Jimmer Fredette Doesn’t Play, So Brother TJ Tweets Criticism Of Kings Coach Keith Smart and Isaiah Thomas

A year ago at this time, Jimmer Fredette was the biggest story in the world of college basketball and among the biggest stories in sports period in 2011.

That was then, this is now.

Even last year there were plenty of skeptics on how Jimmer’s game would progress at the next level, and he has not done much with the Sacramento Kings so far to diffuse such criticism.

After again being a DNP-CD in the Kings loss at Miami last night, frustration boiled over on Twitter from Jimmer’s older brother TJ Fredette, who unleashed this volley directed at Kings interim HC Keith Smart.


TJ immediately got feedback, mostly from BYU fans carrying a hash-tag of #freejimmer. One even went as far as to say that the @JLin7 story should be the Jimmer story right now.

Jimmer’s brother than continued with 20+ more tweets in the next hour, with replacement Jimmer’s replacement Isaiah Thomas being one of his targets, noting that the Kings usually lose when ‘Isaiah’s played well’…

Well, the Kings did lose to the Miami Heat, which was likely going to happen no matter who was in the lineup, but here was Isaiah Thomas’ stat-line:

36 minutes, 7-14 from the field, 5-8 on 3-pointers, 24 points.

For one night at least, the last pick of the 2011 NBA Draft produced. And if you’ve forgotten about the other Isaiah Thomas, here he is burying the winning three-pointer in overtime to win the Pac-10 Tourney title for Washington last year (COLD BLOODED!!!!!)


And Keith Smart (born three days before yours truly), well, he also has a little experience in making the clutch shot on the big stage (25th anniversary forthcoming)


Should Jimmer Fredette Be Playing More?

Here is a fact: Jimmer is shooting a mere 37% on the season.

Granted, Isaiah Thomas going into last night was only at 40% for the season, so the two are similar rookie players right now.

I’m not going to judge whether Keith Smart will be a good NBA coach or not, but the Kings are 14th in the Western Conference and not going anywhere post-season. I say at the very least he deserves the opportunity to look at his entire roster over the course of the season.


Jimmer Fredette and coach Keith Smart (photo by Rick Bowmer, AP)

And don’t even start with Jeremy Lin jealousy. Yes, he’s been hyped off the charts and some are already sick of hearing about him, but here are Lin’s February stats:

49% from the field, 8.5 assists, 2.2 steals, 22.5 points per game, and his team won seven in a row after being inserted as a starter.

At the very worst right now, Lin is a nice point guard who scores and can plays some D and helps his team win.

At the very best right now, Jimmer is a three-point specialist who is in a shooting slump.

Yes, Lin got the opportunity and has become a rock star, like Jimmer was a rock star last year.

And it isn’t like Fredette has been rotting at the end of the bench all year. He got the first crack, and he was averaging 25 minutes a night early on.

Smart did address Jimmer’s play and ‘education’ recently, noting that he was hurt by missing time with the team during the NBA lockout. Smart noted that Jimmer will be learning more about the point guard position during the summer, and also critiqued Fredette by saying that he actually needs to be ‘selfish’ more.

If you read my posts at this time last year, you know I root for Jimmer as much as anyone. But I also know Jimmer’s not in Provo anymore. He has graduated from beating up on the Mountain West Conference.  Jimmer is in the NBA, and the Association is a harsh place, even harsher than the prison inmates Jimmer used to ball against. The NBA is the best of the best, and only the strongest survive – and there are only 400+ players who get to live out this dream at a given time.

Maybe Jimmer develops, maybe he just bounces around the league as a 3-point specialist for the next several years, which is still not bad work if he can find it. And he still has his mark forever etched as a collegiate legend.

I’m not going to rag on TJ Fredette too much. He obviously supports his brother, and apparently overcame some serious health issues some years back, and he also seemed surprised that his tweet towards Smart got so noticed.

But before tweeting TJ, face the facts. The NBA, like virtually any other profession, is performance-driven: prove yourself, help your team win, and you’ll see the court – simple as that.

And it may take Jimmer Fredette, his family, and his fans, some patience before he achieves that at the pro level.

About Kurt Allen

Have written/blogged about sports since 2000, along with starting my popular Twitter feed in 2009. I also closely follow fantasy sports developments, along with events such as the NFL Draft.


  1. I respect Keith Smart and his coaches as they are trying to win games, and that should always be the top priority.  Having said that, the Kings are almost certainly going to miss the playoffs.  They need to find out what they have, and I disagree with the excuse that “he’s a rookie, he’s going to go through ups and downs.” 

    Here’s what we do know: Is Jimmer a liablilty on defense? Yes.  Is he prone to make some bad decisions and turnovers? Yes.  Is he a good shooter/scorer? Yes.  Has he shown flashes of playmaking ability?  Yes.

    He cannot make improvements without getting some serious minutes.  He needs the ball in his hands to be a difference maker.  “DNP, coaches decision” is not going to help his progression. 

