Jeremy Lin: Can The ‘Linsanity’ Continue? An MSF Podcast Debate

Earlier this week, MSF writers Jon Washburn and Keith Mullett wrote articles featuring differing opinions on Jeremy Lin’s future in the NBA.

Last night, they matched wits via podcast to discuss and debate what the future holds for Lin.

During the podcast, Jon and Keith explore:

  • The things that stick out about Lin’s game,
  • The Knicks playoff chances with their new star guard,
  • How Lin and Carmelo Anthony will mesh,
  • Whether Mike D’Antoni will remain the coach of the Knicks after this season,
  • Whether Lin deserves MVP consideration if this ridiculous streak holds out all season long,
  • And other things.

Listen to the podcast below, and if you agree or disagree with any of the points, let us know in the comments section.

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Jeremy Lin


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Keith is an Ohio-based sports and pop culture junkie who began writing for MSF in June 2011. His ramblings about sports, music, movies and books can be further enjoyed by following him on Twitter @keithmullett.

In addition to his work for MSF, Keith operates a blog called Commercial Grade, in which he critiques television commercials from the perspective of the average viewer.

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