

          • Because you have no other team to root for. Poor you!

        • okc fan says:

           okc has sold out all regular season and playoff tickets this year….

          • OldHippieDude says:

             That’s great but there’s only one Major Pro team in town, unfortunately.  Go Thunder!!



        • PhillyFanFEPS says:

          I love Green Bay.  I own a shareof the Pack.  But it’s only one sport.  Need at least 3 majors in town to qualify.

        • Nuadormrac says:

          You’d have to convince the city officials to invest in a baseball team, and get them up to the Packers caliber, along with another sport, in order to make this list…  But yeah, if they had 3 teams in Titletown, they’d have to get some serious rankings…

          Now what remains to be seen is this.  They went 15-1 last season; but in the draft have addressed the D-line a fair bit.  So, which teams will get rofl stomped this season?

        • That is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only the city but how about as the state of Wisconsin, and not to forget the  packer fans throught out the Usa, and world.

    • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior) says:

      Detroit is one the most economically hit cities in the country.The city and team you really should be bashing is L.A clippers fans.Where were they last year,and some how showed up this year.L.A should be called the city of bandwagoners.

  40. Larry Jonson says:

    How can you include LA when they have no NFL team and haven’t had one for over 5 years? There are several better choses than LA. including mine Denver Co. Peyton Manning thinks it is. 

  41. Beanpie95 says:

    What kind of list is this? LA, Philly and Chi you can take of this list. LA fans are only there when the teams are winning, Philly fans are never satisfied and Chi fans have an inferiority coplex with NYC.

    You need to stop focusing on the large metro areas in the U.S., and focus on true fan bases. Pittburgh Steeler fans show up at AWAY games 7-10K deep.

    • PhillyFan1 says:

      Please! You can’t include a city that does not have all 4 major sports. Plus Steelers fans may show up to away games in big numbers but so do the Eagles fans and Phillies fans. I can guarentee you that you don’t see many Pirates fans even at there own Staduim. So you are wrong dude.

      • Pirates average over 20,000 losing, Phillies played before an empty vet when they lost, so you are wrong dude, plus 76’ers fans are biggest bandwagon fans of all time.

  42. Dracerbrian says:

    Obviously this guy isn’t going to include Pittsburgh if he is from Philly. 

  43. Maxyankees25 says:

    all i want 2 say is he forgot The Rangers in NY they have a huge following!!!!!

  44. papa georgio says:

    Funny how every city, according to writers, broadcasters, fans, player, whomever you listen to, has the “world’s greatest fans!”  Fans are fans, wherever you go.  They all love their teams, defend their teams, are passionate about their teams.  Most are pretty hard on their teams when things are not going well.  Chicago is a magnificent city, with tremendous sports teams and venues.  Spend a few afternoons at Wrigley Field and you will begin to understand why people love their Cubbies, regardless of their record.  Overall, I would have to agree with Zach that Chicago probably is the best sports city.

  45. Archangel says:

    The guy writes for 2 chicago blogs and is in chicago. 
       So he chooses Chicago. hmmm
         Including LA on the list is the most moronic thing I’ve ever seen. 
          NY doesn’t count because they buy titles. 
           I agree with Philly and Chicago as choices. 

  46. Mikegentner says:

    number 3 is a joke. the giants and jets play in new jersey. therefore he broke his own rule and went outside the city itself

  47. Titan357454 says:

    BOOM about time I travel all over this country and i have visited some nice cities and states i have seen the awesome show in Green bay and Green Giant and so on and so on. However no City holds it all together and is so clean and vibrant as Chicago. You can say i am crazy but ive seen all your cities and they just dont have it all. If you love fun clean and good times come to Chicago i bet you realize it for yourself

  48. Rchapman says:

    You must be as high as the Sears Tower when you wrote this. Chicago? Please.

    To leave Detroit off of this list when in Detroit you have a football team that sells out even though they were crap. A hockey team that is in the heart of the city so you are taking your life in your hands to attend a game, which is sold out every night. Along with the Tigers, Piston, MSU and      U of M which is has 110K for every game at home. The Motor City has the best fans in the worst city in the country. We care and we support them all.

  49. says:

    Detroit?? …lol…seriously. good one…Years of bad teams… just recently getting Lions fans back

      Now Pittsburgh…they should be on the list

  50. BayArea_2_NW says:

    Miami? You’ve got to be kidding me. Miami is probably the worst sports city in terms of fan loyalty and fan investment in the entire country. 

