Video of Bill Belichick making PBJ disproves theory that nothing good game out of his tenure in Cleveland

The New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl. It will be the fifth time they have participated in the Big Game with Bill Belichick as their coach, yet another bullet point on his Hall of Fame-ready resume.

Belichick is known for being a defensive wizard. He earned such a reputation as Bill Parcells’ defensive coordinator, cemented it by stopping the “Greatest Show on Turf” for his first Super Bowl win, and has maintained it despite the Patriots becoming much more offensively oriented over the last several seasons.

The only true black mark on Belichick’s resume is his tenure in Cleveland. Belichick went 36-44 and made just one playoff appearance. However, to anyone who says his tenure in Cleveland was a waste of time, I present the following video as evidence to the contrary.

Ladies and gents, here is the secret to making a BBPBJ, the Bill Belichick’s Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich. (How divine!)

Hat tip: The Fifth Down

So what is the secret to the BBPBJ? is it the raisin bread? The chunky peanut butter? Nope. It is, of course, Belichick’s outside the box strategy of putting peanut butter on both sides of the bread. This prevents the jelly from seeping through the bread. Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

And in case you wondering what Bill Belichick does once the BBPBJ is made, well what do you think?

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