Ahmad Bradshaw’s Game-Winning Super Bowl TD: Iconic Image and Video

While Mario Manningham’s incredible 38-yard sideline catch was the best picture Super Bowl 46, this image of Ahmad Bradshaw’s 6-yard Super Bowl winning TD merits a close second place.

This should-I-score-or-should-I-squat pose at the 1-yard line is a Super Bowl classic.

Ahmad Bradshaw's game-winning TD Super Bowl XLVI - Video and Picture

Ahmad Bradshaw's game-winning TD in Super Bowl XLVI. (Photo credit: John W. McDonough/SI)

And here is the video of Bradshaw’s accidental TD scamper:


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  1.  ¿Que comentar de este videogame dde consolas? Es realmemte sobresaliente,
    de todas formas podria ser mucho mas enganchado

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