NFL Draft Busts: The Worst First Round Draft Pick In Each Of The Last 7 Drafts

With the NFL Draft approaching, now is a good time to look back at some of the players that didn’t really live up to expectations.

No matter the vast selection of scouting tools and evaluation methods each franchise has at their disposal, each draft class consists of certain players that prove to be over-drafted, bad fits, or just flat out busts.

Today let’s take a look at the seven worst first round picks in the last seven drafts, plus the one to come in this year’s draft.


JaMarcus Russell will show up on every list of draft busts this time of year, and with good reason; he is one of the biggest draft busts of all time. (Photo by BrokenSphere via Wikimedia Commons)

2005: Alex Smith, #1 overall

Some people may argue the fact that Alex Smith has had to work under a revolving door at offensive coordinator and head coach. I’ll give you that.

And yes, Smith did play QB for the 49ers team that went 13-3 and wound up in last year’s NFC Championship Game. I’m not sure who couldn’t have played QB for last year’s 49er’s team, though. The 49ers had one of the very best defenses in the league last season plus a running game that consumed clock. Smith took the snaps and threw when absolutely necessary.

Remember, the 49ers wanted Peyton Manning, even at his current age. They know what they have with Smith, and so do I.

If Alex Smith was taken at say, 20th overall in the first round, I would not have him on this list. But the fact is Smith was the number one overall selection in the 2005 Draft.

Since then, Smith has:

  1. Never thrown more than 18 touchdown passes in a season
  2. Finished two seasons on injured reserve
  3. Thrown for 3,000 yards only once in a season
  4. Has a TD/INT ratio of 68:58 – that’s nearly 1:1!

This is not what you envision when selecting a QB number one overall.

For some, the jury is still out on this guy. For me, he stays right here atop this list based on where he was selected and the performance that has followed.

Dishonorable Mention from 2005:

Troy Williamson was drafted 7th overall by the Minnesota Vikings. He was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2007 for a 6th round pick after a 240-yard, 1-TD season and later cut by the Jags in 2010.

2006: Matt Leinart, #10 overall

Pretty good first round overall, and the bust pick now sticks out like a sore thumb.

Matt Leinart: he was selected 10th overall by the Arizona Cardinals then lost his starting job twice, once to Kurt Warner and again to…..Derek Anderson!

Leinart was over-hyped coming out of college and never did anything with the opportunity given to him in the pros.

Since 2007 Leinart has thrown for four touchdowns and eight interceptions. He had an opportunity last season to step in for Matt Schaub in Houston after Schaub suffered a season ending injury, but Leinart lasted all of one whole quarter before finishing the season on IR himself.

Leinart will be holding a clip-board again somewhere in 2012.

2007: JaMarcus Russell, #1 overall

Are you beginning to see a trend with QB’s here?

JaMarcus Russell was another QB taken with the top overall pick in the draft, and he is perhaps the biggest #1 bust of all time.

After being selected by the Raiders after his size and arm strength were touted by the experts as “once in a lifetime”, Russell proceeded to hold out until into the first week of the season. The Raiders eventually signed him to a $61 million dollar contract with over $30 million guaranteed.

Russell finished the 2007 season with 373 yards passing, two TDs, and four picks.

After making it through the 2008 season, JaMarcus found his way to the bottom of the depth chart in 2009 after reporting to camp at nearly 300 lbs and doing little to answer lingering questions about his work ethic. The Raiders cut Russell after the 2009 season. Just three years after selecting him #1 overall.

During his time in Oakland JaMarcus Russell compiled a 7-18 record with a total QB rating of 65.2.

In 2010, Russell was back in the news after being arrested for possession of codeine cough syrup following a two-month long investigation.

It was not uncommon to catch a glimpse of JaMarcus Russell pulling candy out of his uniform and snacking on the sidelines during a loss.

Russell has not even sniffed a backup spot on another team since, and he is still out of the NFL.

2008: Vernon Gholston, #6 overall

This guy would have made me look like a fool.

Vernon Gholston had it all coming out of college: size (6’3); strength (tied the Combine record for bench press); speed (4.5’s); and at 265 pounds he was everything anyone could have dreamed of for an outside pass rusher. Gholston appeared to be a future beast in the NFL. Even I was clamoring for him.

Gholston didn’t wait long into the first round before hearing his name being called by the New York Jets at #6 overall. Rex Ryan had found a new toy, or so he thought.