  51. Scubertus says:

    Worst such list I’ve ever seen. How does this author have a job? LA can’t support a team that isn’t named Lakers. Watch the camera pan through the crowd in the late innings of a Dodger game and see how many “fans” are still there cheering them on. Philly is WELL KNOWN to have the WORST fans of any city. Just ask any pro athlete who’s had a battery chucked at his head or the family member of anyone killed in the parking lot after a game. NY and Boston have the biggest fairweather fanbases in the world. Chicago could be on the list, but no way are they #1. This article was awful.

  52. In running down the list of LA sports teams, he seems to have forgotten about the Kings.

    HEY ZACH, the Kings are up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup finals. Yeesh.

  53. How do you forget to mention the Kings for LA? Not to criticize the choice, it’s just they are in the Stanley Cup finals right now, better than all the other teams you mentioned…?

  54. you might be one of the worst writers of all time. 
    the fact that you didnt even mention the kings when talking about los angeles is mind boggling.
    they are currently playing for the stanley cup, which by the way is the hardest trophy to win in all of sports. give your head a shake. im embarrassed for you.

  55. no love for the Rangers?!

  56. Noble1978 says:

    cleveland has the best fans though. win or lose they are always cleveland fans. gonna be some b****ing about coaching or something else but they never leave for another team

  57. Detroit, hands down…..The best….Shitcoago?????? Spare me!!!!! They SUCK!!!!!!!! the bad part is that they know it!!!!!

  58. “[Chicago sports] fans are critical, but not unrealistic”… 


    Then why does a large portion of my beloved city harbor expectations of our basketball team winning a title even though the Bulls lack a legit 2nd scoring option? And don’t dare come at me with the names Richard Hamilton, Carlos Boozer and/ or Luol Deng. I’ll hear nothing of it. If you REALLY think that a healthy Bulls team would’ve beaten a healthy Miami team this year, you’re sadly mistaken. Realistically speaking, the Bulls would’ve fallen in 6 hotly contested games; base case scenario, 7.

  59. Federales says:

    Dont mind the list, but the ANGLES being a L.A. team!

  60. the essential aspect of a great sports town are competitive teams. boston is number 1.

  61. Rachlane226 says:


  62. Jon Cohen says:

    Claiming your from Philly but then giving the same critique as any other “outsider” is surprising… I’m surprised you didn’t mention Philly fans boo Santa Claus.  Listen, there are some idiot Philly sports fans, but most are truly appreciative of athletes who give their all and play hard. True Phillies fans loved Pat Burrell and he got standing ovations when he came back to town. Philly fans are extremely knowledgable in aspects of the game that most other cities aren’t … for example the standing ovation that Brett Myers received by drawing a walk against C.C Sabathia in the 2008 playoffs.  You shouldn’t judge the whole population of fans based on what 5-10% act like… Philly is in the same category as NY and Boston in terms of 4 sport fans… it’s a toss up for which is the bes sports town

  63. mthreezy says:

    Miami is easily the worst sports city in the US.  I have said this for years and years and will continue to.  I have lived there, and as an avid sports fan, it’s absolutely horrible.  Hope the Marlins change that, because not even Shaq or LeBron could – no one goes to any games unless it’s a playoff game.
    Chicago #1 as well, I could write a book full of reasons why.  But everyone is entitled to their opinion, so enjoy the discussion.

  64. Talking about Millenium Park, shopping, and the Sears tower has nothing to do with Chicago being a sports town. That’s more of an argument on why Chicago is an awesome town. What you should have used in your argument is that every restaurant in the city has flat screen tv’s so that you can watch sporting events. This includes going to Chinese restaurants that have zero sports affiliation what so ever.  Plus, Chicago used to have an LFL team and that has to count for something. 

  65. san francisco/bay area: sf 49ers, sf giants, sf bulls, sj giants, sj sharks, sj sabercats, Stanford, Cal, SJSU, oak raiders, ucsf, oak A’s, Golden State Warriors, Santa Cruz Wizards. All popular teams no matter what league

  66. Agraham6687 says:

    Umm Kansas City? The Chiefs haven’t had a Great season in years and We still fill the stadium every game the crowd noise alone is enough to stress out any team that comes to town.. And the royals are terrible but we still cheer them on year after year.. Oh yea and what about Sporting Kansas city?? And all three teams have the best stadiums in the NFL MLB and MLS


    I’m confused. I’m all for putting whatever team you want, because as you said, it is your opinion. I was all set to here what the 5 environments were and why these environments were fun to you, whether I agreed or not.

    But the Philadelphia section is just you bitching for a couple of paragraphs. Why did you put that on a list of fun environments if you don’t explain the fun, and in fact put it down? It doesn’t having anything you like about the city on a list set to describe the best things in a city, sports wise. I’m confused, is Philly great because of all the horrible shit you said? What happen at number 4?

