Infographic: The Complete History of Mr. Irrelevant

The NFL draft is quickly approaching, kicking off one week from today in primetime next Thursday. We know that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin will go one and two, respectively, so there is little drama at the top of the draft.

But there is always drama at the bottom of the draft as potential free agents clamor to be the final player to have his name called and become Mr. Irrelevant.

(Actually, most guys would rather not be drafted that late in the 7th round so that they can become free agents and choose their NFL destination, but that’s a discussion for another post.)

If you have woken up in cold sweats at various points during the last few weeks, unable to control your excitement and anticipation for the draft, like our own NFL draft guru Michael Scott, have I got a relevant infographic for you!

Behold, the complete history Mr. Irrelevant, which is actually a bit more relevant than I’d anticipated.

Note: I had to shrink the infographic down to fit it on this page. To see it at full size, click through to


Hat tip: Cain McKnight

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