Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Show – Video and Review

Madonna’s much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show is coming up here in just a few minutes. As Jerod did for the Kelly Clarkson National Anthem, he will be recording the halftime show and then uploading to YouTube as soon as I can.

I will be reviewing it, which we will post here as soon as it is over.

Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Show Video

My video was poor quality and the other one I posted got deleted. Let’s try this one:


And here is a photo gallery of the halftime show, via


Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Show Review

To come as soon as it’s over and I can type it.

(Jerod’s quick review: Minus the new song, I thought it was terrific. Great song choice, great presentation, and terrific choices for cameos. Cee-Lo always a crowd pleaser.)

And here is the review. Thanks for your patience…

Tuesday Madonna said she was “extremely nervous” about tonight’s Super Bowl halftime performance. Should she have been?

It’s obvious that Madonna has lost a step and that she can’t keep up with her back-up dancers. Especially the guy with the red Afro on the tightrope. He nearly stole the show. And it’s quite possible that she didn’t sing a single note of her set live. (I spent most of “Vogue” trying to figure out if she was lip-syncing the whole song or just select parts.)

That said, it was a good show. It was a good mix of oldish (“Vogue”), newish (“Music”), new (“Give Me All Your Luvin’ ”), and awesome (“Like a Prayer”). An older song, such as “Borderline” or “Lucky Star,” would have been nice, but she only had so much time to work with.

Madonna really didn’t need to bring out LMFAO during “Music.” Mixing in “Party Rock Anthem” and “I’m Sexy and I Know It” was messy and unnecessary. I understand the need to pander to a younger audience, but the LMFAO thing didn’t work.

Her new single, “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. worked just fine. But when she sang the first notes of “Like a Prayer,” I forgot all about it.

I loved everything about the “Like a Prayer” performance. The multi-generational, multi-ethnic choir? Fantastic. Rev. Cee Lo? Nice. The starlight backdrop in the stands? Dazzling. Madonna could have spent the first three-fourths of the show playing old folk songs on the kazoo and “Like a Prayer” would have made up for it.

Sure, there were plenty of reasons to be critical of Madonna’s performance. I’m still trying to figure out what culture she was alluding to with the slave-gladiator-queen-Medusa motif. But it was entertaining. And that’s what really matters.

And she played “Like a Prayer.” B+


What did you think of it?

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  1. Madonna just crushed the longest homer in Super Bowl halttime shows!!! A superstar the likes of Elvis, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, & Michael Jackson!

  2. I'm not sure what I expected but I felt like Madonna was trying too hard or something to be the sexy young thing. At times I thought she might fall off her high boot heels. And the flip overs in the short skirts seemed awkward. The last number LIke a Prayer was the best number and showed off her voice but I didn't think that version with the large black man was the best, as I prefer the original. Overall I guess it was impressive and surely involved a huge number of people but I'm not sure why it felt flat for me.

    • Haitiana4Obama says:

      That "LARGE BLACK MAN" is Cee Lo Green an amazing recording artist, and talent coach/judge among other things.

  3. I mean look at the pose above. Does she always have to show off her crotch? It's so tacky especially at her age and being a mother of four. Give it up. Act classy.

  4. only weaknesses: madonna and her music, I mean for the superr bowl

  5. There is a time to age gracefully. Madonna, take a lesson from Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks.

    • Madonna is beautiful and in my opinion has aged very gracefully…. Plaaeeseee…. She still kicks ass and I don't see Tina and Stevie out doing any SuperBowls these days !!!! Madonna is a true Icon and if they didn't think she could pull it off, in true Madonna Style, would not have even asked.

  6. Yawn…Boring. Put a fork in her! She's done!!

  7. Southern Gent says:

    Despite her age and the fact that her best music is at least 20 years old, she knows how to put on a show. That was the best halftime show I've seen in many many years.

  8. Can you say "Has Been" ?

  9. Absolutely Fantastic. Brought back great memories. She is the first and the only original. Nice that she sang with younger artists since I don't listen to their music. I'm a baby boomer and was dancing like a "virgin".. :)

  10. Madonna sent the message for WORLD PEACE how can anybody top that….awesome and a message we should pay attention too <3

  11. What was that interruption? Censor or boo boo?

  12. For an old lady who had a hard time lip syncing the music, I guess it was ok. The production was impressive, but it's time for Madonna to pass the torch.

  13. It was very well executed but I fell like Madonna played it safe (with her outfit choices I mean). The screen/floor thing was pretty awesome though.

  14. Haitiana4Obama says:

    The Queen…Miz Madge herself just owned the Half-Time Show!!! OMG babygirl's still got it going on after all these years. Teach these newbie's what it's about Madonna…ROCK ROYALTY for real. World Peace indeed! Wow Clint Eastwood just won Obama re-election, inspirational Chrysler commercial. Let the second-half begin America. Accelerate the Recovery, vote Democrat 2012!