    • Love how he mentions being born in Philly and having family there and then rips the city apart. If he had any class or sports knowledge he wouldn’t have trashed the city like that. How can you possibly call this an accurate list with something like that? If you don’t have high expectations for your teams then you won’t care about the losses. What’s wrong with wanting your team to win isn’t that what being a sports fan is all about?

  68. Beverly says:

    you hit Chicago right on the head – I couldn’t describe it better – lived there 50 years now in Florida – but once a Chicagoan always a Chicagoan

  69. It's a Burgh thing says:

    You are high.  Los Angeles….. really? They failed to support not one but two NFL franchises.  Philadelphia, really?  The only NFL city with a magistrate and jail cell on site in the stadium.  I agree with New York and Boston.  I’m happy right here in Pittsburgh, list or no list.  Championships   are great to celebrate.  The Steeler’s have sold out every game since the early 1970’s.  The Penguins have sold out every game over the last several years and our red headed step child Pirates, who haven’t had a winning season since 1992 still are supported by the city.  Oh, and by the way, Penguin jerseys have outsold every other team jersey in the NHL this year.  Here we go Black and Gold, list or no list.

  70. jamestow says:

    L.A? Oh..don’t forget the LA Rams!!. How could any “top” sports city allow a major team like the Rams to leave?
    And what about the Kings. They are in the finals you know.

  71. jamestow says:

    This article was written by a moron…disregard it!
    There is no mention of an NHL team yet the NBA is mentioned numerous times. The NBA is dead and gone and is a non-factor in any sports discussion.

  72. BCgaron says:

    Good lord,I am from Northern Illinois and it SUCKS. Chicago has it’s high points,but it is still Northern Illinois any way you look at it.This is probably the first time in 30 years I have ever heard anyone PRAISE Chicago like this.I guess stifling humidity,rude people,and slums and blight are right up the authors alley.Might as well list Rockford as a great place to live/visit while you are at it.

  73. Hey genius, you should have ruled out New York by the same criteria you ruled out DFW.  The Giants play in New Jersey.

  74. Pittsburgh The City of Champions, anyone???????

  75. Kimescb says:

    Zach Gropper = Homer.  Oh surprise Chicago is No. 1 from a guy from Bloomington and who has performed most of his career in Chicago. 4 of the cities just happen to be Americas largest also. Pittsburgh (and I am a Browns fan saying that), Green Bay, Dallas, Boston, and New York with a runner up to OKC. Loyal fans and cities who heavily identify with their teams.

  76. Tyler Loadin... says:

    This is bull shit pittsburgh most definitely has top 3 fans and isnt even on the list this list is false and we all know it.  The steel city is where its at we brought home a stanley cup and a superbowl in the same year.

  77. Lisat027 says:

    I totally agree with this article. Even thought I not a sport fan. Hands down we are the best city with all major sports. You forgot to mention our soccer team The Chicago Fire. No other city can compare to us.

  78. La kings were not mentioned in the article….

  79. X15dieselx says:

    0 Mention of hockey. What an @$$hole.

  80. Miami barely missed the cut?  The city with the least amount of attendance in every sport besides basketball because they have James and Wade.  

    Where is Denver with 2 Super Bowls, 2 Stanley Cups, an MLS cup, an NLL Cup, Arena Bowl Championship, World Series appearance and NASCAR team in Furniture Row Racing?  

  81. For someone who calls himself a Philly sports fan you sure know nothing about the fan base. Stop lumping all the bandwagon fans with their poor attitudes in with real fans! The reason people cheer so much for the Phillies and Flyers is because they are proven winners. The reason McNabb gets booed is because he isn’t a Hall of Fame quarterback, and anyone who thinks he is is blind. People like you forget McNabb didn’t get the Eagles to the Superbowl Jeff Garcia did. McNabb didn’t do anything for the Eagles except blow their chances to win that game and bring home a championship. The reason people boo Andy Reid is because he keeps using the same excuses and doesn’t do anything to improve the team. They wasted time on McWaste, wasted money by giving Vick a huge contract just because he had one good year. Vick and McNabb proved that neither one of them should be a #1 QB. Reid needs to be fired if the Eagles plan on ever winning a championship. I love how you call TRUE FANS negative for ripping on players that left. So every time someone leaves we’re just supposed to sit there and not boo them for being on the other team? Give me a break! That’s what you do you boo the other team and try to get in their heads. I don’t see you talking about how much love we gave Pat Burrell when he came back to Philly to retire. IF PHILLY IS SO HORRIBLE THEN WHY DID BURRELL CHOOSE TO RETIRE AS A PHILLY?! ‘NUFF SAID!

