Tim Tebow And The Jacksonville Jaguars: A Logical Match

During the NFL season, Tim Tebow was the biggest story in sports that we have seen in a very long time. He had more national coverage than even Jeremy Lin received, and he led his team to the divisional round of the AFC playoffs.

But now he is in a holding pattern waiting to see where he will inevitably be dealt.

could tim tebow be traded to jacksonville

Broncos Signing Peyton Manning Makes Sense

As everyone now knows (unless March Madness completely consumes your life), Peyton Manning is the new starter in Denver. He is the highest paid quarterback in the league and will be in Denver for five years, barring an injury or other medical setbacks.

Tebow went from a hero to a backup in about two months, but Denver fans should have no problem with signing Manning. Unless your quarterback is Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, having the opportunity to sign Peyton Manning means that it does not matter who started for the team last year.

The NFL is ultimately a business, and players are always replaced for better players, no matter how important the first player once was to the team.

Originally, keeping Tebow in Denver seemed like a possibility. He could be mentored by Peyton Manning, and even be used in some specialty packages on offense. The Broncos front office, however, seems to have other plans, as it has been reported that they are likely to try and trade Tebow.

Tim Tebow To Be Traded…But Where?

John Elway never fully committed to Tebow and must be beyond excited to have Manning as the new quarterback in Denver. The next step will be trading Tebow.

There are no teams that have openly said that they want Tebow, but it has been rumored that Jacksonville and Cleveland are two likely destinations. Cleveland has its share of quarterback issues, and adding Tebow would not be a smart solution.

Jacksonville is the best option for Tebow, and he is the best option for them. The Jaguars are unable to fill up their entire stadium and sometimes have to cover up a majority of their upper level seats. With Tim Tebow in town, there would never be empty seats in Jacksonville.

Tebow is a legend in the state of Florida, especially in the northern part of the state, where he attended college in Gainesville. His jersey can be seen all over the stadium during games and throughout the entire state of Florida. This time it would be an NFL jersey, as many Tebow fans already have his Florida Gators jersey.

From a business standpoint, acquiring Tebow is a much easier decision than from a football standpoint. He is not exactly a coach’s dream quarterback, and an offense must be designed to cater to his unique and limited style. However, Jacksonville must look at the fact that if they continue at their current pace, they may not even have a team anymore.

One argument could be that the Jags just drafted Blaine Gabbert, but the Panthers quickly made Jimmy Clausen a backup when given the chance to get Cam Newton. I am not comparing Newton and Tebow, but rather showing that no player is safe, even if the goal is to develop that player.

Jacksonville would not even have to give up that much to acquire Tebow, with mid-round draft picks being the likely cost. Tebow would be a great addition for the Jaguars and the entire city of Jacksonville. Maybe he could bring some of the magic with him that he possessed in Denver during this past season.

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