Photo Story: “Valentine’s Day” Starring Ted Valentine

If you are a Big Ten basketball fan, it is quite likely that precious few officials more consistently draw your ire than Ted Valentine. If you are an Indiana basketball fan, as I am, you loathe Valentine even more for several specific instances that none of us needs me to recount.

It’s not that Valentine is a terrible* official; there are guys who are worse. And Valentine actually has one redeeming quality in that he does not let raucous home environments influence him into awarding favorable calls to the home team. (Actually, he may go 180 degrees in the other direction, but that’s a conversation for another day…)

No, the main issue that Big Ten hoops fans have with “TV” Ted Valentine is that he apparently believes that fans and TV viewers tune in to see him and his histrionics. I have yet to meet one basketball fan for whom this is true.

But no one loves Ted Valentine like Ted Valentine loves Ted Valentine, which is why Valentine’s Day must be even more special to him than it is for the rest of us. I thought about this when I woke up this morning (don’t as me why), and it inspired my latest, and most succinct, photo story.

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* – Ah, what the hell am I saying. Of course Ted Valentine is a terrible official. To hell with trying to be nice or diplomatic.

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