  15. Superbowl half-time is suppose to be entertainment and we just got it with Madonna. I was totally against her playing the half-time show this year, thinking it should be John Mellencamp for Indiana….she has proven me wrong. This was the best half-time show ever.

  16. During the new song, the second guest singer…did I imagine it or did I actually hear her sing the word S*** and flip the bird? Anyone else catch it? Anyone???

    • Yeah it was there – the magic of dvr…. nbc scrambled the video feed a second later – looks like they didn't have a broadcast delay.

  17. Did anyone see the other singer give the camera the middle finger? I have a clear picture of it….

  18. Loved it! She looked great! She still got it! Very talented! Thank you for great half-time! ~:o)

  19. Miss Parker says:

    I agree that the performance seemed strained and awkward. In addition, I do believe she was lip-syncing.

  20. she appeared sluggish and to almost moving in slow motion sometimes. She was extremely cautious (understandable in those heels) and it showed. I agree the Prayer was her best song, and I suspect the only one that was a live vocal performance..but I am suspicious even with that one. Perhaps Madonna should rethink this stage of her career. In preparing for this performance, maybe she should have backed off on the Pilates routines. Anyway, that's my spin. I wish her well.

    • Didn't know what to expect. I thought it was a visual treat. She looked amazing and the costumes were stunning. Much better than haltime shows from previous years.

    • sooo much better than last year. i'm not sure about the sluggish comment. she has moving to the beat of the song. that's what you do when your dancing. right?

  21. Still lip synching after 30 years, I see. The stage looked nice but that was the highlight. She needs to hang it up. The performance was strained and just odd. Very boring half-time show which is too bad because 20-30 years ago she might have wowed the crowd. Now, she's just "eh". She really built herself up as well as the performance..and it fell flat.

  22. I liked it! It was very entertaining and Madonna has still got it. That guy on the tightrope was…. interesting. I thought the part with LMFAO was a little silly, but all and all very impressive and when Madonna sang in from of that backdrop of lights at the very end it was breathtaking!

  23. At 53, I guess she was trying not to bust a hip…no energy…did not like the show at all.

  24. She looked so uncomfortable – made me squeamish.
    Grow up Madonna – have some grace – you're not in your 20s anymore.

  25. im sure a woman who has been nothing but slaughtered by the media and haters since her arrival nearly 30 years ago on the music scene can hold her 53 yr old head high after that sublime performance.
    i love the self righteous who take to their computers to be derogatory about a woman, who, despite the odds, had a dream, made it and lives it..and isn't sat squatted behind a computer right now being negative about somebody who made something of her life.

    • I don't think people are trying to be mean…they are just being honest about a subpar performance. Kind of like the same way she says "negative" things but when SHE says them..she's just being "true and honest". I wonder how many people you have said negative things about sitting behind YOUR computer.

    • Ya…What Rob said!!! I was totally entertained! Thanks Madonna.

    • Madonna has been negative about many performers in public for most of her career. I remember her publicly downing Gwen Stefani who just wished she could do a duet with Madonna and idolized her.

      • Yep and it doesn't matter how long she has been around or how many records she has made or how successful she has been, she really is an insecure mean spirited person! She thinks other performers should idolize her and worship her and then when they DO say something nice she acts like she is OWED that and then turns around and slams them. This is narcissism at its best!

  26. Amazing!! Enough said.

  27. better than last year Sound wise , kind of boring show , nice graphics thou

  28. Were is the video? I keep refreshing for it there are a few on YouTube but they are shit hopefully yours will be in HD….

  29. At 53, I guess Madonna didn't want to bust a hip…no energy….the show was terrible.

  30. appreciate you posting this up as my child is hogging the tv.

  31. The worst Half-time Super Bowl show ever!!! NO energy and oh so boring!!

  32. slow moving…and once she was down had a hard time getting up. She also had a hard time getting up a step, but two tries she did finally make it. Madonna was nervous all week and should have been! I would have liked to watch LMFAO and Niki Minaj for the half time show.

  33. She's still the reigning queen of pop! At 53, she is still a great talent.

  34. NBC, which was supposed to include the halftime show in their coverage, failed to do so. Thank you for posting!

  35. bostonterrier says:

    I thought she did great–much better than the halftime shows in the past few years. She looked good, danced well (despite hamstring injury) and changed up her hits with some fresh faces–Nicki Minaj, Cee lo, and LMAO (adding a fun "shuffle" in the mix). You're never going to find a performer that everyone likes, but I think the Super Bowl got their money's worth with Madonna. A heckuva show!

  36. I was surprised. She rocked it and looked good doing it.

  37. I read she had a hamstring injury while rehearsing for the performance–maybe that's why some of her dance moves seemed a bit 'tenative.' still amazing though!!!

    • Well, here we go. Madonna fans grasping at straws to make excuses for washed up Madonna and her horrible performance!