    Initially Jeremy Lin was overlooked until he was put in a position to be successful.  I’m not saying Jimmer is going to put up the kind of numbers Lin has, or be that type of impact player, but we don’t know yet until he really gets an opportunity. 

    It might not come with the Kings because either the coaches don’t give Jimmer a legit shot, or because he might not be a good fit for the type of team that Smart wants (and it must be a lot different than the team Westphal and Kings management envisioned when they drafted Jimmer).

    I think the Kings owe it to themselves to take a hard look at Jimmer.  The last thing they want is for him to go to another team and prove them wrong.  If Jimmer continues to work hard and gets a chance with a team willing to take the risk, he just might do that.

    • Sacramento Native says:

      Thank you for being the most well-reasoned post on this to date. As it usually seems to be the case on the internet it is either the best ever or the worst ever without any nuances whatsoever. Of course because you didn’t give into hyperbole you don’t have anyone responding to your point and that is a shame. Basically you’ve said that he has had moments where has shined and moments where has looked lost and that’s fine, he’s a rookie. Anyone suggesting that Jimmer should play more than Thomas (at this point, pay attention to these words, people) doesn’t deserve to take place in the conversation but to have him go without playing at all certainly does no good.

  2. What you don’t touch on is that Jimmer was starting to heat up and show some spark for the Kings and then immediately was benched.  During a 5 game stretch from 1/21 to 1/31, Jimmer averaged 28 minutes a game with a line of 14.2 points on 44% shooting (60% from 3pts), 1 Reb, 2.5 Asst., 1 St., and 1.8 TO per game.  That looks like somebody who’s starting to make it in the NBA.  But mysteriously, he is rewarded with 2 consecutive DNP.  His playing time has been very inconsistent since that point and he seems to be the coaches favorite whipping boy.  During that time, IT goes out and puts up 0-5, 3-7, and 2-9 in consecutive games and is rewarded with more PT??  And all this time IT plays his natural college position while Jimmer is learning a new position.  And it can’t be about D because we know that every team runs isolation against IT when he’s in the game.

    • PG is not I.T.’s “natural college position.”  He only started playing PG in January of last year, when Abdul Gaddy went down with an injury.  During his other three years, he played shooting guard, which makes his transition to NBA point guard so amazing.  He’s still learning the position and the offense seems to be responding. 

    • The biggest problem for Jimmer (personally) and his fans is that Coach Smart has never explained why he is doing what he is doing. With that failure to communicate to the public and Jimmer we as fans of Jimmer are left wondering what the problem is. This leaves room for a lot of speculation and conjecture. With a team made up of all but one, members of a minority, I get the same feeling I had when I tried to date a Hawaiian girl in Hawaii; no one would pass me the ball and support my decisions as a Haole (white guy) and so we begin to think there is something to the “Caucasions can’t jump” theory. I think if Smart is not falling prey to that theory his indecision about players like Jimmer and Lin seems to speak volumes for many watching the game. We don’t like to say it but there may be some reverse discrimination going on here.

      • You are overanalyzing things. Let me ask you this, why would Smart put in somebody(Jimmer) who is going to hurt the Kings chances at winning a game?

        • Because he’s not going to win anyway! Develop the kid. Don’t crush his confidence with unexplained DNPs.

        •  Maybe because he’s already putting in a bunch of players that aren’t giving the Kings a chance win.   This isn’t a team, this is a bunch of guys who think they’re at the all-star dunk fest, and are trying harder to get on Sportscenter then to get to the playoffs.  Jimmer’s biggest problem is that he knows how to play basketball, it’s the game that is played by a team, not one person with 4 others watching him.

        • CHARLES YOUNG says:

          Because they is no way he can hurt their chance because them winning is slim to none. C.E.Y. AL.

  3. FYI- keith smart was the same coach of goldent state last year that didn’t give JLin any burn…coincidence, i think not…he’s a douche and should be banned from the NBA

  4. Jimmer is a fucking joke, I’m a kings fan & it’s hard to watch this kid play. Plays no defense & can’t create a shot for himself, he is like a poor mans version of Marcus Thornton or a pathetic version of JJ Reddick.

    • The Kings are a joke. It’s hard to watch the team play. They play no defense and don’t create shots for each other. They’re like a poor city’s D-League team.

    • I appreciate your confidence making a judgment like this of a player with less than 30 games after a lock-out preseason and playing sporadic minutes without a consistent rotation from the coach.  Man…YOU should be the GM of the Kings!

      • Compare Jimmer to Thornton…Thornton averaged about 8 pts on 40% shooting his first 30 games…very similar to Jimmer.  Oh…and let me remind you of your man Redick…in his rookie season, he averaged fewer points and had a lower 3pt FG%.  Oh…and get this…in his first 30+ games, he shot 28% from the field and had scored a whopping 26 points TOTAL.  And neither of them had to deal with a lock-out AND a coaching change 7 games into his first season.

    • CHARLES YOUNG says:

      You are no joke just stupid as hell,no joke. C.E.Y. AL.

