Yu Darvish leaves Japan for Dallas…wearing an interesting shirt (Update: featuring what is probably a Japanese maple leaf)

Yu Darvish is now a member of the Texas Rangers, who will be paying him quite a hefty sum in hopes that he can recreate his mound magic here in The States. He is making his way towards Dallas as we speak to meet with the Metroplex media for the first time.

The photo below is of Yu preparing to board his plane from Narita, Japan. He is wearing an…interesting…shirt.

Yu Darvish arrives in dallasImage credit: AP Photo/Koji Sasahara via DallasNews.com

Can anyone offer an explanation for what that might be on Yu’s shirt…other than what most folks are probably going to think immediately?

Update: Thanks to a commenter, it appears that Yu’s shirt is not a sign that he wants to be the next Tim Lincecum. It is likely a Japanese maple leaf.


Well there we go. See? Thanks to Yu, we’re bridging cultural divides already.

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  1. Looks like a Buckeye.

  2. I think it's a Japanese Maple Leaf.

  3. That's definitely a Japanese maple leaf. Pretty obvious to me.

  4. douche

  5. Why is the writing in English then?

  6. I'm right says:

    Sorry to bust your bubble guys. That is definitely pot. Pot leaves are basically separate leaves that com out of one stem, vs the Jap Maple whose spires all connect at the base of the leaf. Look at both pictures. The leaf on Yu's shirt is without a doubt a pot leaf.

  7. i like him already

  8. Jsullivanj says:

    From WFAA-TV in Fort Worth, Texas – "Well here's your answer, straight from Yu Darvish – he said in Japan, they often wear shirts with English words on them without knowing what they mean. He said his father explained what it meant when he arrived. So, do you buy that reasoning?"

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  1. […] to mention that his suit at the presser was pretty great (let’s not talk about the potential, ahem, leaf on his t-shirt at the airport).  Maybe he’ll prove himself super fashionable!  My stoked-levels are just going up and […]

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