Trailer For “Bully” – Upcoming Documentary About U.S. Bullying Epidemic

A quick non-sports post, with a hat tip to The Big Lead’s morning roundup.

Below is the trailer for an upcoming movie called “Bully” that highlights an issue that every single one of us is aware of was a problem when we were growing up and still is today: bullying.

The trailer is poignant and powerful, and I have no doubt the movie will be as well.

The best line:

“Be the difference. Go out and find that one child, that new kid standing over there by himself. Be willing to stand up for him.”

Great idea for a movie.


As to the moron who uses the line “boys will be boys” to excuse bullying…

Yes, “boys will be boys” and we’ll always rip on and make fun of eachother, but anyone who uses that phrase to excuse physically or emotionally abusive bullying is a disingenuous and/or ignorant coward. No kid should have to deal with that.

Can’t wait to see this and spread the word.



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