Our Friends At Captain Morgan Are Releasing A Mobile Game

As you know, we here at MSF are friends with folks at Captain Morgan. Not only do we enjoy their rum when the occasion calls for it, responsibly of course, but they have provided us with a number of fun and interesting blogging opportunities over the years.

And now they are setting sail into uncharted but exciting waters by releasing a mobile game.

The game, called Captain’s Conquest, will be officially released tomorrow. It is a “mobile social game that rewards players for real-life exploration, adventure, and social influence by transforming cities into the open seas and encouraging players to navigate Captain Henry Morgan’s world.”


You can find the Captain’s Conquest mobile game for free download in both Android Market and the Apple App Store. True story: I just downloaded it after writing that sentence.

Here is a description of how the game works:

The goal of the game is to rise through the ranks—from a Stowaway to the Captain of your own powerful fleet—ruling the high seas and reaping rewards through skilled digital game-play and adventurous behavior in the real world. Players will earn points and gain status by successfully mastering the in-game battle mode, conquering territory by checking in at real world locations and using the scope to scan Captain Morgan bottles.

At the onset of the game, players are given command of a ship, the initial size of which is determined by their influence on social platforms such as Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. In the Captain’s world, size matters, as the magnitude of a player’s ship and the adornments acquired during their adventures influence their success in battle, and ultimately their rank.

Using GPS and location-based technologies, the game populates the map screen with visual representations of other players’ ships in the area. Players have the option to interact with those around them by challenging enemy ships to battle.

For more information on the game, its capabilities, and what folks are saying about it, visit Facebook.com/CaptainMorganUSA.


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