Miami Heat Eliminate Indiana Pacers With Dwyane Wade, LeBron James Back On Top of Their Games

After stellar performances by the Miami Heat in the last three games, specifically from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, did they prove that they are in it to win it in 2012?


Game three of the Heat-Pacers series was a game the Heat would like to forget. With their star players struggling, plus the injury to Chris Bosh, it seemed that this series was becoming more winnable for the the Pacers. After that embarrassing game three loss for the Heat, the Pacers had a 2-1 series lead.

Then two little players you may have heard of, by the names of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, took over the next three games.

James was close to a triple double in games 4 and 5, and Wade scored an astonishing 41 points in the game that ended the Pacers playoff dreams last night.

One question I want to ask: Were the Heat playing their best these last three games, or did the Pacers play poorly?

The performance of the Heat cannot be easily explained. It’s not like the Pacers are a poor defensive team. They have some of the league’s best shot blockers. And the Heat was not playing extraordinary defense to where the Pacers couldn’t score.

Was it the injury of Danny Granger that ultimately spelled doom for Indiana?

Maybe the excessive fouling from the Pacers that left the Heat to score easily at the line?

Or even the fact that once Wade or James got on a hot shooting streak, it was almost impossible to stop them?

Whatever it was, it proved disastrous for the Pacers.

If the Heat continue to play like they have in the last three games, they are destined to make it to the Finals. Plus, with Udonis Haslem and possibly Bosh returning in the next series, these next few games against either Boston or Philadelphia could be even more in the Heat’s favor.

Now with game three well behind them, it’s time for the Heat to focus on the future.

And that future might just involve LeBron receiving that much deserved first ring.

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