Report: Kerry Wood To Retire Today – Let’s Remember Him At His (Really, Anyone’s) Best

Reports are breaking across Twitter (the retweets are numerous!) via Bruce Levine of ESPN that Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood is set to retire today.

If this is indeed the case, it will close the final chapter in one of the more intriguing yet ultimately unfulfilled pitching careers in MLB history.


When Kerry Wood came up with the Cubs, he was one of the best pitchers I’d ever seen. Sure, he always walked too many guys, but my goodness could he be dominant. He was all set to be the Nolan Ryan of my generation.

Yet even with all that talent, promise, and early health (he made at least 23 starts in five of his first six seasons)…he won just 86 games over a 14-year career.

As his career apparently comes to a close today after numerous injuries, rehab stints, and relief gigs across the majors, let’s remember him at his absolute best.

Here is, simply put, the most dominant pitching performance I’ve ever watched live with my own two eyes.


Happy trails Kerry Wood. Despite the unfulfilled expectations thanks to all them son-of-a-bitch injuries, you will certainly live in Chicago sports lore forever.

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