The 10 Best Baseball Movies of All Time

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Springtime is always a busy time for me, because my two favorite sports to watch are basketball and baseball.

Just as NBA teams are hitting their stretch playoff runs, Opening Day comes for Major League Baseball and my sports-centric world becomes flooded with viewing options.


You know that Kevin Costner and Field of Dreams will be on this list. But how high?

I like to kick off each sport’s new season by immersing myself in not only the games but the media available as well.  When this baseball season was about to begin, I watched a few of my favorite baseball movies and bought the latest MLB 2K game for my Xbox.

In trying to find a good movie to watch to jump start my interest in this MLB season (not that I needed much encouragement) I got to thinking about my favorite baseball movies.  Baseball, perhaps more than any other sport, has been the subject of great films.

Since I have written about unrealistic sports movies and great sports movies, I decided to post about baseball movies.

Here is my list of the 10 best baseball movies of all time.

I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but if you’re a baseball fan and haven’t seen these movies you have no excuse.

Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite below, and if I didn’t mention your favorite, please comment and argue the case of your favorite baseball movie.

10. 61*

Directed by lifelong New York Yankees fan Billy Crystal, 61* displays the darker side of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle’s chase for the single-season home run record in 1961.

The record at the time, of course, was held by Babe Ruth (60 home runs), and there was considerable controversy surrounding the race to the record by Maris and Mantle.

Barry Pepper does an admirable job playing the increasingly embattled Maris, and Thomas Jane’s portrayal of a supremely gifted and universally adored yet flawed Mantle is top notch.

The story is fascinating, especially considering the normalcy with which we regard the relentless critical spotlight the media places on athletes today.

Maris’ struggle to gain acceptance from the media and fans is somewhat tragic, as he hadn’t done anything wrong outside of being quiet and perhaps a little shy.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes (profanity alert):


9. The Rookie

The Rookie tells the story of Jim Morris (played by Dennis Quaid), a high school teacher and baseball coach who, at age 35, improbably pitched in his first big league game.

This movie is definitely a feel-good, underdog kind of tale, and it is executed very well.

The dynamic between Morris and his disapproving and unsupportive father is compelling, and the rekindling of their relationship after Morris’ success adds a dramatic element that definitely works.

The movie could have turned out really cheesy – as sports movies have a tendency to do – but fortunately this one stayed (mostly) historically accurate and the drama wasn’t overwrought.

Quaid’s throwing motion isn’t exactly great (to put it kindly), but I can overlook that.

Here’s a trailer for the movie:


8. A League of Their Own

Tom Hanks was mostly a comic actor in 1992, and as Jimmy Dugan – the drunken, disinterested manager of the Rockford Peaches of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL really rolls off the tongue, huh?) – he delivered the goods once again.

This movie has plenty of laughs, and there is plenty of drama (what do you expect from a women’s baseball league?).  Other than Rosie O’Donnell’s presence, I can’t really list any negatives.

Here’s the most iconic scene from the movie:


7. Bull Durham 

I’m probably going to be taken to task because for ranking Bull Durham 7th, but it’s a little too much of a rom-com to get a higher spot.

That’s not to say it’s not great – it is.  I enjoy it immensely, and writer/director Ron Shelton’s Blue Chips is my favorite sports movie.  The guy simply knows sports and how to package a movie about sports to appeal to the broadest possible audience.

In this case a love triangle between Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon), “Crash” Davis (Kevin Costner), and “Nuke” Laloosh (Tim Robbins) provides the romantic drama.  As far as love stories go, this one is pretty good.

The relationship between Nuke and Crash is even more interesting, as the two men are of different ages, career trajectories, and attitudes.  Crash is envious of the talent and opportunity that Nuke possesses and Nuke is envious of Annie’s pursuit of Crash.

My only real criticism is of Tim Robbins’ throwing motion.  I know I already bashed Quaid’s, but Robbins makes him look like Greg Maddux.

Here’s Costner’s memorable “I believe in…” speech (warning – profanity):


6. Moneyball

In time, Moneyball may climb higher on this list.  It’s just hard for me to properly rank a movie I’ve seen twice against movies I’ve seen dozens of times.

Moneyball has been well-covered, but it bears saying that it is a wonderfully made film.

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are both awesome, and the story of Billy Bean and the Oakland A’s climb to relevance via advanced baseball statistics and economics is downright fascinating.

The movie also nails the personal aspects of being an executive for a baseball team, such as family relationships, the toll the job can take on someone, and the allure of big money versus loyalty.  A great story in all aspects.

Here’s the scene where Pitt and Hill meet:


You’ve seen 10-6, now get ready for the five best baseball movies ever.

Does your favorite make the list? Continue reading to find out.

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About Keith Mullett

Keith is an Ohio-based sports and pop culture junkie who began writing for MSF in June 2011. His ramblings about sports, music, movies and books can be further enjoyed by following him on Twitter @keithmullett.

In addition to his work for MSF, Keith operates a blog called Commercial Grade, in which he critiques television commercials from the perspective of the average viewer.


  1. Love the post Keith, and you nailed #1, but I want you to know that I am terribly disappointed The Sandlot did not make it. I cannot fathom of a list of the ten best baseball movies ever that can’t find room for such a classic. It’ll be one of my all-time favorites…FOR-EV-ER.

  2. Michaelwebb82 says:

    Keith, good list but I think there might be another Costner movie out there that would give him 3 in the top 10. For Love of the Game was a great baseball movie. A little heavy on the romance side, but an interesting take on an aging, Nolan Ryan-esk figure in Billy Chapel.

    • I think this movie is one of the best I’ve seen from what goes through a pitcher’s head when he/she is on the mound. 

      • Obscureinfo says:

        I agree. For the Love of the Game is my favorite baseball movie of all time. The supporting cast was excellent and I loved the story. The best was the New Yorkers. It, more than anything I’ve ever seen, captured the spirit of the New York Yankee fan. How they yelled and screamed at Chapel throughout the movie, but begrudgingly applauded him at the end. In fact, I am going to watch it tonight. 

    • JTayloraz says:

      I have to agree with For the Love of the Game and I was surprised not to see this film included on the list. Perhaps being the age of Billy Chapel at the time and relating to the things that he was going through really resonated with me. Yet when I watched again recently I was moved once again by this movie and the sense of leaving behind that which had meant so much to someone out of respect for the game rather than giving in to self interest… and doing it in a way to bring in a sense of closure that could be held onto long after the game ended. 