Yet Gholston finished his career with the New York Jets after three seasons in which he did not record even a single sack. He then attempted to join the Chicago Bears but didn’t even survive training camp cuts.

Vernon Gholston is still a free agent in the NFL.

An all-time bust.

2009: Darrius Heyward-Bey, #7 overall

I won’t label this a bust as much as I will a bad case of over-drafting a player.

Darrius Heyward-Bey turned in a 4.2 second 40-yard dash and that was all it took to sucker in the Oakland Raiders at 7th overall in the first round of the ’09 Draft.

For perspective, Heyward-Bey was taken ahead of fellow wideouts Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt, Michael Crabtree, and Jeremy Maclin. Yet since being drafted in the top 10, he has career numbers of 99 catches for 1,465 yards and just six TDs. That averages out to 33 catches, 488 yards, and two TDs a year.

Heyward-Bey took a step forward last season, but if I am taking a wideout in the top 10 I want immediate production from a skill position player.

Once again, this isn’t so much a “bust” selection as it is a bad pick based on position and draft slot.

2010: Gerald McCoy, #3 overall

The further we get into this, the more difficult it is to nail down the bad pick since it is customary to give a draftee at least a couple of years to develop and become acclimated to the NFL.

But….if I had to pick one guy from the 2010 draft who has been a major disappointment so far it would be Gerald McCoy.

This is the guy that had people drawing comparisons to Warren Sapp and Ndamukong Suh. In fact, Suh went one pick earlier at #2 while McCoy flew off the board immediately at #3.

McCoy has finished each season with the Buccaneers on IR since arriving. Health concerns and even talk that he is a soft player have the Buccaneers asking themselves already, “Is this guy a bust?”

After being selected #3 overall, I would say he is deserving of a spot on this list until proven otherwise.

2011: Blaine Gabbert, 10th overall

Alright, I’m gonna go for it.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong; and if I’m not you can label me a genius in a few seasons.

2011 was a pretty good draft. We saw Cam Newton wow the masses, A.J. Green set records, Julio Jones blow past defenders, and Von Miller dominate offenders. Even Jake Locker stepped in and played decently.

The one guy that just doesn’t fit in here is Blaine Gabbert.

Maybe it’s his hair, or maybe it was the 14 fumbles to lead all QBs, or the fact that only Tim Tebow had a worse completion percentage than him (50.8), but I just don’t see Gabbert, who was taken 10th overall, as a future franchise QB.

I know rookie seasons on a QB can be rough, but look what Cam Newton did. Gabbert just seems like the misfit in this bunch.

Football Outsiders calculated that Gabbert’s 2011 season was the fifth worse season they had ever measured.

Just a hunch, but I don’t see Gabbert being the answer for the Jaguars. To be fair though, it really is difficult to pin down a bad pick after only one season, though.

2012: One To Come…

If you think it is easy calling out a bad pick so quickly, here is your chance to predict who will be this year’s bad pick, bust, over-draftee. Just for fun.

I won’t hold you to this in five years, but it’s your only chance to say “I told you so!”

I know my answer and I’ll reserve it for now, but here’s a hint:  There is only a single prospect being labeled as a “can’t miss”, and those are the ones who have the most to live up to, especially when they are being touted as the surest thing since John Elway. Better have a career culminating in Super Bowl championships to fulfill this type of hype.

Just sayin’…

Who will be this year's worst first round pick?

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  1. How is Alex Smith #1 over Troy W in 205? He’s starting in the NFL, no he hasn’t lived up to the billing but he’s still starting.

    • Michael Scott says:

      Hi, Jeff.

      Thanks for the comment. I knew that Alex Smith
      atop the list would be met with mixed reviews. It can all be a matter of
      personal opinion.

      Here is my logic. Alex Smith was taken #1 overall. He
      was supposed to be the premier player of the entire draft. Just to say “he’s
      starting” in the NFL isn’t enough for me to say this wasn’t a bust
      Heck, Matt Cassel is starting in the NFL too, but if he were selected
      #1 overall in the entire draft I would have to say he was a bust as well. So
      that logic doesn’t fit with me.

      Secondly, the 49ers NEEDED a QB and they
      could have had any player they wanted at #1. Do you realize they took Alex Smith
      OVER Aaron Rodgers? See where I’m going with this selection?

