What if…Kentucky had beaten Texas Western in 1966?

This is the ninth post in our ongoing series of the Top 10 What Ifs in college basketball history.

Texas Western’s victory over Kentucky in 1966 was an important watershed moment in sports in this country, but it had much greater impact on America than just basketball.

The game happened right in the middle of the Civil Rights movement, and completely changed how most Americans viewed the sport.

What if…

Kentucky had beaten Texas Western in the NCAA Championship Game?


Texas Western's all-black starting five defeated all-white Kentucky in the 1966 NCAA Championship Game. (Photo via SI/Getty Images from truTV.com)

Much has been written on the game.  It has been documented in print, on film, and through oral history.

And it should be well-documented. The game, the moment, was that important.

With all that said, the purpose of these “what if” articles is to travel down the road and guess at what could have happened if the event had unfolded differently.  In no way do I want to trivialize the cultural and historical impact that Texas Western’s victory had on college basketball and America in general.

Again, these are hypotheticals. It’s a great thing that Kentucky didn’t beat Texas Western.  But it could have happened.

And that’s what makes it our #2 “What If” on the list.

We would remember Adolph Rupp completely differently.

No matter how you slice it, Rupp goes down as one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history.

  • Four national titles.
  • 876 wins (4th all time).
  • 82% winning percentage (2nd all time).

However, to this day, he is nearly universally vilified and criticized (except in the state of Kentucky of course) for his backwards philosophies.  In fact, if you type “Adolph Rupp” into google, “Adolph Rupp racist” is the second suggested search to come up, which shows how popular the sentiment is.

As it is now, we remember Rupp for refusing to recruit black players until his AD absolutely forced him to do so.  We remember how bitter he was over the loss to Texas Western and all of their “ineligible players” (his words, not mine).

How Texas Western achieved its victory, specifically its all-black starting lineup juxtaposed against Kentucky’s all-white roster, set up Rupp as the bad guy.  He was the unsympathetic figure that was stuck in the past and blatantly wrong.  The rest of the country could move forward and leave the grumpy old man in the past.

Had Kentucky won, not only would Rupp have added another championship to his resume, but his ideology would have been vindicated, and he may have never recruited a black player for the rest of his coaching career.  And he would have been…right (in the eyes of many).

Instead, his legacy is forever tarnished, and it actually set up this next guy as the new American hero…

The UCLA dynasty may not have been received the same way either.

John Wooden and his teams, on the other hand, are pretty much untouchable today.

You could search the internet for a long time before you found anybody that had anything negative (other than jealous haters) to say about UCLA, Coach Wooden, and the way they dominated basketball in the late 60s and early 70s.

It’s easy to think of the UCLA Bruins as a squeaky clean program that had no blemishes or reasons to despise it (obviously this was before the Ben Howland era), but a closer look at the program finds some things that may not have been glossed over had Texas Western not set America down the right path.

Before Lew Alcindor changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Walt Hazzard had changed his name to  Mahdi Abdul-Rahman.  Let’s just say that America wasn’t exactly the most “Muslim-friendly” nation in the 70s and 80s; just ask Muhammad Ali.

Concerning Alcindor, while college basketball had seen its fair share of fantastic African-American athletes (Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson to name a few), no black athlete’s star had ever shown as brightly as Alcindor’s did at UCLA. Without the Texas Western victory in 1966, Alcindor’s teams from ’67-’69 may not have been received as openly as what they were.

But because Texas Western pulled out the victory, and John Wooden happened to be the guy that openly accepted black athletes, Wooden became the coach who was right…not Adolph Rupp.

Had Rupp’s Wildcats won in ’66, Wooden and the Bruins may be remembered completely differently.

The racial ramifications can’t possibly be over-stated.

I realize this angle has been repeated ad nauseum (with good reason), but to ignore it would be asinine.

While John Wooden had been supportive of black players all the way since 1947 when he coached at Indiana State, this was not the general consensus.

In 2012, it’s hard to really understand what uninformed and offensive people were actually thinking back in 1966, but let me just give you two quotes from newspapers leading up to the game:

  • “They can do everything with the basketball but sign it.”  ~ former West Virginia and Lakers star, Rod Hundley
  • “The Miners, who don’t worry much about defense but try to pour the ball through the hoop as much as possible, will present quite a challenge to Kentucky.  The running, gunning Texas quintet can do more things with a basketball than a monkey on a 50-foot jungle wire.” ~ The Sun’s James H. Jackson.

If those disgusting ideas don’t send chills down your spine, I don’t know what will.

It didn’t matter that more of Texas Western’s starters graduated from college than their counterparts from Kentucky.

