Cubs Fans Rejoice At New ‘MLB 12: The Show’ Commercial Showing Lovable Losers Finally Winning The World Series

A new commercial for MLB 12 The Show was released today, and it struck a chord with the best or worst fans (depending whom you ask) in Major League Baseball.

Before I offer my opinion, you need to watch the commercial if you haven’t already.


Now that you’ve watched it, let me first just say what a lot of Cub fans were thinking in their brains: this commercial is not accurate. If the Cubs really did win the World Series, there would be massive celebrations in Chicago, but the city would also be burning.

I am still not really sure what this commercial is trying to say.

I watched a good handful of previous MLB The Show commercials to try to see if there’s a connection, but I couldn’t find any. Most of the previous commercials were humorous, while this year’s is more emotional and serious and may even be trying to predict something, which there other commercials haven’t done before.

There’s no doubt that the commercial struck a chord in many Cub fans, the majority of whom took the commercial in a positive light, but what does it say about a team when its fanbase gets so excited over a commercial? This commercial isn’t bringing back memories. Last time I checked it’s still been a 100+ years since the Cubs won the World Series.

Could it actually be predicting a Cubs World Series win?

If so, the creators are standing alone on this one. I haven’t found one preseason prediction of the Cubs winning the World Series, let alone winning the NL Central Division.

But maybe they’re onto something?

Perhaps now that the Cubs are off the radar they’ll surprise us. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s ever happened in sports, but I highly doubt the Cubs have what it takes, with the players they have now, to make a playoff fun.

The reaction of the Cubs’ fan base shows how desperate they really are for their team to win the World Series, so desperate that they’ll cling onto anything for hope and joy, and I think the creators of this commercial knew that.

And boy did they exploit it.

About Tyler Juranovich

Tyler Juranovich is an Indiana native, a Ball State student, and a senior writer for MSF, where he's been writing about Chicago sports since 2009. His favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Bears. He's also a lover of reading, music, and movies. Follow him on Twitter (@tylerjuranovich) or email him at


  1. it says “so real, its unreal” so i guess they’re saying the cubs winning the world series is unreal LOL

  2. Melahiparast says:

    It was meant to be funny because they’re saying it’s the only way they’ll win dumbass…no one in their right mind would predict the Cubs to win it, how could you be so dense?

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