      Yes, Troy
      Williamson was a bust as well and I have him on the list- but he was taken ahead
      of fellow wideouts Mike Williams (bust) and Matt Jones (bust) also in the first

      Lastly, even at #7 (and that is high)- I don’t look at that pick
      as one to completely turn a franchise around- especially if it’s a

      But if a QB is taken with the top overall pick, I fully expect
      him to be the real deal. Smith wasn’t.

      Your point is understood and
      noted, though.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Aaron Rodgers was a backup for his first three years.  If you discount Alex Smith’s first three years (and his 4th because he apparently didn’t play) then his numbers look a lot better (49 TDs – 27 INTs, 60.5% completion).  Sure, he’s no Aaron Rodgers, and I get that he was taken with the top pick, but calling him a flat out bust seems really harsh.

        • Larry Horse says:

          Aaron Rodgers being a back-up for 3 years has nothing to do with it.  When he’s been on the field he’s been stellar.  Alex Smith has been horrendous.  You fans out in SF remind me of the fans in Chicago who thought the Bears shouldn’t have given up Kyle Orton in favor of Jay Cutler because he was such a good game manager.  You don’t win championships, or at least compete for championships year in and year out without a top QB.  Game managers should be nothing more than stop gaps between franchise QB’s you can build your offense around.  You can’t build anything arund Alex Smith because he simply lacks the talent and arm strength.  The #1 overall pick at the QB position MUST be someone you build an offense around to take advantage of that players talent.  He has to be a franchise QB.  PERIOD.  Anything less than that is a bust. 
          Plus, when he was a free agent this off season he had one team outside of the 49ers who were even remotely interested and that was the abismal Dolphins.  If that doesn’t tell you what the league thinks of Alex Smith nothing will.

      • Lionbacker says:

        Alex Smith was the premier player in the draft? Maybe you watched different draft coverage than I did. I remember 3 months of draft experts asking if he could transition to playing under center, since he spent his entire career at Utah in the shotgun.  I question calling a player a ‘bust’ when to me, the team clearly reached in taking him. You need to hit a homer with the number 1 pick, and they picked a guy that no one knew if he could play under center?
        As far as ‘bust’ goes, for that draft, why not Pac-Man Jones? All the talent in the world, and he legalled himself off of the Titans, and the their D went from 32st in the league to 5th, once he left. He has 5 total interceptions in his career. And that’s worth the number 6 overal pick?

    • He is barely a starter. Rex Grossman started last year and he’s a first round bust.

    • He was the #1 pick in his year…not #1 overall worst

  2. Keith Kunze says:

    How can you justify putting Smith ahead of Russel???

    Smith is still starting and hasn’t yet lost his job and has won a playoff game Russell never made it to the playoffs and lost his job. Then the Drug probs alone should put him #1 RUSSELL was the number 1 pick just like Smith so you can’t say it was due to being picked number 1.

    After Russell Megatron and Revis came out of that same draft class in the first round so there was plenty of talent behind him. It just makes no sense to me there is a reason this guy cant even get a 3rd string job and Smith is a starter granted a below average starter and a disappointment but not nearly as big of a bust as Russell

    Vernon should be at # 2 and Gabbert had no chance with nothing but a RB on that team they should hold the first pick in next years draft if they keep it up

    • Fjasnfadfkjas says:

      these are in chronological order not  top bust to lowest bust

    • Michael Scott says:


      These aren’t numbered worst to better. It is numbered year by year.

      But, I would agree with everything you said- Russell, in my opinion is one of the biggest busts in NFL History.

    •  I wouldn’t call last years performance “below average” for Alex Smith.  He’s needed a good QB coach and system to help him excel and he’s turned the corner.  This year will be another defining one for him to finally silence the critics…also, putting him #1 is like saying Russell won more games or even got his team into the playoffs in the first place…..NOT! Russell is clearly the #1 BUST in this group…I think Smith drops out of your ranks due to his performance last year under an ideal system….He’s going to play with a chip on his shoulder and shut you critics up for good….GO ALEX and GO 49ERS! SUPERBOWL IN 2012!!

  3. Rex Ryan didn’t become the Jets coach til 2009. Gholston was yet another awful Mangini decision.

    • I was thinking the same thing. They just can’t pass up an opportunity to bash Rex..even when they have their facts wrong!

      • Michael Scott says:


        You got me on that one.

        I did mention Rex Ryan as part of the Gholston saga, when in fact he arrived 1 year following and two years prior to his release. Bad choice of words.

