2012 NFL Schedule To Be Released Tonight In Unnecessary, Overhyped ESPN Special

Today, Tuesday, April 17th, is easily one of the most epic and consequential days on the 2012 sports calendar.

Not because of early-season MLB action. Not because of crucially important NBA regular season games that will determine playoff positioning. And certainly not because of Stanley Cup playoff games.

No. There is something so much more important going on tonight, as evidenced by the fact that ESPN – the Worldwide Leader in Sports – is devoting three entire hours to it in a special edition of SportsCenter.

Tonight, at 7:00 ET, it happens.


Actually no. Not really.

Keep in mind, we’ve known who all NFL teams’ 2012 opponents will be for a long time. Tonight we just find out what order they play them in, and I’m assuming what the primetime games are.


I’m so glad there will be THREE HOURS of coverage on our nation’s preeminent sports channel to break all of this down. There is nothing more relevant on April 17th than discussing the Week 9 Monday night game between teams that have yet to draft their rookies or hold a day of training camp.

Anyway, tune into ESPN at 7:00 ET if your insatiable thirst for NFL talk makes this kind of thing exciting to you. Pay my snark no mind.

However, if you would rather watch something with actual sport significance, here are a variety of viewing options for you during that three hour window:

  • NBA – Boston Celtics at New York Knicks – 8:30 ET on TNT
  • NHL – Panthers v Devils Game 3 – 7:00 ET on NHLNET
  • NHL – Predators v Red Wings Game 4 – 7:30 ET on NBCSN
  • NHL – Coyotes v Blackhawks Game 3 – 9:00 ET on CNBC
  • MLB – Texas at Boston – 7:10 on MLB Network

You could also drop $24.99 for MLB.tv and have your choice of any out-of-market baseball game, any of which – even Cleveland-Seattle and Chicago-Baltimore – is infinitely more consequential than three hours of talk about the NFL schedule before the draft.

I’ve long thought that ESPN has been on a steady decline – at least for me personally – since they got the Monday Night Football contract and became all-NFL almost all the time. The descent continues tonight at 7:00 ET.

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  1. Nicely put. This is all about hype. NFL needs hype about this nonsense to survive since their product only gives 11 minutes of action each Sunday. People like talking about football more than actually watching it, it seems.  GREAT baseball last night. Walk-offs everywhere. It saddens me to think people were watching this irrelevant garbage. Perhaps Americans have too much spare time?
    But, what do I know. I’m just a boring old baseball fan who thinks a 3 hour program to discuss something I don’t need to even look at till July, and can get on a business card at a gas station, much less look up on the internet is a little err, WAY over the top.

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