Poignant ‘Peyton Manning Farewell Song’ reflects mood of Indianapolis Colts fans

I just stumbled upon the video below over at r/NFL. When I saw the title – “Peyton Manning Farewell Song” – I have to admit that I thought it would suck, as these videos often do.

But not this one.

Frankly, I think it sums up the plaintive, melancholy yet appreciative and nostalgic mood of Colts fan on this strange, strange day about as well as any video and song could. Really nice job ColtsMavsFan18.


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If you’re a young’un and don’t recognize the tune, this should help you out, but Philadelphia Eagles fans shouldn’t get carried away with excitement. You’re stuck with Vick. No Manning.

As Bob Kravitz tweeted earlier this morning, this is a day to reflect on what Peyton Manning meant for the Colts, for the city of Indianapolis, and for football in the state of Indiana. His impact in all three areas cannot be understated, and it’s an impact that few athletes have ever or will ever come close to. That’s why normally reasonable Colts fans like Jon Washburn can barely find coherent, rational, objective thoughts to describe their emotions. I don’t blame them.

There will be plenty of time to assess the decision Jim Irsay has made (or that he and Peyton came to together) and to begin moving on to the Andrew Luck Era. But today is not this day. Today is a day to recognize the eternal mark Peyton Manning leaves on Indiana sports. He may not have been a native son, but he certainly leaves as a favorite one.



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  1. Its not going to be the same…but we all must move on!!
    Sad to know its all because of money & not the person….
    Good luck Mr. Manning!!

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