        If Rex couldn’t get him to live up to his potential on D, I’m not sure anyone can.

        Not intended to be a hit on Rex at all

  4. Larry English for the Chargers haha

  5. I think Richardson will be the bust for this year. He didn’t show up against the highly touted SEC teams, in my opinion.

  6. Michael, I assume you are worried about Andrew Luck. I think Luck will be a great quarterback if he stays healthy. Saying he must (or anyone must) win multiple Super Bowls or he will be a bust is rediculous. It takes an organization to win a Super Bowl. I worry about Robert Irsay trying to put his stamp on the Colts…not allowing the GM and coaching staff to do their job.
    BTW, I voted for Ryan Tannehill because his stock has shot up only because there are a few teams wishfully thinking they can make him a franchise quarterback just because they happen to need one. I wish him the best and hope I am wrong.

    • Michael Scott says:


      Thanks for commenting. I agree with you regarding Tannehill. Let’s just see how high he actually goes. If he winds up in the top 5, Oh-My! Watch for some team to try to trade up ahead of Cleveland and take him 3rd overall. Minnesota has already “advertised” that they are willing to shop the 3rd overall pick for the right price. If he is taken that high, due to a team “forcing” that selection based on need like you say, then he will have many expectations that may be difficult for him to meet right away.

      On Luck: I’m not saying he won’t be a fine QB. I’ve personally never heard anyone come with more hype and guarantees from the so-called experts as I have Andrew Luck. As if going #1 overall isn’t a big enough bill to live up to in NFL, he is labeled as the surest thing since John Elway- a sure-fire can’t miss, and a virtual lock.

      He will also be the guy remembered for running the legendary Peyton Manning out at the end of his career. No, it’s not his fault- but I’d say that this kid has ALOT to live up to.

      After all this, I would say he IS expected to win Super Bowls, or at the very least have a Dan Marino’ish career.

      Bust- no probably not….but he is the guy with the most expectation in this draft class and the one that has the most to live up to in the NFL.

  7. Titohernandez says:

    Coples will bust out. I have the Jaguars taking him 7th. this reminds me of Derrick Harvey

  8. Justaguess says:

    Dontari Poe shot up the prospect list as a result of stunning combine numbers, but his college production doesn’t match his abilities.  In the NFL one would think they would decline even further, not what you might expect from a can’t-miss 1st round prospect.

    • Michael Scott says:

      Dontari Poe’s stock has risen dramatically, and largely due to his combine numbers-but I haven’t heard anyone label him as a “can’t-miss” prospect just yet.

    • Toopanca says:

      The Bucs need someone.  Poe may prove to be a bust, but this article labels McCoy as a bust,  He plays next to Price who has also been labeled as a bust.  Okoye was a reasonable acquisition, but he is not the solution. 

      With the league’s worst run defense and most points allowed, the Bucs have to TRY to make the defensive line better.  Neither a great CB like Clairborn nor a great RB like Richardson will address the Bucs biggest problem.  Is there a better prospect for fixing the Bucs biggest problem than Poe? 

      Poe may not get the stats.  But, if all he does is take up space and make people run around him, Poe should help improve the Bucs awful run defense.

      • Michael Scott says:

        Poe is shooting up the draft boards, largely in part to his combine performance.

        I do have him listed here as one of the few players the Bucs should be looking at on our MSF Tampa Bay Bucs Draft Preview . Feel free to check it out and comment there as well as vote.

        Thanks for sharing, Toopanca

  9. Alex smith ‘only passed when absolutely necessary?  I guess his 3,000+ yards then were by accident?  ANY QB could have played in his place? I seriously doubt that…..How many INT’s did he throw? Lowest in the league, wasn’t it?  I guess that was by accident too…..LAMO RANKING on this one bub. 

    • htownsbrightest says:

      David Garrard is my rebuttal to that.Threw 3 INT’s one season, the next was pretty terrible.  The term “bust” is based on expectation, and even the biggest niner homer out there can admit that Smith was being sheltered last season.  When you draft a QB at 1 overall, you don’t plan on him being sheltered in your offense.

    • Osama's son says:

      white boy did fine so suck my arabic cock!

