Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl Commercial – ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness Video and Review

One of the best commercials of the night came from Samsung, who took a jab at Apple with their commercial for the Galaxy Note smartphone.

Here is the ad, my thought are below:

I am sort of conflicted when it comes to Apple products.  I own an iPod and Macbook Pro.  I once owned an iPhone.  I can’t stand the smug nature and cultish following that they precipitate.  I generally think that Apple products are solid, attractive, overpriced and are just as much about status as they are about performance.

It was nice to see someone come directly for Apple, especially in the smartphone market.  I know Sprint and Verizon have taken potshots at Apple in the past, but they never attacked the things that would make an impact.  Namely, the hype being greater than the product and the hardware limitations of the iPhone.

Of course, this ad is so much more than that.

That is because they got the F*CKING DARKNESS to be in it!

I love the Darkness, I love the song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” and I love the absurd outfits that frontman/guitarist Justin Hawkins wears.  Naturally, when he comes into this ad, I was sold.  Plus, Brian Urlacher made an appearance for the “guitar!” line, which is just plain cool.

I defy you to tell me you don’t have more fun while that song is on than when it isn’t.

Commercial Grade: A


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  1. Eli manning Is gay says:

    Liked the ad. Urlacher was an awesome surprise. I was looking for this ad during the game between two d bag teams. I pre ordered mine today and can’t wait for it. Go note!

  2. GNoteLover says:

    I LOVE the Galaxy Note idea (will buy when it comes to Sprint) and I am in 100% agreement with Jason Perlow about the commercial, it was good. :)


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