As you surely know by now, since I say it every week, I always go to r/NFL on Sunday night to find funny/interesting NFL notes, GIFs, images, videos, etc.

Here is my favorite from this week, when Broncos wide receiver Matt Willis was photographed standing next to running back Willis McGahee.

willis-mcgahee-broncosImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Yes, I am a giant dork and find things like this funny.

Although it doesn’t come anywhere close to being as awesome as this picture:


That’s all I’ve got. Have a great Sunday night.

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  1. This one from the Arkansas Razorbacks a few years back beats them all… http://www.dimetra.net/funnies/2007/07/mooregoode

  2. And then there was when Casey Dick got his first start v. South Carolina, raunchy headline field day!!!


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