  38. What does grow old gracefully mean? I would love to look and move like that at 37. Are you kidding me? Her body and face look great.

  39. Amazing. Enough said.

  40. thank you for being the only person to be loading the video … sucks for not showing the halftime show online … when will media learn that the internet is a viable medium just like television?!?

  41. This was the Super Bowl Halftime show EVER!
    Don't listen to any of these negative Nancy's.

  42. Thought it was weird but kind of entertaining. She was moving a little slow. She seems to be trying to be something she isn't, young. Maybe trying to conjur up nostalgia or just publicity. She should not try to be Brittany Spears.

    • she had a hamstring injury last week. if not for that, she would be dancing circles around those 20 year olds. the dancers that tour with her often talk about that fact.

  43. Wow, I cant believe people actually praise her for looking good at 53 when its common knowledge that Madonna had facelifts and botox injections. Maybe we should praise her cosmetic surgeon??

    Btw, next year maybe they should just hire somebody to mime to her songs…its the same effect.

    • Jealous….her body is from Hard..,dedication, dicilpline, wouldnt you do things to enhance your beauty…"If you could"

  44. and you call lip syncing a talent??? If ever, the real talents here are the dancers, choreographers, set and costume designers. All Madonna did was pranced around and moved her mouth to her songs

  45. Not bad for a girl from New York…

  46. Loved the show and it was obvious that at least Like a Prayer was really her singing!!!

  47. phenomenal!

  48. petunia fike says:

    we watch because a train wreak draws you utter disbelief.
    lets see, how many motifs, Egyptian, was she channeling the “arab Spring”? Roman gladiator, gymnatics, fashion, it all looked like a yoga, step class gone way wrong. and, speaking as a woman of a certain age, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ The dominatrix look only made her look older.

  49. Don't understand why people keep talking about age. Yes she is old, yes she had plastic surgery, yes and yes and yes she is old!!WTF, what I like about her is that she is freaking awesome at her age. I've seen some freaking 25 year olds that like horrible. She makes efforts for herself. She workout hard and does her best to keep her youth, what is wrong with that!!!!!!!! It's better than seating watching reality shows and eating chips or popcorn. I like her, why?? She loves herself and that's great, because if you don't love yourself you will be wearing jean moms!!! Kudos Madonna!! Young people criticize, but wait!! You will be old one day!! I always remember Paris Hilton saying, OMG she is old, she is thirty!! Guess what young freaking people, she is now thirty. Oh yeah, she is old!! HAHA!! I don't care if she is 70, you keep your spirit Madonna, that it's important!! You look good Madge!!!

    • jjbeanstalk says:

      She is a tramp

    • My problem isn't that she's old. Yeah, she is in decent shape for a 53 y/o woman..but the performance wasn't good, period. It was boring. She has lost her spark but not b/c she is 53 but because she just doesnt have it anymore. She is no longer relevant but she IS Madonna and her fans will stick by her and they might make her relevant but again, not because she's great but just because she is who she is. Fans don't like to admiit that she is now lackluster, and let's face it she is not a humble person and at this point we all are tired of her arrogant attitude.

  50. CeeloStar says:

    Madonna is on the level of Joseph Campbell the way she teases and taunts her audience w/ symbolism, icons, and graphics. To those who criticize her, go ahead and try to do any of it in those stilettos! She gave an incredible show, a feast for the eyes. All of her guest stars and dancers were incredible and we should be proud to be so fortunate to have so much talent, so many amazing people, who overall, composed a world-class performance for our personal entertainment in the middle of a sports game. The power she communicated in the beginning, her crew that submits to her nasty persona and the dancers throughout, the cheer leading act, the marching band, and gospel to the end nailed it!

  51. CeeloStar says:
    look at how the times have changed in 20 years!!!

  52. I think Madonna's set design and her light show have and always had out done her actual singing…or lip syncing. She always was a great performer but her singing could never stand alone.

  53. Great job !!!

    • jjbeanstalk says:

      The show sucked. My Grandma would have done better. The effects were good . She is too old to be srutten her stuff.

  54. madonna looked as if she was loosing it, if she ever had "it".. her pace lacked charisma. timing was off and she looked haggered. i doubt she was actually singing?? Her backup dancers carried her otherwise boring performance. m.i.a. brought energy to madonna's pathetic skit. Madonna should just give it up is painful watching her. Cyd Charisse, leslie Caron, Anne blythe were "older" but still had "it" …not madonna

  55. I don't know about you pussies but when I want a half time show at a freaking football game, I don't want to be listening to a 50 year old woman. Yes, I understand Madonna is not your average 50 year old but there were SO many better choices. Why not put a band like Muse or U2 up on that stage…

  56. I found myself just waiting until she finished. Yes, she looks good for her age, but something was just off.

  57. Hmmmm…I don't know, it just felt "reductive" to me!!!

  58. Did Madonna make $$$$ last night at the Super Bowl ????????????????????

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