  3. Margie Caswell says:

    I would have put the Lou Gehrig story in which might be “Pride of the Yankees” because even though I was not alive when he played, I liked Lou Gehrig’s stamina, personality, and morality.

  4. Personal choices:  !. Major League  2. Eight Men Out.  However, as good as Eight Men Out is as a baseball movie, it is anything but “accurate.”  Rewriting history for “dramatic effect” is commonplace but Eight Men Out stretches it to the extreme.  All the players except Gandil played in 1920 in the major leagues and most of them played extensively throughout the 1920s on semi-pro and barnstorming teams so they hardly played under assumed names or in obscurity.  Jackson’s “missing” contract actually showed up in his successful lawsuit againt Comiskey in the mid-’20s.

  5. I remember an old baseball movie ” It Happens Every Spring”. It has stuck with me since my childhood. The movie was B&W maybe from the 1930’s or 1940’s. I loved the movie as a kid. 

  6. Docbbetts says:

    Long Gone.  A HBO film made in 1987 starring William Peterson, Virginia Madson and Dermot Mulroney. 

    • burgersandbeer says:

      Terrible film.  It’s a cheap copy of Major League.

      • Excuse me, but “Long Gone” came out in 1987 – Major League in 1989.  The films are very different – in different eras and much different leagues.  

  7. Keralesaw says:

    I always read these “Best Baseball Movie” lists hoping to see Bang the Drum Slowly. Michael Moriarty and Robert Deniro.

  8. The greatest baseball movie of all time is “Long Gone”. And yer right Keith the home run in the natural was way over done and unrealistic. Ghost’s of old ball players appearing out of corn fields is completely believable.

    • Tsullivan1207 says:

       agreed  long gone is great baseball movie, good baseball scenes, and good characters too and their dreams, stud was great character,, would have made to majors except card call up that Musial fellow, have not seen long gone in long time hope to see again

    • Should have scrolled down before posting. I’m glad I’m not the only one to remember this movie!

    •  ABSOLUTELY!  Long Gone was the best

  9. CRAIGCH28 says:

    Good list but Major League didn’t have Randy Quaid as the heckler that was Major League 2 and I really dont think that or Major League Back to the Minors is going to break this list. Bob Uecker deserves more credit for being a great comedic actor.

  10. motown5150 says:

    I agree with most of your list and the placements, the only issue I have is a mistake that you made: Randy Quaid was not in the original Major League. He was in the incredibly horrible sequel

  11. “The Pride of the Yankees” starring Gary Cooper

  12. John Woolf says:

    Pride of the Yankees should be way up there – for the old guys. Sandlot should be on the list as well. 

  13. P.J.Fase says:

    I think Pride Of The Yankees is the best.

  14. Bang The Drum Slowly

  15. Bang The Drum Slowly

  16. A big issue with the list is the comment for Major League.  Rany Quaid is not in the original as far as I remember.  He is in Major League 2 as the Heckler.  That movie did nothing but hurt the legacy of the original.

  17. A big issue with the list is the comment for Major League.  Rany Quaid is not in the original as far as I remember.  He is in Major League 2 as the Heckler.  That movie did nothing but hurt the legacy of the original.

  18. You misssed the best one–not even on your list=Bang the Drum Slowly

    • burgersandbeer says:

      While the characters is Bang the Drum Slowly are baseball players, the film isn’t really about baseball.

  19. Mdberett says:

    I would like to add an honorable mention here; Good Morning Vietnam. Although it is not a baseball movie, the end scene where Robin Williams teaches a group of Vietnamese how to play baseball by using a grapefruit as a ball. It was moving in part because it shows Robin’s character attached to the people.

  20. Rvanscotter says:

    Good try but off on some of the order:
    “Eight Men Out is virtually in a “league by itself” and should be on top. (John Sayles is the best.).
    “A League of Their Own” should higher for its historical significance along with an important story. “Field of Dreams” is sentimental and nicely done but not in the league wit the first two.
    “Major League” is fun but too frivilous to be in the ten best.
    “The Natural” quite good and where it should be, but “Moneyball” is overrated

  21. Mike Kaplan says:

    Best baseball movie ever was “Bang the Drum slowly” starring a youg Robert Diniro.

  22. Mike Gallagher4410 says:

    My favorite baseball movie is Pride of the Yankees.  It’s a biography movie about the life and death of Lou Gehrig.  It was made such a long time ago that Babe Ruth plays himself in the film. 

  23. The Marty Stratton Story – About a White Sox pitcher that loses his leg in hunting accident.  Jimmy Stewart didn’t make a bad movie

  24. What about the film adaption of Mark Harris’s classic novel, “Bang The Drum Slowly”?  The young Robert DiNiro is magnificent as doomed catcher Bruce Pearson.  So is Michael Moriarty as the Southpaw, Henry “Author” Wiggin. 

    Also, thought “Bull Durham” absolutely deserves spot in top three — too many memorable lines & performances to justifiably recount here.  ALso, “Eight Men Out” is vastly over-ranked.  Yes, it’s an “important” movie and a relatively accurate historical record (at least from Buck Weaver’ POV).  But it fails as “sheer entertainment”.  After all, isn’t that what a movie is supposed to ultimately be about ???

  25. For the love of the game.

  26. Darryl17 says:

    If you’re a baby-boomer and have ever played pick-up baseball with the neighborhood kids without any adult supervision or intervention then Sandlot is by far the #1 baseball movie ever because it precisely recreates the roots of your love for the game and a time where kids were allowed to grow up without fear of anything except maybe a neighborhood dog.

  27. O'Brien Nott says:

    For Love of the Game…has to be #1, without a doubt, for anyone who ever played the game!  “Long gone” is another, minor league experience, more to the realism of what those of us in the minors went through…

  28. Morningstar328 says:

    Good list but you left out some classics. While some of these are not worthy of top 10 status they’re great movies none the less….”Bang the Drum Slowly”( Di Niro), “The Pride of the Yankees”(Gary Cooper), “Angels in the Outfield”(Paul Douglas), “It Happens every Spring” ( Ray Milland, a college professor, invents a substance whiich when rubbed on the ball makes it jump over a swinging wooden bat (hilarious)), and “Fear Strikes Out”, the over the top dramatization of Jimmy Piresall’s tortured, psychotic career. George Hamilton throws and swings like he never saw a baseball in his life. Why did they ever cast him?….but Karl Malden, as his overbearing father, gives an Oscar worthy performance.

