It’s a slow sports day, so here is a video of professional bowlers freaking out on fans and eachother

As the Wednesday after the Super Bowl typically seems to be, today is a slow sports day. The collective media is catching its breath and recharging its batteries after a hard-working and perhaps even debauchery-filled week in Indianapolis, and with only mid-week regular season NBA, college hoops, and NHL games going on, there isn’t a whole lot to get worked up about.

And speaking of getting worked up…

I had no idea that professional bowling was so rife with outbursts such as these:



Via Bob’s Blitz, here is the complete context for Jason Belmonte’s outburst.


I’ve decided I’m going to start using this as trash talk in ironic circumstances.

Let’s say I roll up next to a Honda Civic in my Toyota Corolla Sport (that’s right, I’ve got the sport package with spoiler and racing stripe) at a traffic light. As soon as it turns green, I’m flooring it, leaving the Civic in my dust, and yelling TAKE THAT YOU BOTTLE BITCH! It won’t make any sense, and they probably won’t hear me or even care, but I’ll know. And I’ll smile inside.

But I digress.

Pete Weber’s sunglasses are pretty spectacular.

I guess such outbursts by professional bowlers make sense. Every time I bowl it’s in a crowded lane with noise everywhere and intermittent blacklighting occurring. It’s easy to focus when the noise is coming from everywhere. But when it’s quiet, the softest noise or light flash can impact concentration, like flashes during a golfer’s back swing, or co-workers walking past your office door talking and waving their hands when you’re trying to blog.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video. I’ve got nothing else today.

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