  82.  Just because some ignorant knuckleheads get blasted in the media because of their behavior that doesn’t mean that’s how all Philly fans are. There are ignorant fans in every city, ours just happen to get more coverage. True fans don’t disrespect a team by acting like that. I can’t stand the ignorant pricks who give the city a bad name. Saying that Philly is the only city with rough bandwagon fans is like saying the sun rises in the west, it’s simply not true. Bandwagon fans are the reason people look bad.

    • East coast teams get more coverage do to espn. What a joke! Philly does NOT belong, the fans embarrass themselves. I would kind of compare them to oakland!  :)

  83.  The reason people threw snowballs at Santa was because he was drunk as a skunk when he came out. He was disrespecting the role of Santa that’s why he got pelted. What that guy did was as wrong as if someone dressed up as the Tooth Fairy and then came out and snorted a line of coke in front of everyone. He was wrong and the fans let him know he was wrong for his behavior.

  84. Tafel1856 says:

    I would say Detroit has to be top 3!  Wings, Tigers, Pistons (ok, so they sucked this year but we had one of the longest running sold out crowds in the NBA for years.)  And of course the Lions.  The poor lions.  The fans packed the stadium even though they went 0-16-THATS LOYALTY.  and if you look back in the day?  Michigan Panthers (oh, remember that league? ) not many do but they had one of the highest attendance in the league.  Blue collar mentality? Yes but we don’t quite on our teams, we don’t boo Santa Clause and we don’t have tickets available at the door for NHL playoff games.    Chicago?  Start filling the stands at a whitesox game and thn we’ll talk.

    • xyourstrulyx says:

      Go Detroit! Well put my man..

    • Ohayne1975 says:

      Ok, go ahead, dig on Chicago for the Sox cuz that’s the only thing you CAN say bad about Chicago sports fans.
      Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls regularly fill the stands.
      Also Wrigley regularly gets filled even though the Cubs arn’t very good……and those stands have been regularly filled for 100 years of not being very good.
      Face it Tafel, while I agree Detroit shoulda made the list, Detroit just doesn’t qualify as #1

  85. Cooper6611 says:

    All they have done is picked out the largest market teams, except for Boston which deserves the list but has the pull from many New England states because holds the only Major League teams in a tri state area. Philly, REALLY ? Has the worst rep for any ML team city and other than the Phil’s, have not won crap. NY and Boston yes, the rest, no ! There are alot of small market teams that hold that right on youre list over the other 3.

  86. Tommy_hendo says:

    Ummm….since you mentioned LA….maybe you should cover the Kings who are in theStanley Cup finals right now

  87. Macknati says:

    Where the hell is the SuperBowl city itself, Indianapolis!  What douche wrote this article?

  88. Cbradley49 says:

    I agree with you somewhat.  Chicago is a great city for sport.  I’ve spent Christmas and summers their my entire life.  But recently I lived a few years in Detroit and man Oh Man that is a sport city. I fell in love with the Red Wings and the Tigers!

  89. The smallest market in the NFL? The decades-long waiting list for tickets? The best record of the NFL last year? Green Bay is the best sports city in America.

  90. Really, LA, angels, Ducks!!!!! and we have the best weather of all the other cities combined! Oh, and we’re not A-holes!!!!

  91. Top 5 cities? KISS MY A$$ !  St.louis DIKHED !!

  92. Your from Philly so i guess you act like an a$$hole too! City of brotherly kiss my D@#$

  93. Woolvett22 says:

    no detroit???a city that is dying but still draws out as many fans as boston or new york to support their Teams Detroit is number 1 in my books this list=irrelevant

  94. Detroit shoud be on and L.A. should be off.

  95. Ssydnor9 says:

    Houston should be in it its people support all its sports. most dfw fans hate the cowboys cause of jerry jones.

  96. I would never have even thought to consider LA.  They have had TWO NFL teams fail there.  How can they be on the list?  

    Cleveland should be on the list (I am from Philly – not Cleveland)   Look at how they support the Browns; they have not even made the playoffs since coming back into the league.  They keep coming back to Indians games too. 
    Now I will get to Philly vs Boston.  Some corrections / oversights:

    Pat Burrell – When he came back to Philly as a Giant, he was given a standing ovation in game 1 and game 2 of the playoffs vs the Giants.  Very classy.  A few idiots with the signs in a photo do not make a city.