  29. Thanks for the opportunity to comment Keith.  All the movies listed are projects that I spearheaded for the studios out of my company Sportsrobe since the early seventies.  Although I have had favorites along the way, Long Gone is the movie I tell “the next best baseball movie” production crew to see if they really want to get the “feel” of the game.  Actually that “next best” is our current project, 42, The Jackie Robinson story.  Starts shooting in a couple of weeks.  Amazing attention to detail on this project.  Hope the movie is as good.

    Allan Ruegsegger

  30. Nlfoster4 says:

    Are you nuts?  The BEST baseball movie ever is Pride Of The Yankees!  Why? Babe Ruth is in it. Its a 4 star movie to boot.

  31. What about “For Love of the Game”? It’s another Costner movie that’s well done. Maybe your list should be “Top 11”

  32. Ray Underwood says:

    how can you have bull durham at 7? crazy. it is top 3 material easy.

  33. Dedummer says:

    What about “For Love of the Game”

  34. Bratblogs says:

    Fever Pitch is a great Fenway Park and baseball experience movie as well as a romance. For older viewers Pride of the Yankees, the Babe Ruth story including the newrer one with John Goodman and the Jackie Robinson Story. Hopefully soon a good baseball movie will be made on the life of Roberto Clemente. Nice list and post.

  35. Davestanek says:

    this goes way back…but in the 1950’s the million dollar movie played a picture starting edward g. robinson and richard jackel called the big leaguer…my favorite

  36. “For Love of the Game” NO DOUBT belongs in the Top 10…TV movies such as 61* &  DO NOT belong on this list & “The Rookie” was borrrrring!

  37. frank loiko says:

    pride of the yankees

  38. Little Big League is a great baseball movie with real baseball intellect.  It could have just been a gimmick film but it goes to great lengths to stay accurate so that the true fan will appreciate it.

  39. Pride of the Yankees with Gary Cooper

  40. I took my son to see The Sandlot, hoping to relive my childhood baseball career. The movie was progressing well until they brought in the giant dog grabbing the baseballs and it became a farce!
    I was so disappointed that this movie had to be juiced up to aid in the plot.

  41. Emsterrr says:

    Little Big League, Angels in the Outfield and Rookie of the Year.

  42. Pride Of The Yankees

  43. Rhondakat says:

    A League of Their Own and The Natural both should have been much higher on the list……

  44. For Love of the Game.  I was looking for it to vote it as my favorite.  I played through junior college, and this movie just gets me.  Any given team being able to align perfectly, if for only a moment…That is my baseball.

  45. Glennwoods says:

    I would add for the Love of the Game:  The work of Vince Scully announceing the game makes it a work of art.

  46. mortygwhiz says:

    “It Happens Every Spring” starring Ray Miland as a college professor who invents an elixer that when applied to a baseball makes the ball repel wood.

  47. David JJazzy143 says:

    If not included in your list at least honorable mentions for For Love of the Game, Pride of the Yankees, The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars & Movie Kings and the Jackie Robinson Story 

  48. Jbecker49 says:

    For the Love of the Game!

  49. Trosselot says:

    Actually overlooked one of the greatest… never ceases to amaze me when people talk about the culture of baseball, the harsh realities of it that make it so comparable to life itself…this one is always left behind.  Bang the Drum Slowly

  50. Invectious1 says:

    No arguement as far as good baseball movies go, but, because u haven’t seen the old black and whites, have u ever seen or heard of “The Kid From Left Field”? It may not make anyones top 10 but it is a very good movie for the times it was made. Get a chance to see it, which I doubt u will, watch it.  10 year old kid manages a last place team to the series with his Dad actually managing the team from the stands. Boy is picked up by truiat officer for missing school (He is managing his team). watch it if u get a chance.

  51. R0cket12 says:

    talent for the game with Edward James Olmos

  52. The Perfect Game and Final Season

  53. randomfan says:

    Bang the Drum Slowly should be somewhere in the top 10. How about Safe at Home.

  54. “Long Gone”, and HBO movie from quite a few years ago starring a pre-CSI William Petersen as a minor leaguer might not be the best ever made, but I think it’s better than more than one of the movies on this list.

  55. Peterboucher20 says:

    I have been a self-educated Baseball Historian for 25+ years. Its just a hobby of mine where I engulf myself into Baseball History everyday. I have seen all of the Top 10 movies mentioned on this list. I was most surprised that “Pride Of The Yankees” (1942) starring Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig was not on here. “Fear Strikes Out” (1957) starring Anthony Perkins as the long suffering Jimmy Piersall of The Boston Red Sox would have been a good inclusion. No. 7 “Bull Durham” I think should be No.1, and No.4, “Bad News Bears” starring Walter Matthau and Tatum O’ Neal would have been a riot if only they could have had a role for Jack Lemmon seeing that Lemmon and Matthau were one of the great comedy duos of all time. and one last thing a movie entitled “Bang The Drum Slowly” starring Robert De Niro  who knows he is dying of Hodgkin’s Disease but wants to play one more season as catcher with his New York Yankees before he dies. He does with the help of his best friend and Ace pitcher for the Yankees portrayed by Michael Moriarty.

  56. moore1078 says:

    I’m a big fan of “For Love of the Game.”  Also, an old movie that was great was “The Jim Pearsall Story.”

  57. To the list could be added two old baseball classics from the 1950s : It Happens Every Spring (starring Ray Milland) and the original version of Angels in the Outfield.

  58. Str8TalkonIssues says:

    For the Love of the Game

  59. PRIDE OF THE YANKEES with Gary Cooper – Lou Gehrig’s story.

  60. Barney214 says:

    For the love of the game

  61. Crazyslov says:

    bang the drum slowly

  62. Mrtimbensonjunk says:

    For the Love of the Game

  63. J_murphy says:

    Pride of the Yankees. Monty Stratton Story. For the Love of the Game.

