Video: David Beckham Sticks It To 47,000 Toronto FC Fans With Clutch Corner Kick

David Beckham’s ‘Bad Guy’ image drives business.  Especially, when he comes through in the clutch.

This corner kick is from the quarterfinals CONCACAF Champions League game in Toronto at the Rogers Centre – home of the MLB Blue Jays.


In the midst of streamers and a beer can being thrown his way, Beckham somehow places the perfect ball.

It tied the score at 2-2 and the game ended that way.

It also helps that the assist from Beckham’s corner was to Landon Donovan, the biggest American name in the business.

It was late in the game, time was winding down and the Galaxy was able to capitalize and zap all the energy from Toronto FC as both teams head to LA for the second leg of the home and home aggregate.

The semifinals is hanging in the balance and the teams are feeling chippy towards one another.

Beckham showing off like he did will add fuel to the fire.


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  1. I can’t believe some Canadian threw his $8 beer at Beckham, then Donovan scores on subsequent corner. Think the guy just Bartman’d the tie away…

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