  10. I picked ‘other’. Quentin Coples is my pick for this year’s 1st round bust.

  11. I would Not Call DHB a bust at all, you can wash out his first season considering russle was throwing to him, the kid has great work ethic and is getting better each year. last year he killed, taking small yard passes and breaking them. look for him to have a big year next year sir

  12. I vote for Ashely from Blackwhiteplanet. (‘C’ O’ M’) as biggest bust.  I bet she has some big ol’ black titties.  Seriously though, I think Tannehill has biggest bust written all over him.

  13. Sorry but this is a dreadful article.  How can an article titled ‘draft busts’ then pick a player and say  “I won’t label this a bust as much as I will a bad case of over-drafting a player”.
    Never mind that your first player named has been a starter continually and so whilst maybe not living up to his billing as a number one pick is far from a bust.  So in other words your article is ‘players that were drafted too early’.

  14. Kellen Moore, Boise State qb.  A soft, soft schedule all four years he ws at BSU.  He is soft, weak and slow.  He shouldn’t be drafted until at least the 5th round, if at all.

    • MplsMikey says:

       Soft schedule?  Like when he and Boise dominated Virginia Tech and Georgia?  That soft schedule?

  15. northtowntv says:

    Charles Rodgers, Joey Harrington…the list could be filled with Lions draft picks from the 90s, 2000s…

  16. Donatari Poe

  17. Quinton Coples

  18. I’ll admit I was pretty excited the Jag’s moved up in the draft to get Gabert, though I never heard of him prior to the draft.  After three years of safe picks, and a few head scratchers, it was nice to see Gene Smith draft someone that came from a school with a student body over 2,000 students.  But I can’t argue with Blaine’s positon on this list.  He showed an occasional glimer of hope here and there, but when you see other rookie QB’s step in and take control of a team, it’s hard not to think that maybe we messed.  Hopefully it’s too early to judge.  Gabert was treated like the 3rd QB, behind Garrard and McCown last year, before he was basically tossed to the wolves in week three.  Now Jax has a new owner, new coach, new OC, new QB coach, and at least one FA reciever, so hopefully we’ll see a big turn-around this year.  You also never know If a guy like Cam, that played great this year, could have peaked too early.  Case in point: Vince Young was Rookie of the Year the year he was drafted.

  19. I believe the bust of the 2012 NFL draft will be………..”Hawrzzbawl” Jones from East Montana State College.

  20. MatterOfFact says:

    “It was not uncommon to catch a glimpse of JaMarcus Russell pulling candy out of his uniform and snacking on the sidelines during a loss.”
    Sunflower seeds. They were David’s sunflower seeds. Plenty of guys eat them on the sidelines at all levels of the game. It wasn’t candy. Not that I’m defending JR (I feel bad for the guy honestly, wasted all his gifts), it’s just that it wasn’t candy. 

  21. TimClancy35 says:

    I think the biggest reason we see so many QBs as giant busts is because they get thrown to the wolves with terrible teams that are often STILL going in the wrong direction when you draft them, and it just wrecks them. That’s what I like about the Alex Smith story this past year–it was a guy who woulda been on the Rick Mirer scrapheap getting another chance. As a niners fan I’m biased with Alex because I like him a lot personally and obviously have a vested interested in his success (and in fairness, he was a big part of the team this year and great in the win over New Orleans…I don’t think anyone knew he had that in him) BUT there’s just so many talented QBs whose careers go nowhere on these terrible teams. Like how many 1st round QBs have teams like the Lions, Raiders, etc. ruined over the years? They come in at #1 and are retired or career backups by age 25. I feel like in the 90’s most of the backups were true backups–veteran journeymen QBs that can step up when you need them–but this past decade there’s so many Joey Harringtons and David Carrs holding clipboards around the league. I just don’t get it! I feel like if your team is bad enough to get the #1 pick, you should be smart and not put the weight of a failing franchise on some 21 year old QB’s shoulders, and if there’s a Peyton Manning that’s too good to let go in the 1st round, then you groom them a bit before you let them take the reigns like the Giants did for the first ten games of Eli Manning’s career when he backed up Kurt Warner. Like if Washington and Indy both take QBs (which they obviously will) what are the odds that one or both of them get crushed by the expectations and realities of playing on those teams right now? I’d say pretty good…

  22. Clintmartin says:

    Ryan Tanehill only started 1 year in college was a receiver 2 before that, disaster waiting to happen!

