Video: Trailer For New Spiderman Movie ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

I am a big Spiderman fan. He is my second favorite superhero after the incomparable Batman, who I simply find far and away more compelling than any of the other mainstream superheros (which are really the only ones that I know).

And the new storyline for Spiderman looks pretty compelling, and I have high hopes for Andrew Garfield (he of The Social Network fame) taking over Tobey Maguire’s role.

But let’s be honest: what I’m most looking forward to about the new Spiderman flick is Emma Stone. I do very much enjoy her work.

Here is the new trailer if you haven’t seen it:


And Dennis Leary seems like an inspired casting choice. He should be solid.

Looking forward to seeing this one.


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