It also didn’t matter that it was Texas Western that played the methodical, slow-it-down style of play – they held opponents to an average of 62 points per game, while Kentucky averaged almost 90 points as Pat Riley and his teammates ran people off the floor. Stereotypes were stereotypes, and nothing else could possibly be true.

Before the game, the “facts” were that every team needed at least one white guy on the floor in order to keep “the blacks” from going out of control. Fortunately for us all, Texas Western won 72-65 and opened our eyes and minds to the idea that basketball didn’t have to be a purely white man’s game.

It’s fun to mythologize the Fab Five, Larry Johnson’s UNLV team, and John Thompson’s Georgetown dynasty as the teams that led the real racial breakthroughs in college basketball.  However, the fact is that without Texas Western’s important victory over Adolph Rupp and Kentucky, none of the previous teams may have ever been given a chance.

Of all the what ifs, this is the one that makes me the happiest to say…boy am I glad that it happened the way it did.

What if…?


Top 10 College Basketball What Ifs of All-Time Series (All)

10. What if Hank Gathers hadn’t died in the middle of a game?
9. What if Christian Laettner had been suspended for stomping on Aminu Timberlake?
8. What if Houston hadn’t been upset by NC State?
7. What if the NCAA rules had been different for Pete Maravich?
6. What if Chris Webber hadn’t called timeout?
5. What if Gordon Hayward’s shot hadn’t rimmed out?
4. What if Coach K had been fired from Duke after 3 seasons?
3. What if LeBron had gone to college and the one-and-done rule was never instituted?
2. What if Kentucky had beaten Texas Western?
1. What if there wasn’t a snow storm to keep John Wooden from going to Minnesota?

About Jon Washburn

Jon Washburn grew up in Indianapolis, IN and as such, is a diehard Pacers, Colts, and Cubs fans. When it comes to college, he cheers for Notre Dame football fan and Purdue basketball. Yes, this sounds shady, but since he grew up without cable, he learned to love Notre Dame - the only team on TV. Glenn "The Big Dog" Robinson was at Purdue when Jon was in his formative years, so he latched onto them as well. Did that make him a fair-weather fan at the time? Sure. Give him a break...he was 8...and he has stayed with those teams ever since. Currently, he lives in Charleston, SC with his wife who grew up in Cleveland. Although he is no longer physically in the Midwest, his heart will always be there. Jon goes by the name "Twitch" because he has Tourette's Syndrome. Hit him up on his twitter @jwtwitch.


  1. Actually, this is one of the few civil rights stories where race has been overstated.  3 years earlier, Loyola won the 1963 title with FOUR black starters.  Both years prior to that, Cincinnati won back-to-back titles where it’s best players were clearly Oscar Robertson & Paul Hogue, both obviously African Americans.  The idea that African Americans weren’t smart or disciplined enough to play with white teams was already well on its way out the door, if not already gone.

    The racial aspect of the Texas Western story was made a bigger deal of 30-40 years after the fact than it was in its own time.

    It’s a nice story, but it’s not Jackie Robinson.

    • Lapidus48 says:

      Funny thing, though, Westerman is right: TW, not UTEP, graduated more of his players than TW and Kentucky had a few hellions on his team, including Riley  who was a living caricature of the tough, sweatshirt an/ leather jacketed wearing Fonz in his high school days before he acquired the polish (can’t knock his talent at that and the next level, though). the difference between he, his team and others like them and the black athletes in Albany and Troy were that the cops gave the former breaks when they stepped out of line and broke the heads of the latter, for the same infractions or less.
      Oh, and one more thing: Westerman point out that if you did play four blacks the prevailing “wisdom” was you had to have the white point guard to keep them in line.
      So much for the Loyola of Chicago example (I was old enough to have seen the game on TV–one of the first ever nationally or, probably more accurately, semi-nationally championship game)
      P.S. I tell posters on other sites, when they begin to disparage the women’s game, that WNCAA BB is right where the men’s game was in the period right before the mid-sixties re the talent and skill set level.  Riley could dunk in the layup line but game time dunks?  Veeery rare indeed (there’s an interesting story that Don Haskins told before his death. It went like this: the dunk in college basketball was so rare that he told Big Daddy Dave Lattin to deliberately go up and dunk on Riley, who was the center, at 6′ 5″, on Rupp’s undersized team, at the start of the game. Lattin was about 6’8″ and he did what Haskins wanted him to do. it so freaked out Riley and the team that they never recovered).  that’s why Haskins’s ghost is probably smiling down on Kim Mulkey and her post-game comments after the  Baylor/Florida women’s NCAA  contest. .

      • Lapidus48 says:

        Oops, meant to say Kentucky, rather than TW as in TW graduated more players than Kentucky.