    Johnny Damon – By contrast to Pat Burrell,  Johnny Damon was villified by Boston fans and booed by the entire crowd every time he came back to Boston as a Yankee.  He said he could not believe how foul and personal the things they were saying to him in the outfield were.  That is an ENTIRE CITY crapping on a guy who helped them win the first World Series since trading Babe Ruth away.  He hit that grand slam in game 7 vs the Yankees in the ALCS to complete the greatest comeback in the history of sports having been down 3 games to 0.  That is at least a +1 for Philly, if not a +10.

    Donovan McNabb – Also got a standing ovation when he came back with the Redskins. He got a lot of fair praise and fair criticism in Philly.  His big problem is that he never acknowledges ever being praised and always focuses on criticism. He told Bayless that he was the most unfairly criticized QB in the history of the NFL!!  He was 1-4 in NFC Championship games!!!  He makes it so hard to like him.

    Eagles = Red Sox:  There is a sports hierarchy in every town.  Curt Schilling once said that the Patriots won a Super Bowl and he was shocked to see that the Red Sox were a front page story in the Sports section the next day.  Fans were talking Red Sox the next day on sports radio too.  Doesn’t matter how many Super Bowls they win, the Sox will always be number 1.  

    BTW…  if you have not been in Philly for awhile, the Phillies seem to have shifted to almost being around equal with the Eagles.  And the Flyers…. they seem to have a free pass in Philly.  No matter what they do, they never get ripped into by fans or booed at games despite not having won a Cup in 35 years.  I don’t get it but it is true.  Flyers fans just seem to be content no matter what.

  97. Chi-town says:

    LMAO @ all the other butt-hurt cities crying here. No city truly beats Chicago as a sports city. We have it all….every sport even soccer and minor league teams of all major sports. Detroit….lol..does anyone actually live in that city other than criminals? Chicago is an actually working and living city. Thank you for playing tho!

  98. MCM XCIV says:

    What a fucking idiot. He mentioned every LA team except for the Kings. They’re about to win the Stanley Cup you dumb piece of shit. 

  99. MR Grumpy says:

    All you did was just point out 5 of the biggest cities in America.  Of course there are gonna be a ton of fans just by sheer #’s.  I’m not a fan of any teams in Chicago,  but I have no problems with them being #1.  As for the orthers, they all stop at the professional level.  NY, Philly, and Boston hardly know colege teams exist.  LA is not even worth mentioning.  places like Denver, KC, St Louis, and Cleveland should be mentioned.  Green Bay is sort of a one-horse town w/ the Pack, but they support the hell out of the Badgers and the Milwaukee teams.

    Cities that embrace teams win or lose are the best sports cities.

    • Certainly pro sports are the bigger than college sports on the East Coast but Boston College and Boston University HAVE won 4 of the last 5 NCAA Hockey Championships, so I’m gonna guess college sports do exist there.
      In some towns, college hockey’s a pretty big deal. Boston’s one of ‘em.

  100. Boston or Chicago……flip a coin.

  101. Lawrencewashere11 says:

    The SF Bay Area has the 49ers, the Raiders, the Giants, the Athletics, the Sharks, the Warriors, and several others. Huge sports area, much better than LA.

  102. we got chowwdddaaaa……………and baked beans……we have a nation, not a town

  103. ladescentedeshommes says:

    I know that a list like this has to be subjective on some level, but your personal biases crept in way too much. It seems like you ranked Philadelphia just because of your personal connections to the city. I’m from there, and a number of your assumptions were false, by the way. And giving NYC credit because of the multi-sport intra-city rivalry? That’s not “special,” that’s because they’re the only city in the nation with a population large enough to support those teams. I don’t think they deserve bonus points for that.

  104. wtf no pittsburgh city of champions

  105. no3putts says:

    Maybe you should consider the fan base outside of the city as well. Steeler Nation is everywhere, they take over other cities stadiums on game day! Teams have begged their fans not to sell tickets to Pittsburghers. Teams have gone as far as to not accept bids for tickets if the bidders area code was from the Pittsburgh area.

    • maybe if pittsburghers rooted for more than just the steelers they would be considered for the list.

  106. Ethompson says:

    boston, boston, boston, boston. hands down… NE REvolution too. fIXIng. i want those cupsa nd plates… tennis fans.  we are having a boston open sponsoredby WATERS AND SILVER LAKE PARTNERS and BAIN CAPital adn THERMO FISHER AND TECHTARGET.

  107. Ethompson says:

    kraft, bob, jonathan. do you have issues with NE REOVLUTION<GILLETTE STADIU ok> jjsut a thought… beckham gets a small piece. gotcha.