  64. Russell405 says:

    Pride Of The Yankees

  65. your out of your mind, the pride of the yankess is not even mentioned

  66. Glnels says:

    One more vote for Costner’s “For Love of the Game” being on the list somewhere. In addition to all of the comments already mentioned about this film, I would also bring up the fact that Costner’s pitching motion and delivery were pretty much spot on – very realistic when compared to a conventional major league pitcher. Costner is obviously very athletic and in my mind that authenticated the movie to a great degree. John C. Reilly was really the only “player” on the field that was questionable in terms of showing the athleticism necessary for his position (catcher).


  68. Don Groninger says:

    I like “For Love of the Game”, starring Kevin Kostner

  69. You have not seen “Bang the Drum …” with Deniro and Moriarty? What a moron!

  70. Chuck H. says:

    How can you leave out “Pride of the Yankees” with Gary Cooper?

  71. I liked For the Love of the Game.  

  72. Larrypowell134 says:

    I have to go along with the natural because of the actors and actresses.I’ve seen it so many times.duvall,all of the ladies even the bat boy.Redford is a pro for sure.All of the people in the movie were great…..jim powell

  73. Mr Baseball says:

    Moneyball was ok but should have been replaced by “for the love of the game” another Costner clasic.  It seems he has a nack for these types of movies

  74. Anybody says:

    Bingo Long and His Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings

  75. I have to agree with the people that said “For the Love of the Game” a truly remarkable and underrated movie.

  76. Phukahph says:

    Bang the drum slowly

  77. Cmckenna says:

    Pride of the Yankees is my pick for #1. The list is best baseball movies of all time. How does not make the list? 

  78. old-timer says:

    1. Bang the Drum Slowly-De Niro and Michael Moriarty were brilliant, and my friends and I played tegwar for years.
    5(or so). Bingo Long’s Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings-A hilarious story about a barnstorming black team in the days before integration. It had an all-star cast, but I especially enjoyed Richard Pryor and his schemes to break into the majors.

  79. Tom Bell says:

    Okay Mullett, how do you leave out Bang the Drum Slowly…No way Major League (a funny film) is better than Bang the Drum…without this film, your list, like DeNiro’s tobacco-chewing/spittin’/good ol’ southren boy catcher is “doomed”…I mean, you spill words about sports and this sscreenplay comes straight from the spirit and rythm of Ring Lardner TomBell

  80. Michael Culleny says:

    My most favorite baseball movie is
    Pride of The Yankees

  81. Rod23brew says:

    Fever Pitch, only because it was about the Red Sox, I know a “chick flick” but the way Jimmy Fallon played a fan was great.

    • Yeah, this is an underrated movie.  I liked it as well.  Not sure it’s top ten but on the cusp.

  82. Jdowns63 says:

    I know Kevin Costner had two movies on the list, bur I think “For Love Of The Game” deserves a spot.

    • DAYDREAM2 says:

      I agree. Costner has the other two but this one DOES deserve some mention. No other movie I’ve seen captures what it must be like to be in the  mind of the player. At times, I guess, the pitcher’s mound can be the loneliest place in sports.

  83. Jeffyeager08 says:

    I love baseball and I hate Field Of Dreams.  Long Gone is some funny stuff and unavailable on DVD.

    • “I love baseball and I hate Field of Dreams”. 

      That makes as much sense as saying, “I like seafood, and I hated Finding Nemo.”  Congratulations. You win “Dumbest Comment of the Thread”. 

  84. Perlberg says:

    “Pride of the Yankees”

  85. The Final Season should get some mention. I like it because it is based on a true story.

  86. DAYDREAM2 says:

    You can’t make a list without piss..g some people off. It’s his opinion. That doesn’t make him a bad person or not as smart as you. That’s the great thing about lists. They provoke opinions and discussions. Give him credit for leaving an opportunity for our input. Shows he’s more open minded than a lot of the people posting here. 

  87. Sparling4343 says:

    The Pride of the Yankees it’s even a true storey!!!

  88. Pjd91361 says:

    I have to go with Field of Dreams but Bull Durham is a close second and almost a tie with A League of Their Own.

  89. I like the list a lot.  Field of Dreams, while a baseball movie, is just a great father/son movie.  Brought tears to my eyes.  It’s actually my favorite movie of all time.  I rank Bull Durham second.  It had the most realistic baseball lingo and thoughts that go through a players mind than any of the other movies listed.  All in all a really good list.

  90. Shawn385 says:

    what about bang the drum slowly

  91. DAYDREAM2 says:

    For me they all have a lot to offer. different take on the same game. Terry’s (James Earl Jones)
    speech in the bleachers of Ray’s “Field of Dreams” about the place baseball has in our lives is the most beautiful ode to a sport I have ever heard. “People will come Ray. People will most definitely come!”

  92. Bosoxerfan says:

    I think “For Love of the Game” is the best baseball movie of all time, followed by “The Natural” and “Money Ball,”  A few others were “The Stratton Story” and “Pride of the Yankees.”

  93. Noweareman says:

    Fear Strikes Out or even The Pride of the Yankees

  94. Reidikus says:

    I agree with the list for the most part, but Moneyball has no business in the top 10.

  95. I can’t believe no one has mentioned Hardball, next to Sandlot it is easily my sons favorite baseball movie.

  96. Griffinstalons says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME!! I don’t think it would rank #1 but I can’t believe it didn’t make the list.

  97. Carissa_petrie says:

    Some good choices but the best baseball movie ever was ommitted…. “For the Love of the Game.”

  98. Major League is one of the funniest movies ever made and we have to watch it every year before baseball season starts. Classic!!  Pride of the Yankees was a fine film, I wish it would have made the list. Bang the Drum Slowly tears at your heart, too.

  99. Billy Chapel says:

    “For Love of the Game”

  100. Jstaff21 says:

    Pride of the Yankees should have made this list!  Younger people today may think it’s cheesy but it’s a great baseball movie imo but I am in my 60s.

  101. Astromario1055 says:

    since i’m sentimental i love field of dreams and league of their own. of course pride of the yankees which has babe ruth

  102. JDYOUNG1951 says:

    how about FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME

  103. Kendrick says:

    for the love of the game featuring Kevin Costner is my personal favorite

  104. The greatest baseball movie, hell sports movie of all time is Field of Dreams. It reminds me so much of my dad and like you sir, I cannot help but get choked up and shed some tears when “Hey…Dad….you wanna have catch?” THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE. as for your list you forgot some good-ok ones. Mr. 3000, Mr. Baseball, For Love of the Game, and if need be Rookie of the Year, after all I think that movie is the only chance we Cub’s fans have of seeing them have a winning season.

