“The Dallas Cowboy” – East Coast Super Subs Trolls Cowboys With Special Sandwich

A quick browse through Reddit tonight brought me upon this image:


"The Dallas Cowboy" is a featured sandwich at East Coast Super Subs in Tucson, Arizona (Image source: Reddit)

As you can see, the folks at East Coast Super Subs don’t think too highly of the Dallas Cowboys: 3 day old bread, wilted lettuce, and absolutely no meat – Trust Us – it Sucks!

And, of course, it’s incredibly overpriced. I wonder what they do if someone actually orders it…

Here are a few of the funnier Reddit comments, courtesy of threads here and here:

A real Dallas Cowboy sandwich would be massively overhyped yet fall short of expectations every single time.

And in true Cowboy style, you end up choking.

Redskins fan: I love how it’s wildly overpriced top top it off. Eagles fan in response: Dan Snyder would still buy it.

Well played as always Reddit.

Living in Dallas as I do, I attempted to contact Jerry Jones to get a response. He said the last time he checked, the lettuce wasn’t wilted and there was plenty of meat.


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  1. Mojonad says:

    I’m a Cowboys fan, but shoulda just called it a Romo.

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