  108. Clan_dlod says:

    The City of Champions: Pittsburgh 

    • How many NBA championships has Pittsburgh won????

    • Jimmymac417 says:

      I’m from Philly but even I’ll admit Pittsburgh is a great sports town. Despite the Pirates woes they have put up a nice stadium, the Steelers speak for themselves and the Penguins have won their share, so that easily puts Pittsburgh way ahead of LA.

    • from someone who lives and born in pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh teams all suck

  109. Jackballs says:

    You sir are a fuckin moron…Chicago??? Really what a fuckin’ homer

  110. Cockboy says:

    Really Chicago?? Come on now

  111. Huzieiii11 says:

    Los angeles has to be one of the WORST sports cities in the country!!!! Fair weather fans, clueless hockey “Fans,” and thugs at Dodger stadium, which is only 1/3 full for most of the season besides opening day. They’ve already lost TWO pro football teams and USC’s football program is filled with corruption. PHILADELPHIA??!!!! There is a reason philly sports fans are voted the WORST FANS IN SPORTS year in and year out, because they are total assholes!!! They boo their own players, they boo the commissioner of baseball mere minutes after winning the World series and they even booed Santa Claus in the past. These pricks are right up there with Raider fans: mean, spiteful and bitter. Only a bunch of nitwits and sore losers like Flyer fans could chant “Crosby sucks” as he fills the nets against them every year. I can see your love of this town because of your family, but dude, lay off the pot man!

    • Jimmymac417 says:

      Grow up and when you learn how to read try the sports page. You may want to have your Crosby tattoo touched up, try adding a tear under his left eye and a diving board under his skates.

  112. Sportsgeniusdw says:

    This article shouldn’t have been written and I say this simply for the fact that if you’re rooting for a “small” state/city then you have NO SHOT because there are limited things to discuss. The only thing an article like this will prove is how biased people are about their city, which the author stated  himself about Chicago. Honestly though, Except for the rearranging of the cities, in which everyone will do, the only exception I have is Los Angeles. Yes they have the Lakers and the Dodgers but 1. Angels are in ANAHEIM. 2. No football team. 3.Yes, the Kings might win the Stanley Cup but there are rarely discussed. What else do they have to offer if it’s not Lakers or Dodgers? However, despite all that it’s almost by default they have to be no. 5 because simply, who else would you put there? Almost every city you name has a deformity. The only city I found myself making a case for is Pittsburgh. Penguins, Steelers are always relevant but then again no basketball team and the Pirates suck. So again, This article is irrelevant because if people are truly honest with themselves they know the “Major Cities” are the best sport cities, the question really is how biased are the people making the list?

  113. Boolnuts says:

    i posted a comment disagreeing with your chicago pick, and you delete it.  Real classy, and proves the point of my first post.

    Regardless, this article is a joke and full of propaganda.  Chicago is one of the worst cities, as well as sports cities, I’ve ever visited in my entire life.

    • what are you kidding me!? Best basketball player of all time. Best running back of all time. Best Defense ever that played on a football field. over 2 million fans came out to see the blackhawks hold up lord stanleys cup. cubbies might not have a world series in 102 years still sell out wrigley field all the time. Best fans in sports.
      Settle down Boolnuts and dont hate on the city of wind my friend

  114. Boolnuts says:

    Fans of the city support their teams through thick and thin, another mark of a great sports city. 

    You said this about BOSTON?  Did you watch any baseball last year?

    • Huh?
      June 2003.
      The last time the Red Sox did NOT sell out a home game at Fenway.
      June 2003.
      Some would consider that “supporting your team.”

      • Boolnuts says:

        Yea, because its one of a handful of stadiums that cannot hold even 40,000 fans.  I would expect in a large market with low seating that you would sell out.  I would not consider the way the majority of the fans reacted after the season “support” – “disgraceful” seems more fitting.  

  115. I enjoyed the article. It was his opinion and some cities had to be left off.
    For those crying for Pittsburgh, you’re not a top sports city from an overall perspective, only from a football viewpoint. The passion for football is abundant and at this point can not be questioned (it’s also easy to be passionate about your team when you’re competitive year in and year out – keep in mind, I remember the Mark Malone Steeler days and passion was not so rampant back then). Baseball and hockey though are just fillers until football season starts again.
    I’m envious of the championships, don’t get me wrong, but Pittsburgh couldn’t support and lost it’s basketball team (yeah, you had one once upon a time), you came within a whisker of losing a great hockey team (needing a new owner to step in to save it) and I know a lot of Steelers fans, but almost none of them are Pirates fans (they came from the Pittsburgh area but no longer live there, which also makes one wonder…). Regardless, that is not a great sports city. To make this list, you had to meet other criteria than winning championships and being a one sport wonder (re-read the first couple of paragraphs).

