Audi Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Vampire Party’ Video and Grade

Next up in tonight’s series of Super Bowl commercial reviews is Audi and their “Vampire Party” spot that ran during the 1st quarter.

Audi isn’t known for their commercials, but I have a feeling this one will get some run over the next few weeks.

Here’s the clip:


The vampire craze is probably a year or two past its height, so I have to deduct a few points for that.  If this were run last year Audi could have really cashed in on the Twilight, Trueblood and Vampire Diaries mania that took over the country.

Alas, they did not, so we’re left to review the ad this year.  In the ad, a guy is driving to a party at night, and he flashes his fangs to let us know he’s a vampire.  When we see shots of the party, we understand that it is entirely populated by vampires as well.

Problems ensue when the Audi driving vampire (who happens to turns his LED headlights toward ) burns up everyone at the party.  What could have been a decadent shindig turned into a broken acoustic guitar and a sad vampire with a whole case O+ all to himself.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad ad, just a little trite.  I especially like dEcho & the Bunnymen’s “The Killing Time” being used for the ad’s soundtrack, so I’m bumping up the grade a little for that.

Commercial Grade: C+

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