        • diehardblue says:

          I’m a true blue KY fan.  TW beat KY on playing their game and truly deserved to win.  Every one has labeled Rupp as a racist.  There may have been some bias but Loyola and Cincinnati didn’t have to go to Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tulane, etc. where the hotels would not let blacks stay would not let them eat in restaurants.  Only when the civil rights movement succeded, was it safe for them to go.  By the way since everyone accuses UK and Rupp of racism, has anyone ever check to see when NC or Duke had their first black player.  Oh, they are excused.  Their reasons were not racist.

      • Lapidus48 says:

        The photo is from Sport’s Illustrated’s March ’66 issue showing Riley and TW’s Harry (?) Flournoy

    • Foul_pole says:

      Oscar Robertson did not play on Cincinnati’s NCAA championship teams. He was already in the NBA by then.

  2. Charlesp1066 says:

    UK basketball fans don’t want to admit that they were the last team in the SEC (and probably the country) to allow black players and that Rupp was indeed a racist and that he ran Bear Bryant off the campus…  These same fans are ok with an almost all black team now, and never to have another senior night….  but as long as they win, well what the heck, right?

  3. Lapidus48 says:

    DieHardTrueBlue:“… By the way since everyone accuses UK and Rupp of racism, has anyone ever check to see when NC or Duke had their first black player.  Oh, they are excused.  Their reasons were not racist….

    Rupp was crude about his racism, and everyone knew it. Kentucky, along with Tennessee, wasn’t as bad as the lower south (Alabama, Mississippi State [where Babe McCarthy had to sneak his team out of the south in the dead of midnight so he could play in the NCAA playoffs, against his school’s wishes since the regional he was going to had some teams with black players–there was a guy not afraid to buck the system and play anyone], Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Arkansas).
    By the way, Kentucky and Tennessee, reflecting their divided loyalties during the Civil War (some parts of Tennessee were so pro-union for instance that they refused to join forces with the Confederacy and were not so wedded to the Peculiar Institution] weren’t as die-hard segregationist as Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.  It reflected on the interaction between the two primary races in those states in the post-bellum period.  Louisville, for instance, was fielding integrated teams as far back as the late fifties, over a full decade before Rupp decided to get his first black player, 7 footer Tom Payne [who was a nervous wreck after his experiences under Rupp].  So, sorry, Die-Hard, but Rupp gets no credit here [jeesus, Tennessee’s Vanderbilt, with Perry Wallace, integrated before Rupp did] . 

    Again, as an example of Rupp’s ultimately nonsensical intransigence, which reflected much of the Old South, Texas had Guy Lewis, at Houston, who also played blacks [yes, Texas is sui-generis, but the old “yellow rose” part of the state had come to be overshadowed by a surge of Confederate refugees who had brought their racism and slavery into it]. Even, the Southwest’s Oklahoma City and Abe Lemons had blacks on their teams long before that 1966 Title game Westerman  writes about.

    Considering everything, Rupp fully deserved that butt-kicking.

    PS: Virginia, Duke and North Carolina were, as you allude, more genteel with their racism. But, it was racism, nevertheless. They, along with South Carolina regularly raided NYC schools for white “Damn Yankee” ballplayers, but they wouldn’t play blacks until Charlie Scott, at N. Carolina.

  4. sptrfn sptrfn says:

    Here’s another UTEP what if:

    What if UTEP’s best player didn’t run into foul trouble during a game in the 64 tourney that UTEP lost? They probably would have made the Final Four, and UCLA would have had no answer for him. If the Bruins don’t win in 64, maybe they don’t win in 65, either, and Alcindor goes somewhere else. 

  5. Goatprairie says:

    A misguided article that has no concept of the historical forces that were happening at the time. Unfortunately, some people (like the writer) believe that individual people are more important than historical trends. Something like the people who believe that if Jackie Robinson hadn’t succeeded with the Dodgers, there would be no black players in the majors today. Many people  believe that today. A totally false conclusion. The integration of American sports was a force that could not be stopped by the failure of one individual or one team. All praise to Jackie Robinson for being a pioneer and enduring the hatred and bias, but  many owners had black ballplayers they were itching to play for their teams. If Robinson had failed, rest assured the flood of black ballplayers that came in the fifties would have happened anyway.
          Ditto for basketball and football. As other responders have mentioned, there were many almost all-black teams in major colleges before T-W. Rupp was a bigot, but the trend was inevitable. Even in souther schools. If teams wanted to win in any professional and college sport (other than hockey), they had to recruit black players. Owners and teams that didn’t want to play black players (like George Preston Marshall of the Redskins) were growing fewer. Everybody wants to win, and winning in the major sports mean availing yourself of the best players no matter what the color. Racism is as stupid as it is immoral.

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