  23. MplsMikey says:

    I personally think Blackmon has the best shot at being the obvious bust.  I know a QB seems pretty likely (especially considering the hype surrounding Luck, RGIII, and (inexplicably) Tannehill), but WR is a notoriously hard positioned to evaluate properly, and other than AJ Green, I can’t think of a single recent Top 10 WR that has not been a disappointment.  Some team (probably my Vikings) are going to stupidly take him too high, he’s going to come in with a huge ego, and he’s going to flop.  You’ll see.

  24. Cast 4life says:

    That’s bs how is heward-bey a bust when he had a better season then crabtree in 2011

  25. Triviaman says:

    Quinton Coples

  26. The worst of the upcoming draft will be Coples.  That will be the one.  He will be taken way to high. And I don’t see him panning out. 

  27. Janoris jenkins out of North Alabama University too much trouble

  28. Wookieedog says:

    One BIG error in your list.  You list Alex Smith first, and then later list Jamarcus Russell.  A NFC championship game and 7 years in the NFL beats a 3 year washout hooked on “Purple Drank”.  Any NFL team would rather have the results of taking Alex Smith first overall over taking JM first overall.  (Not defending Alex Smith, he does belong on this list, but there is no way he should be first ahead of the all-time greatest bust, JM).

  29. Glenelmproperties says:

    rg111 will be rg.5 when the season is over!!!

  30. RG3 will be a huge bust.

  31. whitney merculius

  32. Ridiculous including Alex Smith on this list. He may not be Joe Montana but the guy is a starter on a playoff team. This blog is apparently written by a 12 year-old.

  33. Jamarcus just called in and said…… They took ur jobs!!!!

  34. just bc gerald mccoy gets hurt towards the end of the season doesnt make him a bust, brandon graham is definitely the biggest bust of 2010

  35. DT Brockers, LSU

  36. Billrobyn says:

    The specific “biggest loser” in my judgement is the author of this NEGATIVE article

  37. Quentin Coples.  Plenty of talent but lacks the work ethic.

  38. what about jimmy clausen, he didn’t do anything to be picked

  39. RaiderNation says:

    Darrius Heyward-Bey is a Great player !.. RaiderNation

  40. Robert Griffin III will be the guy you’ll be scratching your head about in a few years!

  41. Tyler Hu says:

    Janoris Jenkins
    drug addict

  42. Nick Perry, USC. I’ve seen plenty of him and he is one dimensional. He has good speed off the edge, but that is all he has. I have not seen anything too impressive. BUST!!!

  43. I’m not one to comment, however, this article was horrible. 1)The facts were wrong (in regards to Rex Ryan drafting Gholston). 2)It is presumptuous (Case of Blaine Gabbert). Was Blaine Gabbert ready to start? Absolutely not. He came from a simple college system into a pro-style offense without OTAs or a roster worthy WR. JAX o-line is built to run the ball. (maulers not dancers). I will say that Gabbert seems gun shy though, which only alludes to my point that he was not ready. 3) Alex Smith is not a bust, but he was overdrafted. I had on my list Aaron Rodgers #1 back then. I will admit that Alex has been a disapointment though since he is just average, which isn’t good enough for any QB in the 1st rd. It irks the way reporters in the modern era no longer report but blog and give their own biased or uneducated opinions, what happened to integrity?

  44. Jayleone says:

    Norman Pugh

  45.  I think that Mcshay and that other fool thats tell us on ESPN that pick there  top 10 need to find other jobs because thier track record STINKS they have no clue who should go first and last in the draft we need xballplayers to pick there draft picks

  46. Paulherrera50 says:

    RG111 will be the bust no doubt about it

    • no he willn’t he has the will to play great football with the right coach he will win only if he goes to the NFC they use a lot of throwing QB and AFC love to run

      • TheLoweDown says:

        RG3 got killed by Ron Zook’s Illini at the Texas Bowl during the 2010 season. He’ll be a bust because he won’t stay healthy. Way too fragile.

        • sanantone says:

          RG3’s stats in Texas Bowl:  32-44-329 with 0 interceptions. I would not call that a poor performance.  Illinois’s running game was not stopped by BU’s defense.  That is the reason for the loss.   I was there.

    • yea.  the mobile qb is no longer that important and baylor’s new coach was good ppl think baylor only won bc of rg3

      • Aaron Rodgers is just mobile enough to cover a multitude of sins for at best an average offensive line (also see Cam Newton). If RG3 has the ability to sense when the protection is breaking down he can be one of those QB’s that can extend the play effectively. But that comes with experience and knowing what your blockers are doing to make the right choices.Someone like  Cam Newton is a rarity but he also had a great receiver in Steve Smith who can beat most coverages and RB’s who used to be a threat. To say RG3 can be as good for a team like Washington who has few weapons would be unfair.

