Forget a Reds hat, newly-elected Baseball Hall of Famer Barry Larkin should be enshrined wearing this…

Barry Larkin has been elected to the Hall of Fame, with plenty of debate on both sides about his candidacy. Here is his Baseball Reference page so you can look at his stats and judge his credentials for yourself. As far as I’m concerned, when I think of Barry Larkin I don’t think “Hall of Famer” but his overall stats are better than I remembered, so I’m open to his induction if 80+% of people who know much more about this than me think he should be in.

But now to the more important issue.

With some players, the question of what hat to wear in the Hall is a big one. It’s not with Larkin. He played his entire 19-year career with the Cincinnati Reds. However, based on new evidence uncovered today by Reddit (here), I think the Hall of Fame should eschew a baseball cap for Larkin and instead induct him with a full body bronze statue complete with the sublime turtleneck-sweater-overall outfit he is pictured in below.

barry-larkin-hall-of-fameImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Pretty spectacular right? Also spectacular is that at first glance it looks like the lifetime Red is wearing a Cubs sweatshirt. Sorry to disappoint you Cubs fans, but he’s not. As this Reddit commenter pointed out, it’s a sweatshirt commemorating the 1990 All Star Game that was played at Wrigley.

It’s just a terrific ensemble. Based on the relaxed clothing of Joe White Guy standing next to Larkin, it doesn’t appear to be overly chilly where they are, yet Larkin is three layers deep in quintessential early 90s garb, including and especially the single unstrapped overall.

In conclusion, there may be worthy debate over Barry Larkin’s Baseball Hall of Fame credentials, but just based on this picture alone Larkin is a first ballot 1990s Hall of Famer. Congratulations Barry. Welcome to the club.

(Now excuse me while I go search for an old picture of myself in Jubaz pants to post…)

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