Fat Chipper Jones Is Just Like The Rest Of Us! (Except, Not Really…)

This is an utterly meaningless and useless blog post. Just know that going in.

This is all it is, a picture of Chubby Chipper:


Photo credit: Deadspin

The photo was posted by Deadspin here, thanks to reader Cory, and just goes to show that even though we’ll all be barraged with stories claiming PLAYER X IS IN THE BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE, not all players actually do report to Spring Training in the BEST SHAPE OF THEIR LIVES. (And, perhaps, nor should they.)

Of course, when you’re Chipper Jones, you can report to Spring Training with a little extra paunch if you want to. Larry Wayne will make $14 million this year no matter how many spare tires he’s carrying, and the soon-to-be 40-year old is coming off yet another All Star season and, at this point, is just taking on numbers to a career already ticketed for Cooperstown.

I bet that unless you are a Braves fan, a fantasy baseball nut, or just a true baseball nerd, that these numbers may surprise you:

  • 454 home runs
  • .304/.402/.533 slash line
  • #30 on Baseball-Reference.com’s All-Time List of Batters
  • An MVP award and 7 All Star game appearances

What a career.

Okay, so I guess this post did end up serving a purpose. If it takes Chipper reporting to camp overweight as he nears his 40th birthday to remember just how great of a career he’s had, well so be it.

Whenever the Atlanta Braves are on TV in your area or visiting your city, make a note to watch Chipper Jones. He’s one of the best to ever play, and he won’t be playing for too much longer.

Oh, and though we should all strive to eat better and reduce abdominal fat (Jerod, I’m looking at you), no need to beat yourself up over it. CHIPPER JONES HAS SOME TOO!

Update: Or does he? The plot thickens…

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