Sweet 16 TV Schedule: Dates, Tip Times, Matchups, Announcers, and Point Spreads

This post is always a bittersweet one for me to write every year because it means that the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament is over. It is the one sporting event every year that never, ever disappoints. This year was no exception.

But alas, it’s over. So now it’s time to look ahead to the Sweet 16 games coming up on Thursday and Friday of this week. This point provides the dates, tip times, tv networks, and point spread for each Sweet 16 matchup.

march-madness-2012-sweet-16-tv-schedule-tip-times-dates-matchups-point-spreadsInfo via Turner.com.

Sweet 16 TV Schedule

Thursday Sweet 16 Matchups

East #1 Syracuse v #4 Wisconsin

West #1 Michigan State v #4 Louisville

East #2 Ohio State v #6 Cincinnati

West #3 Marquette v #7 Florida


Friday Sweet 16 Matchups

South: #3 Baylor v #10 Xavier

Midwest #1 North Carolina v #13 Ohio

South: #4 Indiana v #1 Kentucky

Midwest: #2 Kansas v #11 NC State


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