        • Gliughlihguil says:

          he will play for washington this means he will be with an awful team who wont be able to devolop him into an elite quarter back. In order for him not to be a bust he will need a different team.

  47. Johnfrancisco051670 says:

     What have you done for me lately Alex…mmm NFC Championship and what Madden called one of the greatest games in NFL history with Smith leading the niners over Brees and the Saints.  #1 bust when he has his most productive year?  Aren’t busts out of the league by 5 years in…Alex is still starting and had the least amount of interceptions last year.  First the fat boys broke up now this….

  48. Jimmy1993texas says:

    Dontari Poe, a workout warrior, nothing more!

  49. guest134567890 says:

    Gotta go Tannehill or Poe because they are likely to go top 10 when they shouldn’t. Tannehill because he’s the “next best qb” on the board and Poe because of his combine. Tannehill can succeed if he gets time to sit and learn but if he starts right away he’s a sure bust. Poe didn’t get it done in college at minimal competition why should he against the top competition?

  50. ryan tannehill is over hyped

  51. Where’s Tebow on this list?

  52. i knew vince young was a bust from the start titans made a dumb move

  53. Lewtroop says:

    I can already see the headline….”Luck Runs Out”. Yet, if all goes as expected, he’s walking into the barrel of gun someone else loaded. No one could reasonably follow Manning without some over hyped comparisons however, the Colts as an organization, are as much to blame as anyone. The protracted “Manning Gate” covered no one with honour and now Luck will have to walk on to a field that’s now a midden. And speaking of Peyton Manning, while the Broncos have done what the Colts should have done, a 36 year old quarterback coming off an injury has to be considered a liability. If he were fresh from school and gone high in the draft under those circumtances he could easily make the list of ten worst first round picks. 

  54. Aaron Curry

  55. Antdogg2099 says:

    I could not agree anymore……. russel really put that on the map…. #1 busted of all time! hopefully the raiders do somethin over the next years?

  56. Celticskg1974 says:

    I guess another QB would of done so much better in Jacksonville.. Blaine, RG3, Luck, Dolton, you name would suck in Jacksonvillw and I’m not even a Jaguars fan. It’s funny how teams think a college QB and turn around a team that completely sucks and needs help in every poistion. Without looking it up name one starting WR in Jacksonvillle? Oh yea you cant.. Colt McCoy is in the same boat in Cleveland, they say he cant take the hits, no one can take those fuckin hits from the steelers and ravens defense week in and week out. McCoy gets drilled on every down because his line doesnt do shit but people well say hes a bust. Give that kid some time and he’ll be just fine!!

    • Gaddafi Bin Laden says:

      i know another QB!!! his name is My Penis.. Won 7 superbowls 2 MVPs with the Mexico City Drug Dealers and 2 superbowls and 3 MVPs with the Afghanistan Talibans

  57. I remember when Todd McShay was calling for the Lions to draft McCoy over Suh. What a joke.

  58. Michael Scott says:

    Okay, let me put to rest all of these questions as to “how Alex Smith could be on this list” because he played on a playoff team last year.

    One comment I got was: “he threw when necessary? I guess 3,000 yards last season happened by mistake?”  My answer: 3,000 yards in todays NFL isn’t anything to write home about. Tell me ANY other QB in the NFL last season to start ALL 16 GAMES and throw for LESS yardage than Alex Smith.  I’ll wait…..yes…they didn’t want the ball in his hands.

    As evident by Alex Smith leading the charge of an offense that ranked 29th in passing last season. (there are 32 teams in the NFL, I’ll let you do the math)

    Alex Smith had fewer pass attempts than anyone else in the league to start all 16 games, so he better throw few interceptions as well.

    After going #1 overall in the entire draft, the fact that he threw for a meager 3,000 yards (in what was his most prolific season ever) 7 years later is a weak argument in my opinion. He was the beneficiary of a GREAT defense and running game on an offense that saw kicker David Akers set a record for most field goals in one season.

    Yes, Alex Smith going #1 overall was indeed a bust as of right now.

    As noted in the article, if he were selected 20th or so, he’s not on this list.

