SNL Recap: Jonah Hill and The Shins Episode of Saturday Night Live

Jonah Hill hosted SNL this week and has been on a hot streak of late.

He was nominated for a Academy Award for best supporting actor in Moneyball, and his new movie, 21 Jumpstreet, currently has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Granted, that it only has 19 reviews, but that still is a great start.


Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time on Saturday, March 10th.

The Shins were tonight’s musical guest. If you haven’t heard of The Shins before, like myself, they are an indie rock band from Albuquerque. This season SNL has booked more such bands. Sometimes it was a success like with Bon Iver and other times it was a mistake like with Lana Del Ray.

I was pretty excited for tonight’s episode. I have been a fan of Jonah Hill ever since he was trying to get laid in Superbad. He is a good comedy actor and I thought he did a solid job the last time he hosted.

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Cold Opening

I was ecstatic when I saw the Rush Limbaugh logo, because I always think it great whenever someone makes fun of Rush, mostly because he deserves it and is a terrible person. Unfortunately I was disappointed by this cold open. All of the jokes where about how Rush lost a bunch of his good sponsors and how his new sponsors where terrible.

Most of the jokes missed, but I think the skit could have been must better if it was more about his comments and less about Rush losing his sponsors.

Grade: C-

Opening Monologue

It looks like Jonah gained a lot weight back. But anyways I loved this opening monologue. The video was a nice change from the normal opening monologue. In the video Jonah plays a stuck up “asshole” who has has been that way ever since he was nominated for an Oscar. After the video is over Tom Hanks comes on and has some Oscar fun with Jonah. Overall an awesome opening monologue.

Grade: A

Adam Grossman

I AM SIX!!! That’s the catch phrase for the wise cracking six-year old Adam Grossman. They also did this skit the first time Jonah was on SNL. I really like Adam’s personality and I really enjoyed this bit too.

Grade: B

Digital Short

This was sort of a parody of an old Sports Science episode where they hit a guy in the balls to see what effect it would have on his heart rate. Jonah plays the guy, and by the way looks just like Kenny Powers.

The main joke of the bit was Jonah kept on getting hit in the balls and it was replayed over and over. Not very funny, but the John McEnroe appearance was good.

Grade: C+

J Pop America Fun Time Now

I think the writers really like this bit because I think this is the third time it’s been on this season. Too bad this bit has been getting worse and worse. Not to say this skit was terrible, but it was pretty mediocre. Although, Jason Sudeikis had some good lines and Jonah Hill looked just like John Belushi’s famous samurai character.

Grade: C

Weekend Update

Weekend Update started with some solid politics jokes, which was highlighted by a Peter Gabriel joke. Kristen Wiig as Paula Deen was okay, and Andy Samberg as Tina Fey who was supposed to be Sarah Palin started off slow but picked up at the end.

Well that’s it for Weekend Update nothing less funny on it on it. Oh wait, nevermind, Stefon is on!!! As usual it was awesome. Stefon is hands down my favorite character on SNL. My favorite club was when Stefon broke character and said “. . . Kevin? If you go there you might be able to meet Blow J Simpson.”

Grade: A


Jonah Hill’s character was a doctor who made an ape talk. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing he did to it. Apparently Jonah’s character was also having sex with it, or should I say he was having sex with him.

I know, Ewww.

Overall it was an okay skit, kind of disgusting at times. I am not sure who played the ape, but I thought he did a pretty good job. No pun intended.

Grade: B-

Liza Minnelli Tries To Turn Off A Lamp

Kristen Wiig is Liza Minnelli and she dances around while trying to turn off the lamp. Just like this review for this sketch, it sucks.

Grade: D

Rapping Anniversary

Jonah Hill has a beautiful orchestra at his house for an anniversary gift for his girlfriend. Eventually he decides to break it down and sings Coolio’s “C U When U Get There.” Towards the end of the skit everyone walks out into the audience, which was a nice thing to see. A great way to end a great episode.

Grade: B+

Random Thoughts

  • “I am I crazy or do his glasses keep on getting smaller, but his scarves keep getting bigger?”
  • Stefon and Seth Meyers kissed finally. The sexual tension was killing me.
  • What are the odds that they make a terrible Stefon movie that ruins the character? 10 to 1?
  • I am I the only person who thought the lead singer from The Shins looks just like Kevin Spacey circa American Beauty?
  • How much do you think will Coolio for using his song with out permission?
  • At first I thought Coolio was dead because at the end of the final sketch they showed a memorial like photo of Coolio with the numbers 1963-3162, but it was just a reference to Coolio’s recent arrest.
  • I guarantee that Coolio called Kenan Thompson to see if he could bail him out of jail. I bet the conversation went like this. “Hey Kenan, it’s Coolio. Remember from Kenan and Kel? Oh no, wait don’t hang up, this is my only call . . . “


  1. Jonah is always awesomess.  If RT’s fresh rating remains high-endy I’ll be all over Jump Street.  I agree with all of your comments, though the one thing that bugged me throughout the show was Jonah’s almost constant eye contact with the off camera cue cards.  Kind of distracting.

    • Brandon Onda says:

      Thanks for the comment and I notice that Lindsay Lohan did that last week during the “Macintosh” sketch.

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