  105. Bart1121 says:

    This list is inadequate . Field of dreams – give me a break.  For the love of the game is a better costner movie than fod, but neither compare to pride of the yankees. 

  106. azmiss9999 says:

    My favorite baseball movie is Pride of the Yankees!

  107. Rrodzilla54 says:

    Pride of the Yankees is the best baseball movie ever made!

  108. Mfshinski says:

    Pride Of The Yankees and a film that might not be know by many from the 50’s The Kid From Left Field.

  109. Ron Hillman says:

    Definitely Pride of the Yankees.  Not only was it a true story of a real legend but Gary Cooper did a great job.  This writer has to be toooooooooooo young or a Yankee hater to not appreciate Pride of the Yankees.

  110. Arklahoma Traveler says:

    1. Long Gone, 2. Stealing Home, 3. For the love of the Game, 4. Pride of the Yankees, 5. The Natural

  111. Fladabosca says:

    Maybe the movie wasn’t all about baseball but the best and certainly funniest baseball scene is the last scene of The Naked Gun.

    Hey, it’s Enrico Palazzo!

    Oh Frank, everybody should have a friend like you!

  112. Sandlot has to be in top-10. The Rookie or 61 have to be dropped out of top 10.

  113. Qwerzxcvmlp says:

    Long before your time but the kid from left field is notably absent from your list

  114. dale sperling says:

    The Perfect Game is my choice for the top 10

  115. Katbite says:

    What makes both,,,Field of Dreams,,,and,,,,,The Sandlot great,,in both these films,James Earl Jones,,gives a monolog,,a moment unto himself,,and after hearing each of them,,it can only be concluded that Mr.Jones,,was a huge baseball fan.Mr.Jones,,is one of those people,,that I would like an afternoon with,,just to speak of things in this world,,before I check out

  116. Blaine Heitkamp says:

    For Love of the Game is my all time favorite

  117. Bugnjoeb says:

    Bang The Drum Slowly. Great De Niro.

  118. Sf3update says:

    The BABE and Pride of the Yankees

  119. Drdeputy says:

    Moneyball doesn’t belong on this list.  Waste of time.

  120. Glen Burleson says:

    My all time favorite baseball movie is  The Monty Stratton Story starring Jimmy Stewart. 

  121. Zjscar says:

    stealing home

  122. Zjscar says:

    stealing home with mark harmon, approx 1980

  123. Miketram says:

    ‘For the love of the game’ should be at or near the top of the list

  124. sophillyjimmy says:

    Keith Mullett must be a very young man not to list Pride Of The Yankees, it was my favorite and probably many more older peoples.

  125. Decam14 says:

    The Sandlot and should be in top 5.  Much better than The Rookie.  Bull Durham and The Natural should be ranked higher and Major League ranked too high. 

  126. Tonycil says:

    Pride of the Yankees.

  127. Tom Jacob says:

    Bang the Drum Slowly was the best baseball movie ever.

  128. Catkincreek says:

    Pride of the Yankees, hands down. 

  129. Pride of the Yankees – have you ever watrched a movie older than 1980?

  130. No idea how For the Love of the Game missed the list

  131. Jimfager says:

    Long Gone is an absolute classic!! Shame for not including.

  132. Tlborowski says:

    Omssions of films like Love of the Game and Pride of the Yankees diminish the credibility of the list.

  133. Sad Sack says:

    For love of the game!

  134. Barry Stollerman says:

    Damn Yankees had to be the best baseball movie ever. Most people haven’t seen it because it is from 1955.

  135. Mwmjvl53 says:

    For Love Of The Game is a GREAT movie

  136. Chuck Lynn says:

    Somebody forgot ” For Love of the Game”. That was a great baseball movie, too.

  137. Robertdirect5 says:

    For the love of the Game, also with costner, great story, Billy Chaple

  138. Will_fenix says:

    Moneyball ahead of Bull Durham is beyond a travesty.

  139. Dagman7 says:

    how about pride of the yankees

  140. oldfart says:

    Gary Cooper in pride of the Yankees

  141. You already have two Costner  movies,but Vin Scully’s description of Billy Chapel’s perfect game is priceless.

  142. LeeGouija says:

    While I agree with “Field of Dreams” as the #1 pick, this writer seems to have ignored altogether some fine films that may have been before his time. I noticed that there were no black & white movies on his list.
    The first two comments I read mentioned the exclusion of “The Pride of the Yankees” – a very good movie. Also mentioned were “It Happens Every Spring” and the original “Angels in the Outfield”. “Fear Strikes Out”, “Bang the Drum Slowly”, and “The Stratton Story” should have been considered.
    “The Sandlot”? You’ve gotta be kidding.

  143. Lady2at says:

    I always like Angels in the Outfield.  Corny.  Entertaining.  Unrealistic.  fun.

  144. Sschurwan says:

    What about Angels in the Outfield with Paul Douglas and Janet Leigh?  What about It Happens Every Spring with Ray Milland?  What about the Babe Ruth Story with William Bendix?

  145. Screwdriverjack says:

    Moneyball is on the Top 10 but the Sandlot is not? Moneyball sucks and more concerned with making Brad Pitt look fancy. Horrible list because Moneyball does not deserve to even be in the conversation of best baseball movie!

  146. Gokingsgo2 says:

    How about the original ‘Angels In The Outfield’? A timeless classic that warms the heart with it’s endearing story line and often hilarious characters. I myself, do believe in Angels!

  147. Ray Milland says:

    Not the best of all time but certainly worth mentioning, “It Happens Every Spring.”

  148. Jblaustein says:

    For some of us old folks, how about  “It Happens Every Spring”.

  149. Mikesack100 says:

    Pride of the Yankees

  150. Bossatty says:

    How about “For Love of The Game”?  I know like Bull Durham and others, there is a lot of side show re. the love story, but going through one game throughout the entire movie and having the main character throw a perfect game to end a storied career.  I thought it was sell done and definitely is on my top 10 list. 

