Best Mobile Apps For Sports Fans: TuneIn Radio

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. As we all take a quick breath before the Madness picks back up again tomorrow night, this seemed like the perfect time to write it.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the iPhone app for TuneIn Radio, and I want to share the recommendation with you. And I will also have to thank Dan Dakich in the process.

As much as I enjoy living in Dallas, there are several drawbacks to living thousands of miles away from the sports teams I care about most. Chief among these drawbacks is that the local sports talk radio hosts here rarely, if ever, discuss teams I care about.

Granted, Dallas does offer The Ticket, which is the most fun and entertaining AM radio station I’ve ever come across, and they talk enough non-Dallas sports to keep me entertained, but sometimes I want to listen to real analysis and reaction about my teams. I love you Ticket, but you just don’t offer that.

TuneIn Radio, however, does…and that’s why I love their iPhone app.

(Since we do affiliate marketing and sponsored posts here at MSF from time to time, I should note that this post is neither. I won’t make a dime if you click that link and download the app.)

Once you have the app on your iPhone (or Android) you can listen to almost any radio station you want to. According to their website, TuneIn offers over 50,000 radio stations, free to stream at anytime. How badass is that?

The reason I said above that I need to thank Dan Dakich is because my desire to listen to his show is what led me to seek out a mobile app that allowed for such capability. Luckily I found it, and it has made my lunchtime breaks from work much more enjoyable. I turn on the Dan Dakich Show in the car, listen while I walk the dog and workout, have it on while I grab lunch and change, and listen on my way back to work. All at the click of a button, all on my mobile device.

And if Dakich is ever annoying or talking too much about the Colts or Pacers, I can flip right back over to The Ticket, all from the “Recents” page that saves my favorite stations for easy access.

So, if you find yourself yearning for a sports talk radio from a market you are not in, yearn no more. Just get the TuneIn Radio app and you can get basically any station you want at anytime.

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