Video: This Dwight Howard-Stan Van Gundy Interview Is Remarkable And Downright Awesome In Its Awkwardness

I tweeted this video out just a little while ago, remarking how awesomely awkward it is. Really, those words don’t do it justice. In so many ways this is one of the more remarkable pieces of off-court sports video you’ll ever see.

Make sure you watch the whole thing. The best part is when Dwight comes in a little over halfway through and has no clue that Van Gundy admitted he knew Howard asked management to fire him.


As Mike Freeman of CBS noted on Twitter, this was basically Van Gundy just saying Fuck it. And as our friend Robert Littal also remarked, this is Howard being revealed for the phony that he is.

Not sure we’ll ever get a moment like this captured on video again. Just a perfect confluence of circumstances. At least something entertaining came out of this otherwise excruciating story.

Oh, and place me firmly in the corner of #TeamStan. I have little to no respect for Dwight Howard.


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