Song Parody: “The Kobe That We Used To Know” by Kobye

When I first heard the song “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye last October (video at end of post), I really liked it. I even posted about it on Indie Christmas. Then it became one of those ubiquitous, overplayed songs and it began to annoy me.

But you know what is a great way to give a stale tune new life? A well-executed song parody!

I’ve dabbled in the ancient art myself (this one probably being the best), and I give two thumbs up to the pasty gentleman in the video below, “Kobye” I guess he’d like to be called, for reworking the Gotye song into a clever postmortem on the recently completed season for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Here is “The Kobe That We Used To Know”:


Nice work man.

The genuine emotion behind the song is quite evident. Such sadness in your face at the poor Lakers being bounced early from the playoffs again.

Here are the credits and lyrics, lifted from the YouTube description:

Kobye – The Kobe That We Used To Know

Written and Performed by Dan Rib
Music Performed by Ken Belcher
Video Filmed by Toni Aubrecht
Back Up Vocals by Ken Belcher
Aux. Percussion by Dan Rib
Video Edited by Dan Rib

“The Kobe That We Used To Know”

Now and then I think of when you were much younger.
You had a fro and said that Jordan should respect your game.
With Shaq you won rings 1, 2, 3,
But you didn’t like his company.
You shipped him out and that’s an ache we all remember.

You can get addicted to a certain kind of winning.
Like resignation to a 6th ring. Always that ring.
So when the triangle came to an end
Well you said that you would win again.
But you admitted you would carry the team on your shoulders.

But you didn’t have to take that shot.
Just drive the lane and dump it off to either Pau or Bynum.
Those two guys are really tall
And when you keep it for yourself we never score enough.

You didn’t have to hog the ball.
You’re triple teamed so kick it out to either Blake or Sessions.
I know that they don’t shoot so well,
But you’re really not the Kobe that we used to know.

Now and then I think of all the shots right at the buzzer.
Always keeping me believing that it might go in.
But I don’t want to lose that way.
Hoisting shots from very far away.
You said that you could share the ball,
And we wouldn’t catch you clinging to the Kobe that we used to know.


And for the six of you who haven’t heard the original Gotye song that this is parodying, here you go:

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