  116. Sports Fan says:

    If you mention Philadelphia and Santa Claus you lose all credibility as a writer and as a sports fan (Lyndon Johnson was in office when it happened).  Chicago and Boston are great sports towns- plenty of championships and legends.  Pitt is obviously a great sports town, but they have 3 out of the 4 which could hurt in terms of ranking.

  117. Roeskid6 says:

    Wow! What a surprise!! Picking five of the largest cities in the U.S.! Nobody could
    see this coming!! Actually, Indianapolis is head and shoulders above everybody
    when it comes to the sports capital of the world!!

  118. Philly has some pigs for fans (as does every city), but they belong on the list. The rap they get is media sensationalism. They booed Santa Claus because he showed up drunk and needed help walking onto the field. They have a ton of passion and show up through thick and thin.

    I like the Chicago pick, not sure about it being number one, but Chicago is top five. The only knock is that they lost the football Cardinals decades ago, but c’mon.

    LA blows as a sports town. The weather is awesome virtually all of the time, the people are gorgeous and there’s a ton of things to do. They simply don’t care enough.

    Detroit is a strong argument to make the top five. Not a great city to be in, but sports is another story and anyone that sticks it out with the Lions is top notch in my book.

    New York shouldn’t make it because they have two football teams but both play in a different state. Not the best argument, but there are a lot of great choices for this list and this seems a good one to eliminate a tough choice.

    Boston is a great pick. Their fan base does seem to be extra arrogant, but I think Bostonians have had a chip on their shoulder since the Boston Tea Party. Maybe it’s because they were cursed with that accent and get tired of having to repeat themselves over and over again to anyone not from the area. Outside of that, I got nothing. It’s a great pick for this list.

    I personally think I would have picked St Louis for my list. I’m not from there, but I have a soft spot for them. They’re so passionate for the Cardinals and it’s done in a very classy manner. I get a ‘home town’ feel when I think of that fan base (much like the Packers fan base) and I simply find that overwhelmingly endearing. Other ‘non-mainstream market’ teams I would consider are Toronto, Buffalo, Kansas City and Green Bay/Milwaukee.

  119. Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior) says:

    Where’s Tampa?Stanley Cup,Super Bowl,& not to mention a World Series appearance all in the last 10yrs.

  120. Larrydavid1 says:

    How the heck is Pittsburgh the “city of champions”? 3 championships in 2 sports over the last 10 years!?… Boston easily takes that title over Pittsburgh, 7 championships with all 4 teams winning at least one in the past 10 years, it’s not even debatable.. And true, LA is one of the worst fair weather towns with 0 knowledge of hockey.. not sure either why he gave an honorable mention to Miami too, they don’t give a crap about any of their teams except for maybe the dolphins

    • Pittsburgher says:

      Check your facts first bro. Its 3 in the last ten years. still not great, but the pens won too. But the fan base for the steelers AND the penguins is amazing on account of the fact that Pittsburgh is not a huge city. its big, but not huge. Also, for everyone who says pitt fans only root for the steelers, heres a truth bomb. The Penguins have just as many in state fans as the steelers. the difference is that its not as spread out. Also, all of Pittsburgh’s teams have started and have never left Pittsburgh. This list is basically the five largest cities in the US. But i do agree that LA fans have ZERO knowledge of the knigs. The kings won the damn stanley cup, and did u see the videos of the parade. there was NO ONE there. LA also has no NFL team, which is a must for a so called “great american sport city”. This list is bullbird. As far as the list goes, Boston is first. They have a great teams with a great fanbase. Philly, coming from a pittsburgher, the eagles suck, and philly fans are all little bitches until their team does good. Now for some trivia, what team has one of the lowest local TV ratings? the answer, surprisingly, the NY Giants. I looked in several places for this onfo. Not to say the New yorkers dont care about the giants, but NY has so much going on, hardly anyone actually watches football. Pittsburgh deserves a spot on this list. It has one of the largest fanbases for an average sized city.

