The Best Super Bowl Commercial From Super Bowl XLVI

I reviewed a whole slew of Super Bowl commercials tonight, and one is sticking with me as the absolute best of the bunch.

This year, car companies brought their best, with strong ads from Chevy, Audi, Acura, Toyota, Hyundai and Volkswagen.  Career Builder performed well with their annual chimpanzee offering.  And who can forget M&Ms and their LMFAO-inspired spot that kept me laughing throughout the evening.

The best commercial, however, was from Samsung.  I wrote about it in further detail earlier, but once again I’ll give you a look at the best of 2012.


This was one of the few ads that combined humor, the “cool” factor and effectiveness in pitching a product.  The Darkness makes anything better, too.

To hammer that point home, here is a promo video for the upcoming new Darkness album.  Enjoy.


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