Brian Cardinal Sums Up Kobe Bryant’s Game 5 Performance in One Hilarious, Accurate Tweet

You all know I love and respect Jon Washburn. He produces some fabulous work for us here at MSF, and I always look forward to reading and editing his pieces.

However, I’ve really never been able to wrap my head around Jon’s assertion that Kobe Bryant is somehow in the same class as Michael Jordan.

And after Jon insinuated a few days ago that the alpha-dogness of LeBron and Dwyane Wade was somehow diminished because Danny Granger was clowning them – Jon wondered if MJ or Magic or Bird would have “allowed” that – I think it’s only fair that, as a staunch advocate of Jordan as undisputed G.O.A.T., I bring this up:

Would MJ have ever been clowned publicly by…Brian Cardinal?

I think not.

Yet that is exactly what happened last night during Game 5 of the Western Conference playoff series between the Lakers and Thunder, a game that sent the Lakers home for the season with barely a whimper.

brian-cardinal-tweet-kobe-bryantHat tip: r/NBA

Really, Cardinal was just stating a fact, a rather amazing one: Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players of all time, was indeed 10 assists away from a double/double last night with his team’s season hanging on the line.

Kobe finished with 42 points (box score here) on 18-33 shooting, which actually is a damn good percentage for taking that many shots. However, he corralled only five rebounds in 42 minutes, and yes…dished out a grand total of zero assists.

When LeBron James’ back is pushed up against the wall, he turns in near-triple doubles of epic proportions and gets his superstar teammate going.

When Kobe Bryant’s back is push up against the wall, he just starts shooting. And shooting. And shooting.


What was that about “clutch” again? (I agree with Jon on this point!)

For the record, Kobe Bryant is the first player in NBA history to take over 32 shots in a playoff game and not record a single assist. That is actually remarkable in its own pathetically selfish way. Certainly it could be rationalized if Kobe’s 42 points had led to victory, but 42 points in a 16-point loss means nothing.

Even Brian Cardinal could have told you that.

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  1. While this is going to sound like a trolling comment, there were PLENTY of guys that talked smack to Michael Jordan…THAT LATE IN HIS CAREER.
    Jordan only played for 15 seasons…Kobe just finished Year 16.  I think we all remember guys like Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, and Allen Iverson talking plenty of smack to Jordan in his last few years.

    • Gregoryadamwallace says:

      “Jordan only played for 15 seasons…Kobe just finished Year 16.”  Mr. Washburn, this seems to be your favorite argument for Kobe Bryant but I just don’t get.  It’s like a guy saying, “I only cheated on my girlfriend 15 times, she cheated on me 16 times.”

  2. Lakerfan says:

    you’re a moron. Who was he going to pass the ball to? The 4-10 Bynum, the 1-6 Sessions, maybe Metta World Peace who shoots like he has Reggie Millers touch, or maybe Gasol, who would rather settle for free throw line jumpers rather than driving the ball. Or maybe he should have passed it to Ebanks who air balled two shots…Yea, his 42 was the only thing that kept the Lakers afloat..faggot

    • AJkauf7 says:

      Love the profanity—especially from an angry Lakers fan.  Your team, though overrated, has plenty of talent. Let’s be fair here. Kobe regularly takles very low percentage shots. Barkley continuously points that out. That’s not Gasol or Bynum’s fault. Any team in the NBA would love to have those two excellent seven footers.

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