  151. JOE TOLEDO says:


  152. Daclayton says:

    For The love Of The Game

  153. Penguin67 says:

    One that rearely gets mentioned but I think is a great film is “For Love of the Game” with kevin Costener.  Lot of side story but still a great end of career story!

  154. Dougjk62 says:


  155. Layne2 says:

    How about “Pride of the Yankees”… how many movies have Babe Ruth playing himself?

  156. Micahti says:


  157. Mzufan says:

    What happened to Pride of the Yankees

  158. Kraznor2 says:

    For the Love of the game is by far the best baseball movie ever.  Hands down.  And one of Costner’s finest works.

  159. Pastime was a title used twice.  The first was a video release about a old Pacific Coast League pitcher mentoring a young pitcher while he yearned for another shot.  The second and more recent was about a Japanese world war two detention camp team and how baseball broke down the prejudice’s of the local town. 

  160. Ricdill says:

    Oh man, why do we have to rate them….I’m headed home for a three day sabitical to watch each of them.

  161. Hjlovelady says:

    The Pride of St. Louis (Dizzy and Paul Dean story) starring Dan Daily (also in Kid from Left Field).  Probably not a great movie, but I’m a St. Louis fan. Also think Fear Strikes Out is very good.  But, have to vote for Field of Dreams as the best.  

  162. Lsk575 says:

    Pride of the Yankees by a landslide!

  163. Mos_eeb says:

    The Longest Yard

  164. Andinoman13 says:

    Bad News Bears in the top 4. Yet, Bang the Drum Slowly and Pride of the Yankees not even on the list? Someone was pounding beers while making this list.

  165. Roberts35567 says:

    For Love of the Game

  166. For me, it’s a tie between “Bull Durham” and “A League of Their Own”. I’m not sure what it says about me, that both movies focus on female characters. 

  167. Tjkrumm says:

    Long Gone

  168. Mistergrouchy says:

    Bang the Drum Slowly

  169. The best baseball movie ever was “Long Gone”  an 80’s HBO movie about the Tampico Stogies.  A minor league baseball team in the late 50’s.  Its very hard to find but worth it if you ever do.

  170. Champs04 says:

    Fear Strikes Out. A great true story. If you get a chance, watch it.   

  171. Pride of the Yankees without a doubt.

  172. How old is this writer?  12.  
    azmiss9999 is spot on.   Great movie.  How about the original Angel in the Outfield.

  173. COBB…no doubt.
    Bang The Drum Slowly
    The Babe Ruth Story
    Can’t remember the name…but the Grover Cleveland Alexander story

  174. For Love of The Game, my favorite

  175. Charles Harris says:

    I really liked the movie Pride of the Yankees, the story of Lou Gehrig.

  176. Perfect Game – About the 1957 Mexican Little League team.  (Kid throws a perfect game in the championship game).  Just came out!

  177. A great baseball movie: “It Happens Every Spring” about a non-athletic scientist who invents or discovers a substance that repels wood.  So, he’d sneak some onto the baseball, pitch it, and when the batter would swing, the ball would “avoid” the bat.  The guy ends up going all the way to the Majors and I think I remember gets into the World Series as a pitcher.  It’s an old black and white movie.  Very funny.

  178. Rsimpson says:

    I would add “Pride Of The Yankees”, “For Love of the Game”

  179. Crcronk says:

    For The Love of the Game with Kevin Costner

  180. Philadelphia says:

    The original B & W “Angels in the Outfield”.

  181. Senior153 says:

    Bull Durham is my #1

  182. Kenneth says:

    For Love of the Game is a great baseball movie, touches on the mind of the player as they face the trials both on and off the field. Kevin Costner does a great job portraying Billy Chapel as he threw every pitch without a double. This movie touches on the hardship of a player facing the end of his career and trying for one last shot at greatness before the end.

  183. Gary Roney says:

    Best Baseball Movie ever…the Perfect Game, based on the true story of the Mexican Little League team that was put together by a former Major Leaguer and traveled to Texas for a tourney.

  184. Lsnewsum says:

    I really like another Kevin Costner film ( For the Love of the Game), as I believe it captures the honor, class, and dignity of veteran hall-of-fame baseball players.

  185. STL Guy says:

    “For Love of the Game” was a good one too. Kevin Costner was great in this one.

    • Kevin Costner was great in this one. grrrrr! I bet you have a poster of Kevin Costner with a pickle tacked to his croch in your closet so you can blow him everynight! FAG!

  186. Halack10 says:

    You completely missed the best one ever  Bang The Drum Slowly

  187. Ralph Lowenthal says:

    You forgot “For Love of the Game.”  Kevin Costner was right on with this one.  I’ve always enjoyed the scene on the pitcher’s mound where he complains to the manager about “where’s my pat on the ass?”

  188. The Pride of the Yankees

  189. For Love of the Game

    • Absolutely! For Love of the Game is my all-time favorite baseball movie. Yeah– it’s a little cheesy with the secondary plot of Costner’s relationship issues, but the film truly captures the passion of baseball and the life of an athlete on his last chapter of a brilliant career. Aside from that, the fictional play-by-play is done by Vin Scully (who –to me– is the epitome of the sport). It’s an extremely beautiful movie, and I believe that it deserves more credit.

  190. Davenbarb says:

    For Love of the Game –  Aside from the love story, a great movie about an aging pitcher.

  191. redrider says:

    How ’bout For Love of the Game?   Kevin Costner.  Again. Veteran Detroit Pitcher taking on the Yankees and going for perfect, while also dealing with new club ownership and a relationship in crisis.  Love this movie. 

  192. PAUL_CAPPY says:

    There are many great movies that did not make your list. I agree with the others “Pride of The Yankees” absolutely in top 3. “Fear Strikes Out” the Jimmy Pearsal story another great, “The Kid From Left Field” a classic.  I would have to go back to “Pride of The  Yankees” as number 1. Cameo appearance by  Babe Ruth and others and the whole story of probably the best all around ball player ever, and this from a Red Sox fan.

  193. Michael says:

    for love of the game

  194. Mike Cox says:

    61* is probably my favorite because it is not only factual but occurred in my lifetime. Another good baseball movie with a great story line is Kevin Costner’s “For Love of the Game”

  195. There are a lot of great ones out there and tastes vary, but I always thought Bang the Drum Slowly was excellent.  More about life than baseball I suppose.