    I’m not taking away what the 49ers were able to accomplish last season with a suffocating defense and clock consuming ground game, but Alex Smith was more the beneficiary of that than the Niners were Alex Smith. I’m not sure of any other starting QB in the league last season with the exception of maybe Blaine Gabbert that couldn’t have played on that 49er team and been part of what they were able to accomplish.

    This isn’t a jab at the 49er faithful, I give that franchise credit for a special season.

  59. Charles Day says:

    My number one projected bust in this year’s draft is Quinton Coples.  Number two would be Dontari Poe.  Both guys who could be selected hight that just don’t have an NFL work ethic.

  60. Charles Day says:

    By the way, for those 42% of you who think Luck or RGIII will bust out.  Very little chance that either one doesn’t make the Pro Bowl in the next five years, barring injury.

  61. Numberznyc says:

    Where is the Dirty Sanchez (Mark) on this!

  62. Russell has got to be biggest bust he did not even try

  63. Fred jenkins says:

    tebow, just because he’s such a world class sniveling punk arse religious phony, he takes it retroactively and for the next two seasons

  64. sptrfn sptrfn says:

    I have a feeling it will be Tannehill because some moron will overdraft him like other QB’s on your list. 

  65. John Gist says:

    I think a lot of people willl vote for Russell as worst ever…but it seems you are just going with the recent past…some guys are still busts in life outside the NFL, I am speaking of: Ryan Leaf

  66. Hazec919 says:

    I’m not a huge Gabbert fan, but Jacksonville’s receivers probably wouldn’t make it past training camp on any other team.  The Jags best and only player is MJD.  Period.  On the good note, I’ve seen Gabbert throw and he has a good arm.

  67. Whoever Jerry picks in the first round.

  68. I would be cautious with Justin Blackmon. Remember how Rashaun Woods looked at OK State?

  69. Cwberkwhit says:

    anybody the eagles draft.

  70. Where’s Ryan Leaf on this list?

  71. imaKidwhoKnowsfootball says:

    Ryan Tannehill hands down. I can understand where people are comming from for RG3, because he has only one good season under his belt, but he wasnt in the national spotlight till his team starting winning, so people havent relized how good he actually was. RG3 2010-2011 stats 304comp 454att 67comp% 3501yrds 22tds team record 7-6 compared to andrew lucks stats who was in the national spotlight 263comp 372att 70comp% 3338 32tds team record 12-1. RG3 was all of Baylors team in 2010 they had a horrible defense and barely any offensive weapons. Luck had a better coach and better all around team. And in my opinion RG3 is a better leader.   

  72. Quinten coples and Dontari poe they will be huge busts, coples will be out of the league in 3 years his attitude and character sucks, Poe is getting overhyped 

  73. How did Vince Young or Matt Leinart not make this list??  I also want to mention that it’s safe to say that Mark Sanchez was a huge bust….how did he get drafted #5 overall in 09?

    • Michael Scott says:

      You’re kidding about Leinart, right?

      • Nope…he puts the “ash” in trash….he had the chance/honor of playing with Boldin and Fitzgerald in Arizona and played like ass….when he was drafted, he was believed to be the best QB in that class just because he had Boldin and Fitzgerald to throw to….Now he’s the number 3 QB for the Texans (if he still plays for them).  To sum that all up, he’s a BUST!!!!

  74. Quinton Coples

  75. Freshjayyz says:

    how can u say alex smith is a bust ? did we not watch not football at all last year 

    • Michael Scott says:

      Ugh…I’ve already commented on this 50 times.

      Please tell me what point your are trying to make with your attempt at childish sarcasm?

      I must not have watched football last year because I have Alex Smith on the list…and what makes you say that?

      A. The fact that he threw for 3,1000 measly yards?
      B. The fact that he threw for less yardage than any QB in the NFL to start all 16 games last season?
      C. The fact that he had fewer pass attempts than any QB in the NFL to start all 16 games last season?
      D. The fact that the 49ers had the 29th ranked passing offense?
      E. The fact that thier freakin field goal kicker set a season record for most kicks ever?

      Please tell me where my mistake lies, Freshjayyz?

  76. Idrathernot says:

    Jenkins… He cant escape his past…

  77. Sgregory70 says:

    Dontari Poe could well  be a bust

  78. pachino615 says:

    andrew luck is going to be bad luck in indy guaranteed!!!!lol

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