New York Jets Will Remain The NFL’s Best Sitcom In 2012

I began the day with my ear to the NFL wall as usual.

It’s been tough trying to find anything worthy of blogging about related to the NFL since the draft (yeah, it’s only been 1 week and I’m having withdrawls).

There was the tragic news that broke surrounding Junior Seau. I got up about two lines, and that’s all I could really muster before handing it over to a TMZ link.

Terrell Suggs was in the news today after suffering an achilles injury that will sideline him for most, if not all, of the season that was the result of playing basketball…ahem, I mean off-season workouts.

Players were handed stiff suspensions by Goodell due to their involvement in BountyGate.


Still nothing that hasn’t been done 200 times in other blogs or news outlets.

I wanted to grade each team on the NFL Draft, but that has really been overdone already. (P.S. The Pittsburgh Steelers get an A+; I’ll give you my opinion on how your team did if you want it, just shoot me a line in the comment section below.)

So here I am faced with the bitter reality that often comes post-draft: We still have a while before NFL season begins.

But while searching the great world wide web yesterday afternoon, I saw a piece that while it isn’t really anything new, made me just shake my head and laugh.

I thought to myself, “Off-season or not, the New York Jets do what it takes to keep themselves amid NFL conversations.”

I challenge any of you NFL fans to tell me what name you got sick and tired of hearing about in the media in 2009-10.

Which NFL personality grabbed headlines each and every week without fail?

Yep. New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan.


New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was constantly in the news last season. (Photo by Marianne O'Leary via CC BY 2.0)

This is a guy that even if his team did nothing special to warrant a 15 minute ESPN debate, he would create one himself.

This guy has been headlined for kissing everything from Super Bowl rings to feet, guaranteeing Super Bowls and shooting fingers at the fans.

Overall, I enjoyed Rex when he first came onto the scene. He was something new, something fiery, and something just a little bit odd – but in a tolerable way.

But with all things, it comes to an end.

An act like that certainly can’t last forever.

I think that’s what happened in New York last year, I think they overachieved for two years while reaching the championship game.

The letdown of losing those games and missing out on immortality back to back seasons was more than they could handle.

I think in 2011 the team was mentally and emotionally worn down. The high was over, the fire was gone, and Rex’s act was stale.

The team began to slowly implode. Players even began turning on one another, taking sides, and the great fallout had begun.

While Rex Ryan and the New York Jets faded from the headlines as well as the playoffs last season, there was a new personality on the scene.

This guy grabbed more unwarranted headlines in three months than Rex Ryan did in two years.

And I felt the same about him as I first did about Rex: At first he was something new, something fiery, and something just a little bit odd – but in a tolerable way.

Who is this guy?

If you really have to ask, then you must not own a television set.


Tim Teow is heading to the New York Jets. (Photo by Jeffrey Beall via Wikimedia Commons)

Tim Tebow blasted onto the scene in Denver last season and led the Broncos to an 8-8 record while having the worst completion percentage in the league.

A .500 record with a disgusting QB rating would usually deserve nothing more a quick highlight every now and then.

Not with Tebow.

Tebow grabbed each and every sports headline in America.

All day.

But why? What about him is so different other than his Christian faith?

Well, everything really. The guy plays QB like a linebacker, and his stats are so low on the rankings that you need to bend down to find them, but he pulled out some great last-second heroics.

He even led the Broncos to a surprise win over the Steelers in the playoffs, completing 10 passes for 316 yards.

Tim Tebow became the most loved as well as the most hated athlete in America last season.

Frankly, I got sick of hearing about Tebow as much as I got sick of hearing about Rex Ryan.

I mean, I’ve seriously never witnessed any two people get more unwarranted exposure than these two and the level of attention these two have recieved is enough to fill Sports Center 24/7 all alone.

Now thanks to Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and John Elway, we  will see a new, even bigger media monster created.

Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow will join forces!

As a matter of fact, Tim Tebow will be getting about 20 snaps a game in New York right off the bat.

Yeah, they will be sending their starter, Mark Sanchez back to the sideline for almost half of their offensive snaps to bring in Tebow as confirmed here by new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who did such a fine job with the Wild-Cat offense in Miami that…well, he was fired.


We all know why. This is the New York Jets we are talking about.

“Sparano doesn’t anticipate any problems managing the situation nor does he think Tebow’s presence will do anything to stunt Sanchez’s growth which makes him just like the rest of the Jets coaches and executives,”  writes NBC Sports’ Josh Alper.

I am glad I wasn’t at that press conference. I would have literally had to call B.S.!

Tim Tebow in the Big Apple already being given 20 snaps a game, GQ cover boy Mark Sanchez under scrutiny, Tebow-mania, foot-fetish lovin’, loud-mouth head coaches flipping off fans, the crazy drunken crowd at Met Life Stadium, Super Bowl ring kissing, QBs praying — this will all be taking stage on the biggest media platform on Earth with Rex Ryan in charge of it all. Does ESPN even have enough airtime for all this?

I can’t wait!

The Jets may or may not make any noise in the playoffs next year, but I will guarantee you one thing: The New York Jets will remain the NFL’s best sitcom in 2012.

It’s something new, something fresh, something fiery, and just a little bit odd – but in a tolerable way.

But as with all things…yeah…you know the drill.

This is going to be classic!

Let the show begin.


  1. We are all tired of hearing about these two. But, obviously it sells. Don’t let your disdain for the media altar the facts, THEY have caused this tornado. Tebow will be used on a maximum of “20 snaps”, not offensive plays exclusively, according to Rex and Sparano. He is already skeleton’d to be the punt protector for use as trickery. So there’s a minimum of 4 snaps a game average. He may be used in other Special Teams positions as well. And for the life of me, I can’t understand how all of these supposed “educated analysts/journalists/bloggers” think Sanchez HAS TO come off the field if Tebow is in. That is the most intriguing of all possible offensive personal options. TEBOW CAN RUN! And, he can get off a good throw once in a while.So, having two QB’s in at the same time causes all kinds of confusion. This two QB system hasn’t been seen, at least that I can remember in my 34 years.

    This brings me to Rex. Yeah, he talks smack. Yeah, he probably likes feet(which is considerably less creepy than the average male fantasy). But lets get to the facts, he’s a defensive genius and a pretty damn good motivator. Time will tell if he is a good head coach. I’d say he’s trending more good than bad. Two AFC championship appearences in 3 years? But, just like everyone else bashing, you’re playing prisoner of the moment. You’re selling everyone short. And, all the while, fueling the public with, yet another, Tebow and Rex Ryan article. Congrats.

    • Michael Scott says:

      Thanks for the comment, Eric.

      I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to say other than you agree with me.

      This is sure to be very interesting.

      When did I sell anyone short?

      It seems like you have plenty to say yourself, yet you blast me for writing the post.

      The floor is yours, sir.

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    Keep up the good works guys I’ve you guys to

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