  121. You lost me at Los Angeles.

  122. Cw_rambo says:

    Oh, so the guy from Illinois decides he knows what the best sports teams are…what a joke…hey, Zachary, ever been out of Illinois? Anyone who thinks L.A. fans supported the Clippers before the past 2years is a moron….what city has teams with the MOST sports champions…when it’s a slow news day, go look it up and and then see if Chicago ranks up there…Bill Russell or MJ….you lose

  123. Idontlive says:

    Terrible list. Chicago shouldnt be there. Being biased also isn’t very proper when you’re publishing an article relating to the top 5 best sports cities. Detroit should be on there for sure. The Red Wings and Pistons are the first name I think of. LA doesnt have the best teams, nor the fans. Bandwagoners are where they all come from. The Kings are in the Stanley Cup finals, and there wasnt a single mention of them at all. Mostly baseball, basketball and football teams were looked at for this “list”. Terrible job. New Jersey (even though not a city) would have been a better choice than LA. I know many people who are die hard fans for the Devils and root for the Mets because they’re home is technically New Jersey.

  124. phillyambassador says:

    The fact that Philly is ranked lower than new york pisses the hell out of me. I live in new york and I know that philadelphians blow new yorkers out of the park in terms of passion for their teams.

  125. This author must be a hockey hater. Didn’t mention the Kings, Blackhawks, Rangers, or Bruins. While the Kings don’t have the fandom that the original 6 have, they are one of the few warm-weather cities to make hockey successful for such a long period of time, despite lacklusre on-ice results. LA should be commended for that.

  126. DT58HOF says:

    Worst list I have EVER seen! I agree with a few on the list but think that LA and NY belong in a list of the WORST sports cities. When you think of a good sports city you think of the teams in that city first. If this list was made just to piss people off…… mission accomplished.

  127. Lost me at L.A. What a joke of a fan-base. I can see Philly, NYC, Chicago, and  Boston, but to dismiss the entire South? Author’s credibility was ruined immediately, and his agenda exposed. 

    That being said, I would say Philly, Chicago, NYC and Boston would all be in the Top 10. You can’t simply dismiss all of Texas. New Orleans is the best sports town in America whether their teams are in it or not.

    Not to mention he is dismissing all of the fanfare of the college football season. Pick a city between Austin, Texas and anywhere in between Florida and you will be in heaven.

  128. GO BLUE says:


  129. You were correct when you said “completely biased”. You could say all the same things about BOSTON and their sports teams with two exceptions – Boston’s teams have all won championships lately(7 championships in 10 years)and we have an OCEAN!

  130. LA???? Fair weather fans that only show up at sporting events to be seen. I lived there … fans suck!! Besides, they don’t even have a football team. DC and Pittsburgh have much better fans.

    • TraceGamble says:

      Nah… DC fans are front runners. DC is a great sports town for transplants because the home teams don’t sell out games and you can always find great seats when your team comes to DC.

  131. TraceGamble says:

    This list short on research and lacks real thought. I can agree with Chicago being the tops considering he’s only listed big market cities… and Boston’s not a bad inclusion.

    The biggest problem I have with his list is his translating the nastiness and classlessness of Philly fans into passion. Beating up other fans (on the road, even) is “in a weird way” fun? Are you kidding me? I guess if there’s no clink in your local stadium or arena, you’re not passionate about your team. Give us a break. Doesn’t matter if a Philly team wins or loses, you’re a target if you’re wearing an opponent’s jersey in the arena.

    If this list was more thoughtfully put together, Pittsburgh, Seattle, St. Louis, and Denver would be on it. Nice sprinkles in mentions of college sports where convenient to cover weaknesses in his case. What college sports teams are NYC and Philly passionate about?

  132. Rohan Grover says:

    San Francisco and St. Louis belong here.
    ^Have you ever been to AT&T Park or Candlestick? AT&T sells out almost daily, and the energy is insane (especially last night). The Niners’ playoff run got the whole of NorCal excited and rushing to the Wind tunnel.
    St. Louis Cardinals fans are intense, and even Rams and Blues games are energetic.
    Pretty lame list, I was at a Red Sox game (lifelong fan) last year and the atmosphere was dull, even though it was a nail-biting game. Celtics games are still okay. But seriously.

  133. Its tough to say what fans are the best. I lived in Miami past 8 years and it really makes me proud to see chicago at the top of the list. I was born in raised in Northwest Indiana Chicago fans support there teams like no other and its not like we win all the time (besides bulls in the 90s) Bears have not won a superbowl since 85, Blackhawks got there first cup in 49 years in 2010, cubbies have not won a world series in 102 years. last time they even made the world series was 1945!! whitesox fans had there share of pain too till they won in 2005. Real fans stick by there teams no matter what! that is why Chicago is one of the best sports city of all time. DA BEARS

    • Dominick says:

      1st of all Boston should be number 1 in the last 10 years almost every year a team from Boston wins a championship Pats , sox , celtics bruins even the revolution made the championship game not to mention the Boston marathon and that rowing completion on the Charles river which is the biggest in the world for colleges #boston is number 1

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