Chess Prodigy Magnus Carlsen Profiled By 60 Minutes – It’ll Blow Your Mind

Magnus Carlsen is a 21-year old chess prodigy from Norway.

The above sentence is a fact. Yet, after watching the short video below, a profile of Carlsen done by 60 Minutes, I can’t help but feel like it understates Carlsen’s chess omniscience.

If you need another teaser to entice you to watch:

“That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” That’s what 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon said after witnessing chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen play 10 opponents simultaneously– with his back turned and all 10 boards out of sight!

There is not one word of hyperbole in that blockquote. Watch:


Last week I wrote about this one time from college when I felt like something of a prodigy. A buddy and I ran a beer pong table for an entire night. It was magical. We were locked in. It felt like we could were winning 10 games at once with our backs turned.

And now I’d like to thank Magnus Carlsen for making that “amazing feat” seem like, well, checkers.


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  1. I watched the 60 minutes piece as well.  What was remarkable to me, was not his genius, which seems rather pure, but his ambition.  Much like Jordan, Federer, Michael Phelps, he seemed to hate to lose and really have that “F-you,” gene (as I like to call it).  I can’t say that I know many geniuses – or any – for that matter, but the idea of someone with unparalleled ability, mixed with unparalleled competitiveness, is truly frightening, and I think that is what was truly remarkable about him.  

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