Hyundai Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘All for One’ Video and Review

Continuing with my game day reviews of Super Bowl commercials, here is one of Hyundai’s Super Bowl spots, featuring an a capella version of the Rocky theme “Gonna Fly Now.”

Here is the video, commentary after the clip.

This is not necessarily an original ad, because we’ve seen plenty of singing of iconic songs in commercials and we’ve seen the Rocky gimmick played out as well.  One particularly great Rocky homage was the Starbucks “Glen” commercial, which featured the band Survivor and their infamously cheesy “Eye of the Tiger” song from Rocky.

Still, the ad is executed well, and mostly makes sense.  There aren’t too many musical numbers guaranteed to motivate someone more than “Gonna Fly Now,” so while it is predictable it also works.  If I had a chorus of employees come sing that song to me while working, my productivity would shoot through the roof.

Commercial Grade: B

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