Kelly Clarkson Super Bowl 46 National Anthem Preview: Prop Bet Odds, Time Prediction, and Past Anthem Videos

I want to make three things clear right off the bat with this post: I’m a man; I’m 30; and I’m a big fan of Kelly Clarkson.

That’s right, I think Kelly Clarkson is a wonderful singer, she seems like a down-to-earth person  I’d enjoy hanging out with (whereas many celebrities don’t), and I am very much looking forward to her rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner for Super Bowl XLVI.

Granted, I could have done without this terribly annoying commercial, but I blame that more on the presence of Chris Berman than on Clarkson.


Just as she did during the 2011 NBA Finals, Kelly Clarkson will perform the Star-Spangled Banner before Super Bowl 46.

Super Bowl National Anthem

The Super Bowl is the biggest television spectacle in the world, and the National Anthem for the Super Bowl is a cultural event all to its own.

The length of time the Anthem singer will take to complete his or her ode to America is one of the most prominent annual Super Bowl prop bets. In addition, the Super Bowl National Anthem has created iconic moments like Whitney Houston’s stirring rendition in 1991 (the best ever, I still get chills every time I listen to it) and ignominious moments like Christina Aguilera’s lyric botch last year.

What will Kelly Clarkson have in store for us this year?

Kelly Clarkson Anthem Preview

First off, she won’t be alone. The Indianapolis Children’s Choir will be joining the former American Idol winner.

As for Clarkson herself, like most Super Bowl Anthem singers she has a long history of performing the Star-Spangled Banner at major events. That gives us a chance not only to hear how sings it, and if she is wont to add much of her own flair and style to the song, as well as to get an idea of how long she tends to take.

Below are several different videos of Clarkson performing the anthem at major sporting events, as well as the exact time from the first note of the song to when Clarkson completes “brave” and any points where she provides her own personal flair in signing this amazing song.

Kelly Clarkson National Anthem at Cowboys Game

Time: 1:29

Flair: How she sings “free”


Kelly Clarkson National Anthem at 2011 NBA Finals

Time: 1:32

Flair: How she sings “wave,” a bit on “free,” and some in the middle


Kelly Clarkson National Anthem at 2011 World Series

Time: 1:34

Flair: How she “air,” “wave,” and “free”


I don’t know about you, but I thought the third performance was by far the best even though the audio quality was a bit shoddy. She seemed more in control of the song, if that makes sense. In the first two videos, she seems to get a bit off key early, almost like she’s trying to find her rhythm, but she gets right to it at the World Series, adds her own flair in a few places, and just nails it.

Kelly Clarkson could sing the phone book and I would find it pleasing to listen to, so if she comes out confident and Sunday, like she did in Arlington before the World Series, she’s going to put on a masterful performance that will make all Americans proud.

Super Bowl 46 National Anthem Prop Bets and Projected Time

As for the projected time of Clarkson’s anthem, you can see that these three renditions vary from 1:29 to 1:34, averaging out to just under 1:32; and her Anthem is trending longer, as each of these renditions (posted in chronological order) increased in time.

As of Thursday afternoon, the prob bet over-under odds for the Super Bowl 46 National Anthem is set at 1:34 every place I’ve looked. Clearly the oddsmakers are banking on Clarkson holding that last note longer, as she did in Arlington, and continuing the trend of longer performances.

I won’t be betting, so I’ll let you make that decision. (Although, if I was betting, I’d probably take under, banking on a simple, strong performance; but what do I know?)

I’ll just be happily listening along, standing proud as an American, and enjoying one of our best singers do her thing.

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  1. Agreed. Kelly Clarkson is a wonderful, wonderful singer. Excellent choice for the Super Bowl.

  2. Amanda Hugginkiss says:

    Can anyone tell us what the exact count was for how long it took her to sing it? I clocked it at 1:35 sec which would allow the over to hit.

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