  196. orioles fan says:

    I know its not on many people’s radar at all, but I totally enjoy Kevin Costner in For Love of the Game.  It gives a glimpse of so many aspects of a player’s career both on and off the field.  And if you don’t love the Vin Scully call of the game, then you just don’t like baseball.

  197. Karolad07 says:

    I am a yankee fan so it pains me to say this, but For the Love of the Game was pretty good. 

  198. Bcbasden says:

    The Perfect Game

  199. H. Perofsky says:

    Pride of the Yankees-unbelievable that u didn’t even mention it

  200. Wpdspring says:

    BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY   better than half of movies mentioned

  201. Absolutely! For Love of the Game is my all-time favorite baseball movie.
    Yeah– it’s a little cheesy with the secondary plot of Costner’s
    relationship issues, but the film truly captures the passion of baseball
    and the life of an athlete on his last chapter of a brilliant career.
    Aside from that, the fictional play-by-play is done by Vin Scully (who
    –to me– is the epitome of the sport). It’s an extremely beautiful
    movie, and I believe that it deserves more credit.

  202. Fernando Azcona says:

    Lou gherig story with Gary Cooper, The Babe Ruth story with Wlliam Bendix, The Jimmy Piersall
    story with Antony Perkins, Ty Cobb story and much much more…

  203. Joeamigo says:

    For Love of the Game; The Pride of the Yankees a close second

  204. Bang the Drum Slowly. Not necessarily #1, but definitely top 10. I also think that over time, Moneyball will drop, not rise, in the rankings

  205. Bang the Drum Slowly.  The most overlooked great baseball moviea of all time

  206. A Talent for the Game, Bang the Drum Slowly, Pride of the Yankees ahead of Major League.

  207. “Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings”. A fair and unflinching look at the triumphs and tragedies of players in the Nego Leagues. Gotta give a nod to “Rookie of the Year” too.

  208. For The Love Of The Game #1

  209. For Love of the Game.  A baseball movie plus so much more.

  210. Romeros3131 says:

    Let’s not forger “For the love of the game” Costner was his brilliant self

  211. Rklowery says:

    For Love of the Game

  212. Jtucke2 says:

    Not neccessarily saying it is #1 but Kevin Costner in “or Love Of The Game”, should at least be in the top 5

  213. For love of the game!!

  214. Wpmcm001 says:

    For the Love of the Game.  A Great Baseball Movie.  The last hurrah.

  215. “Frequency” with Dennis Quaid.  

  216. BUDDHA212 says:


  217. Glenb11 says:

    Sorry, I do not recall the name, but it is the movie where DeNiro plays a catcher who is dying.

  218. noway5610 says:

    For Love of the Game and Field of Dreams, what better 2 baseball pics.

  219. Wildwoodfarm623 says:

    I do love Field of Dreams but my all time favorite baseball movie is definitely For Love of the Game. I could watch it 100 times.

  220. bang the drum slowly

  221. wc29wedo says:

    What about “Rookie of the year ” and “Little big league” ?..other than that, it was a great list

  222. How can you miss Pride of the Yankees (Babe Ruth playing himself) and Bang the Drum Slowly? Both set way above The Rookie and Major League on my list.

  223. The Babe

  224. Maxx1123 says:

    I’ll go with “For Love of the Game”. A hurt pitcher trying to grunt it thru. Costner was great as
    was Kelly Preston and the catcher John Riley and of course what really made it work was
    the voice of Vin Scully………………..

  225. ParkerLerew says:

    I’m more a realist but “Field of Dreams” has much more to it….sort of a dreamland to a “pure” sport in a kid’s mind.  I umpired in the minor leagues for 3 years and I vote for “Bull Durham” as #2 because it was real life in the 70-80’s….the girls flocking around the bus, the way guys act on the field in some space world, the simple talk and all.  “Eight Men Out” and “61*” are two I tied for #3 just because it represents history, they were well done, and I lived through 1961 as a kid running for the newspaper in the mailbox every lunchtime.  I was fortunate to be at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore in 1961, the day after Ty Cobb died, to witness a double-header with Maris and The Mick each having a homerun washed out due to the 2nd game being called for rain.  Too bad, with that he would’ve done it in 154!

  226. Mike Shelburne says:

    I agree with the chices on your list.  I am surprised that “For the Love of the Game” was left off.  It would be in my top 5 list.

  227. Killnme says:

    You want to talk cheesy lines how about from the number one movie, “Is this heaven no it’s Iowa.”  With all that cheese he should have no it’s Wisconsin.

  228. BobSakamano says:

    How can For Love of the Game not be on this list?  lol…clown

  229. penlite says:

    the HBO Special “LONG GONE” with Virginia Madsen and ??? Fabulous tale about the minor leagues in the deep south during the (? 40’s? 60’s? 50’s?)

  230. Ajlabat says:

    For the Love f the Gameo

  231. What about “The Pride of the Yankees”?

  232. PRIDE OF THE YANKEES – the Lou Gehrig Story – Best baseball pic ever… and i Hate the Yankees…lol

  233. The Pride of the Yankees
    and I’m a Cardinal fan!

  234. For Love of the Game

  235. For Love of The Game.  I can’t believe it’s not among the top 10

  236. Post_rich says:

    What is the problem with blackand white films????
    “Pride of the Yankees” is the best baseball film ever. And “It Happens Every Spring” is a rare sports comedy that works.

  237. Duke of Irvine says:

    It Happens Every Spring, Original Angels in the Outfield

  238. baseball fan says:

    “Bang the Drum Slowly” with Robert De Niro & Michael Moriarty

    • are  you the only fuck that seen that movie? Just because it has that fag Robert De Niro in it dont make it good. I dont even thank they bothered to put that on DVD. Why dont you recommend some other trash! God as soon as I think Ralph is the biggest fag of all, then you pop up!

  239. Hardmoneymann says:

    While reading this list, I kept looking for Costner’s other turn, For Love of the Game. It is a great tribute to all who labored on the diamonds of America.  In my childhood, in late winter or early spring,all of us kids looked forward to some TV station running Ray Milland’s farcical portrayal of a chemistry professor who becomes a star pitcher (King Kelly) in It Happens Every Spring.  To all of kids, it meant the start of baseball season and a great summer to come.  Thank you for your list and obvious love of the great American game of baseball.

