Who Is Playing In The Super Bowl? What Teams?

Well hello! For the 46th straight year, there is going to be a professional football “Super Bowl” which will decide the champion of the National Football League.

Jerod provided us with critical Super Bowl start time and TV information earlier, but that post left one pressing question unanswered that search engine users may be wondering: Who is playing in the Super Bowl?

The winner gets this pretty trophy!

Who Is Playing In The Super Bowl?

This year, at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, the NFL has decided to pit the two conference champions against each other again.

Here’s a look at who is playing in today’s big game, with each team looking to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy:


The Patriots (15-3) will be representing the American Football Conference, while the Giants (12-7) will be representing the National Football Conference.

Also, you know who else is playing tonight? Rob Gronkowski. We have a post on his injury status for Super Bowl 46 coming soon.

Now that you know who is playing, enjoy the commercials game!

[Editor’s note: If this drives lots of search engine traffic, which is clearly the only reason to post this, I’m going to let out a few hearty cackles of surprise. Who wouldn’t know what teams are playing in the Super Bowl by now??? I guess we’ll find out.]

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