5 Things Every Guy Should Do At Least Once A Day

After the recent arrival of my son (my pride and joy), the series of events that have occurred in my workplace, and the relocation of my dad, my eyes have really been opened to both the positive and the negative uncertainties and mysteries life has to offer.

Through all the twists and turns, ups and downs, joyous and sad moments that each one of us are destined to experience, we often find ourselves sucked up into the chaotic constancy of rapid living in this generation.

We either forget the little things, or we just don’t have time.

The recent events in my life, combined with a little extra time on my hands and the lack of NFL action, has compelled me to compile a short list of things for us guys that I think we should remember to do at least once a day, in no particular order.

If you feel I’ve left something out, please feel free to add in the comment section.


1. Don’t forsake man’s best friend

If you’re like me, you have a dog and that you love that dog. That dog used to hop in the back of the truck and ride with you everywhere. You may have even let that dog sleep at the foot of the bed at one time or another.

But then you had kids, got married, started working longer hours, and maybe your old buddy has fallen by the wayside these days.

One thing you should remember to do every day is spend a little time with your canine pal. You may forget about him once in a while, but your dog never forgets about you.

Take take every time to show some love to your dog. (Photo by Mike Baird from Morro Bay, USA via Wikimedia Commons)

Take the time out every day to sit down and pat your ol’ buddy on the head, throw him a ball, or let him ride down the block with you one day this week.

Dogs have a short lifespan and you are the only chance at a fulfilling life they have.

As a guy, don’t forget about man’s best friend.

2. Pick up the phone

Busy? If you’ve got time to read this post then you have time to answer the phone when your family calls. (Ironically, if your phone rings right now, I won’t blame you if you keep reading just this once.)

Maybe you do already, but it is very likely that most of us let it go to voicemail.

We’ve got our own lives now, right?

So does the person on the other end of the line, and they are making time in their life for you.

But Mom just wants to nag or talk about what kind of new grain cereal she is eating these days. Yeah…I get it. But also get this: one day soon Mom, Dad, Uncle Joe or Aunt Suzy won’t be making calls and you will have wished you answered the phone.

Life is short, make time for the people that make time for you.

(Unless the game is on, in which case they should know better!)

3. Compliments pay dividends

Guys, we aren’t the only ones that need our egos stroked, and stroking her ego often leads to her *ahem* stroking ours. (Parental Advisory)

This one was actually recommended by a very attractive woman to whom I am very happy to go home every night.

I asked Sarah what she would want on this list from a woman’s perspective. She said, “Every guy should remember to give her a compliment at least once a day.”

“A compliment such as ‘you look very sexy today’ can set the mood for the entire day,” she said, while adding, “Unexpected compliments like those are often reciprocated throughout the day….and then the night!”

I immediately responded back to her, “You look very sexy today!” but I don’t think she bought into my rather conniving attempt.

So before you talk to mom and play fetch with Spot – make sure you give your significant other a compliment to get the day going.

4. Put down the Cheetos

Hey, I know how good those puffed up, over-sized, orange doodles of powdered cheese taste, but seriously dude – when did it become a meal?

I have caught myself more than once having a potato chip dinner after a potato chip lunch. Yes, sports fans, they are THAT GOOD.

The term “couch-potato” wasn’t coined without cause, however.

Let’s save the “consuming-enough-potato-chips-to-feed-a-small-village” days for Sundays (or if you’re a college fan, Saturday).

We men act like we can put anything into our bodies and magically wash it out of our system with a six-er of cold ones. Not so.

I don’t suggest 86ing America’s favorite snack, but the next time you are looking for a quick fix during the day pick up an orange or some veggies.

Trust me, it will pay dividends.

5.  Flex and Go

Yep. Working out is definitely something that I wanted to put on this list. But realistically, most of us don’t have time to hit the gym once a day unless you have one at home. If you do, that’s awesome.

I’m talking about flexing your mind, though.


A little mental lift each day can go a long way.

  • Own a Bible? Read it.
  • Look up some Vince Lombardi quotes.
  • Set a goal.

Anything that works for you.

Give your mind a mental supplement for the day, flex around it and go!

We have become more mentally reactive than active.

Each day we, as guys, should set our attitudes on our own, not according to anyone else. We are the leaders, the providers, and the strength.

Do what it takes to be strong mentally as well as physically.

Keep flexing your minds through whatever means necessary, and keep going.

Just don’t bust a blood vessel.


This is just a small, far-from-exhaustive list of things that guys should do at least once every day. What would you add to the list?


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