  240. It happens every spring.

  241. Mist_kist says:

    Bang the Drum Slowly

  242. Eriksen says:

    Long Gone

  243. For Love of the Game, surprised me I thought it was very well done

  244. CLE Guy says:

    Being a native Clevelander, I, of course, loved “Major League”, but two historic biographical films that didn’t make your list should have. Again, being a native Clevelander, natually I hate the Yankees, but the Lou Gehrig story “Pride of the Yankees” is a very compelling tale. The other film that I would include is Jimmy Stewart in “The Monty Stratton Story”.

  245. Angels in the Outfield has got to be the best movie of all time. Is it realistic? Absolutely not. Is it Hilarious? Oh yes. (Can you believe that’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt?)

    Pride of the Yankees should be up there too, also, For the Love of the Game.Just think: “Today, I consider myself the luckiest man man man on the face of the earth earth earth.”Though I don’t think it should be on the top ten list, with contenders like Field of Dreams, A League of Her Own, and The Rookie, as a kid, I always liked Rookie of the Year, there’s just something about a kid playing real ball in the major leagues that’s inspiring (and funny, if I remember it correctly, though I haven’t seen it since the 90’s.)

  246. Lee Landan says:

    Nice list, but you left out BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY (Deniro and a group of aptly cast others),
    (Circa 70’s?) that tells the story of a mediocre catcher and his Tom Seaver-like batterymate who,
    due to terminal cancer of the catcher, ironically bring out the best in each other and themselves.
    Very authentic throughout.

  247. Pride of the Yankees.  I love it where his parents are in Yankee stadium hours beforee the game and are wondering where everybody is.

  248. Paddyh03 says:

    Pride Of The Yankees starring Gary Cooper and Babe Ruth

  249. Long Gone with William Petersen, Virginia Madsen et al.  Best film about minor league baseball bar none

  250. F1sherjoef says:

    How could you possibly ignore the original Jackie robinson Story, starring Jackie himself. Nothing compares to the power of that movie and the impact on sports and society in America. And, the performances, even for Jackie, were very impressive.

  251. Reddawn778899 says:

    The Natural is the best baseball movie hands down. I say if you have not seeen alll of the movies listed then you should not vote. Roy all the way.

  252. How do you leave “Fear Strikes Out, The Jimmy Pearsall Story”, out of a top 10 baseball film list?  Has the author even seen this film?  Fantastic story of a top prospect with an uber demanding Father who suffers a nervous breakdown.

  253. Keith Mullett lol

  254. Passiondriven_777 says:

    Those are great baseball movies,but how can anyone leave out “For Love of the Game” from any baseball or sport movie top ten list???

  255. While Field of Dreams does focus on the importance of baseball and the past, The Natural is much better at focusing on the connection between father and son, as well as human nature and flaws we have to overcome (or not!).  You should not have compared the movie since theme-wise, they are almost total opposites.  Both are excellent as their own entity.

  256. Ricksiebs says:

    the original  angels in the outfield

  257. Cphil14 says:

    You forgot one of teh all time greats – Prdie of The Yankees!

  258. Rookie of the Year???

  259. havyouseenmybaseball says:


  260. Josephp94 says:

    “For the Love of the Game” is most inspirering baseball movie I’ve ever seen since “Bang the Drum Slowly”.

  261. Fiasjhdfkasdfakdjsfhadksl says:

    Little Big League (1994)

  262. The Natural…..Line from the Movie (and please don’t think me sappy)  ” We’re given two lives, the one we’re born with, and the one we choose to live with”  Just think it him home as something we all should be about.  WE have choices……and what we choose….Makes us !  Thanks for the article….loved it !

  263. I like all of them, but For Love of the Game is my all time favorite

  264. NYJFAN68 says:

    Liked all of your choices, but wonder why Fot Love of the Game with kevin Costner wasn’t in the top ten… i realize it was a love story also, but the culmination of a mnas carreer and love life told over the course of a perfect game…..Wow I get chills just thinking about it

  265. For Love of the Game for sure

  266. Sugar!

  267. Bvbandit says:

    Where is “Pride of the Yankees?”  11 Oscar nods should have it included….if not a run away number 1

  268. Not only did you leave out Pride of the Yankees, you also left off the Monte Stratton Story.

  269. Tommy74 says:

    The Final Season

  270. costner hater says:

    How is Field of Dreams considered a baseball movie?

  271. Snowles says:

    The first 90% of The Scout was fantastic. Then it’s like someone told them to stop making the movie and put on a corny pitching performance to close out the movie (why not have him pitch an absolutely perfect game and inexplicably hit a homerun for the Yankees in his first game ever). They spent 90% of the movie establishing the relationships, the grind of scouting, the sacrifice to make it in the industry, and the fatherly dynamic between Al Brooks and Brendan Fraser, then completely forget about it.

    And for foreign films, Sugar was also great, if not depressing.

  272. Bang the Drum Slowly starring Robert DeNiro and Michael Moriarity should be in the Top Ten.

  273. “For Love of the Game”

  274. Finewine80 says:

    Another vote for “For Love of the Game” for your honorable mention list.

  275. Kevin Truong says:

    What about the movie ” Rookie of the Year “, but I always preferred Field of Dreams or The Natural.

  276. Pgouldjr says:

    “For the Love of the Game” has to be included…Great film…

  277. FantasyRed55 says:

    Surprised that Fever Pitch or For the Love of the Game are not mentioned.

  278. dennislippy says:

    ‘For The Love of the Game’…….Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston were perfect in this great movie.

  279. Iowa Mike says:

    Pride of the Yankees!  Was this guy raised in a cave by wolves?

  280. Jfultz07 says:

    Bang the Drum Slowly!!!

  281. Eli'sGirl says:

    Pride of the Yankees – and I’m a Mets fan

  282. Sapgeek says:

    “Fear Strikes Out” with Anthony Perkins and Karl Malden. The story of Jimmy Piersall and his overbearing father, and descent to a mental breakdown. Great movie.

  283. The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings!!!!!

  284. This is the most moronic top 10 list of all time.  Ever heard of Damn Yankees.   Duuh.  The #1 baseball movie of all time.  You need a cupcheck man.

  285. Long Gone is my favorite baseball movie of all time.

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