      • I like Jimmer and see his potential but he is definitely having a hard time adjusting to the speed of the NBA game.  He gets easily trapped and his defense isn’t to great at this point. Had we had a training camp it might be different, but for now Isiah is simply doing a better job leading the team and his stats prove it.  We currently have a four guard rotation and Tyreke is covering for the abominable performances of John Salmons, Travis Outlaw and Francisco Garcia at small forward.  Jimmer will get plenty of playing time this year.  Give Smart a chance.  Just look at what he has done for Demarcus Cousins.  Oh wait you root for the player and not the team!

        • CHARLES YOUNG says:

          No i am for a player that can help the team, when a player is avg 14.2 points a game 44% (60%3pointers)1/21-1-31 and then stays on the bench most of the time because that is not good enought. Now was he a team player. I more thing 2.5 asst. C.E.Y. AL.

        • CHARLES YOUNG says:

          Smart has had his chance the Warriors are 13-17 this year after firing smart,last year. Smart is 9-17 as the kings new head coach.Not playing Jimmer really helped. Numbers dont lie. C.E.Y. AL.

    • @ Boogie. Jimmer is the only player on the team who is is getting better. He does play good defense but its hard on him when he’s guarding 6’7 shooting guards. The Kings play like every game is an All Star game and each player needs to get his time to shine.. How about someone sets #7 a pick off the ball or spread the floor so he can take his opponent one on one. Jimmer would be a perfect fit for a dozen other teams in the league. Please trade him out of that embarrassing organization. Fire Westphal for Smart? Wow.. 

    • josephchadwiggins12 says:

      his name is boogie…. nuff said…. but just in case… boogie….

  5. Jimmer has shown he’s a good passer and has racked up plenty of assists. He’s not just been a good shooter. Jimmer was shooting 65% from three over 5 game span and had scored 19, 21 and 14 its in a string of games before being benched for two games for who knows why. IT is getting it done but not playing Jimmer at all when he’s their best three point shooter seems ill advised.

  6. FredetteWAYoverrated says:

    Fredette got absolutely abused by Crawford when he was in there tonight. Dude can’t play a lick of D and that won’t fly.

  7. FredetteWAYoverrated says:

    Conversely, IT owned Wall the entire second half. Fredette needs to sit and learn while a player shows him how to do it at the NBA level.

    • Dude, you don’t watch the nba players play at an NBA level. You teach the dang rookie how play at an NBA level. when a kid goes on a streak, you don’t pull him out. Jeez, what is their problem?

    • IT would rather be a high scorer and loose, then be a team player and win.. Take the smile off your face daddy’s boy your teams getting their ass kicked!

  8. I think Fredette will work hard and become a great NBA player.  But let’s not forget that Keith Smart coached Jeremy Lin for a season at Golden State and sat Lin on the bench for an entire season.  That would suggest that Keith Smart is the entirely worst coach that Fredette can have.

  9. lack of defense…….JImmer is still developing and why he dosn’t play more time.  Maybe TJ is blinded like Jimmer is when guards run by him.  Why would you call out your brother’s NBA coach out?! I’d be beating my brother if he did that to me.

  10. Thomas is a better player and doesn’t get clowned on defense like Jimmer. Crawford scored 15 pts on him in the 2nd quarter alone against Washington. Good move by Smart to keep him off the court in the second half.

  11. josephchadwiggins12 says:

    this dumb idiots story gets a little sillier by the min….. tonight in a loss to nuggets, in 17               min fredette had +11 in the plus minus department while he was on the floor…. the rest of the crew, when he was -11 in the remaining 31 min…. go figure… vs the clippers he pumped n 11 in the sec quater alone, and was promptly rewarded by ur anniversary a hole not playing him the whole sec half… they lost….. then two nights ago smart throws him in in the 4 th quarter vs the lakers, down 20… fredette went nuts… scoring twelve in the quarter and cutting the lead all the way to five….. so guess what, tj aint to far off when he screams of a love connection between the two little brotha’s…… smart gives thomas every opportunity to succeed, while making sure to bench fredette each time he begins to succeed…. 

  12. josephchadwiggins12 says:

    hows that anniversary going for smart…. been getting waxed a bit lately….

  13. jesperson says:

    Boggie Your a dumbass!  jimmer created his own shot all through college sometimes with 4 guys covering him from the opposing team because his teamates could not score. Ask Williams of Arizona if jimmer is legit when he went off for 52 pts against his arizona on their home court. Most pts ever scored on their court by anyone in the nation Pac10 or otherwise in their house.  He is simply on a team (the Kings) who didnt like the hype and they do not  want him to succeed Tyreke was threatened at his position of selfish pt guard and the rest of the selfish teamates. Every analyst talks about lack of passing and assists of the Kings.  Watch the tape of previous games Jimmer sets up his teamates every play but they never pass him the ball back!!  he cant get in a rythym playing few minutes and with teamates who dont want him.  TRADE HIM PLEASE. and watch him light up your retared Kings!! Kings play up and down street ball, they lack of discipline or sense of team. Its quite frankly hard to watch guys who played one year of college that are atheletic but have no basketball IQ

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