Video: Drew Brees’ Perfect Postgame Speech After Breaking Dan Marino’s Single-Season Passing Yardage Record

As a born and raised Indiana Hoosier who bleeds Cream and Crimson, I hate liking anything from Purdue, but Drew Brees just makes it so damn impossible to dislike him.

Last night, Brees broke the single-season passing yardage record that was held by favorite football player of all-time, Dan Marino, yet I found myself happy for him – hell, I was pretty much rooting for him.

Then I watched Brees’ postgame speech after the game, and I was reminded, yet again, why Brees is impossible to dislike.

Hat tip to @AmandaRykoff for posting this on Facebook.

How perfect is that? And he’s not just being falsely humble for the cameras. Not only does he believe, but he’s right.

You think Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or even Tony Romo wouldn’t have the record if they played for the Saints as currently constructed? They probably would. Do you think Brees would have the record if he had ended up in Miami many years ago? Probably not.

Season-long records like these are absolutely team achievements, and leave it to Brees to go all the way to the ball boys as he gave credit where it was most certainly due.


I won’t belabor this next point because I’ve made it time and again in previous articles, but it’s worth mentioning one more time:

Drew Brees is absolutely, positively everything an athlete should be.

He’s everything a leader should be.

So despite the taint of black and gold that he’ll never escape (at least for me), Brees is still one of my favorite football players. Like Patrick Willis, like Tim Tebow, like Nnamdi Asomugua, he’s the kind of guy you point to and tell young athletes to emulate, because he is the quintessential example of what someone who is a professional sportsman should be.

Congratulations Drew Brees. You are truly deserving of every great achievement you attain during your career.

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  1. Perfect is right! As a speech coach, I marveled at how he was able to divert attention away from himself and onto everyone else in the room. I blog about it here:

    What an incredible guy.

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