Photo Story: ‘No Respect’ starring Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh, and special guest Rodney Dangerfield

For all of his talent as a passer, and his very good regular season and post season records during his first four years in the NFL, Joe Flacco is not generally considered to be among the upper tier of quarterbacks in the NFL.

As good as his won/loss numbers may look, Flacco’s stats suggest to many that the Ravens win in spite of him more than they win because of him, with defense and a strong running game keying this decade of success in Baltimore. And save for a few big performances in big games (the two Pittsburgh games this year, his statistically terrific start against Kansas City in last year’s playoffs), Flacco has mostly underwhelmed in his most watched moments. This clearly bothers Flacco, as his comments this week prove.

Among these now-notorious comments was this gem: “I’m sure if we win [the Super Bowl] I’ll have nothing to do with why we won, according to you guys.”

For our latest photo story I decided to analyze Joe Flacco’s pervasive feelings of disrespect, as well as what effect the sharp drop in completion percentage Flacco has experienced this year (the lowest of his career) may secretly have had on his teammates and coaches, whose undying support of Flacco has always seemed just a too too effusive, without Flacco really earning it.

Of course, I’m not in the locker room, so what do I know?

Update: I published this a day before these comments by Ed Reed caused a bit of a firestorm. Perhaps this photo story was more accurate than I thought…

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  1. Absolutely perfect. And the hilarity just kept going on and on. Linked this at

  2. Not funny

  3. You guys from other markets think Joe cares what you think based upon your limited understanding of him and his personality.  It’s just the opposite.  He doesn’t give a toss.  He cares about winning and losing.  Everything else, including this really unfunny waste of space and time, is just noise.

    He happens to have a hot wife that he was dating before he was famous.

    Maybe it’s just that attention whores like yourself are just incapable of understanding a guy that’s not like you.

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