A Look Back at the Milwaukee Bucks’ Midseason Trade for Monta Ellis

Did the helpless Bucks make the right decision this year? You know, the infamous Milwaukee Bucks?

Before the trade deadline, players like Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, and even Kobe Bryant were possibly available for a trade. Injuries have cursed the Bucks best player, Andrew Bogut, and scattered injuries hurt Stephen Jackson, Drew Gooden, Mbah A Moute, Shaun Livingston, and Carlos Delfino.

The Bucks’ season did not look the brightest and something needed to be done.

Throughout most of the season, Bucks fans and basketball analysts believed that the Bucks would trade their star point guard Brandon Jennings. He even made a comment that he was looking into larger franchises. With Jennings being so young and having great potential, many thought that the Bucks would trade him for a veteran star, considering so many were available.

“I am going to keep my options open, knowing that the time is coming up. I’m doing my homework on big-market teams.” ~ Brandon Jennings (via ESPN).

Ultimately, Jennings staid while the ailing Bogut and unhappy Jackson were traded to the Warriors for Monta Ellis and Epke Udoh.

I was personally shocked.

How could you trade one of your few big (and I mean BIG) men, for a shooting guard who is known to be shot happy? Was this just another bad trade by the Bucks, or an outstanding trade that could change the franchise?

The deal was done and Monta Ellis, number eleven, was shipped to Milwaukee. Who was Ellis’s first game against? Who else but his former Warriors team.

This would be a game that would help set the tone for what the trade might mean for the franchise going foward.

I had never seen a game with such fantastic ball rotation. For the longest time, I had never seen the Bucks look like a legit “team.” Was it a dream come true? The Bucks were actually in contention for a playoff spot despite their terrible start to the season.

Ellis and Jennings, Jennings and Ellis. It was a combination of two players who could not have seemed any more perfect for one another.

Ellis’ ability to complete amazing layups that are impossible to block covers Jennings’ poor shot selections. And Jennings’ ability to steal the ball and do his signature raindrop helps hide the fact that Ellis shoots the ball a little too often.

Both players can shoot three pointers at a successful rate and still drive to the basket. Plus they are some of the fastest players in the NBA. You try stopping them on a fast break.

Unfortunately, they also both share their poor defense skill, with Jennings unable to get around screens, and Ellis not able to guard the paint.

Yes, the season ended on a sad note with them Bucks barely missing the playoffs, but that was with Ellis for a short amount of time. Imagine an entire year with this duo.

So was the trade worth it? Did the Bucks actually get a good end of a trade? I say yes.

It seemed that Bogut was hurt more than healthy. Yes he will be missed when he is healthy, but Ellis is a great addition to the team. He is reliable and the Bucks can now build their franchise around the backcourt duo of Ellis and Jennings.

The next goal for the Milwaukee Bucks: actually get recognized as a good NBA team. No longer can they be an “easy win” team.

And most of all: revive the Wisconsin-Chicago rivalry. Be Milwaukee.


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