Video: Detroit Lions Fan Performs Amazing Feat of Tomfoolery

Things have not gone particularly well for the Detroit Lions since their 5-0 start. They lost a winnable game to San Francisco after which their coach came totally unhinged, which has been followed by the team coming intermittently unhinged while going 3-5 over the last eight games. The playoffs still look like a good bet, but forgive Lions fans if they aren’t taking anything for granted.

Also, forgive Lions fans who pass out in the middle of games in which their team gets up big on the hapless Minnesota Vikings and Joe Webb ends up playing quarterback.

I know, I know…the game ended with plenty of drama and the Vikings lining up for a potentially game-tying touchdown on the final snap, but were it not for the boredom and/or inebriation of one Lions fan in particular, we would never have been able to witness this incredible feat of Lions fandom.


My favorite part of the video is the triumphant raising of the arms into the air by our intrepid mini-megaphone and bottle stacker.

I don’t know this man, so I’m being highly presumptuous, but just from the look on his face and it appears possible that this is his biggest accomplishment of the week (or maybe even of all of 2011).


And why shouldn’t he be proud? He made an entire section of people cheer for him by stacking four individual objects on top of eachother on top of the head of a (presumably) living person who is passed out. That’s not easy. But he did it, just like Jim Schwartz may finally get the Lions back to the playoffs.

Well done Lions fan. Well done.

In related news*, the passed out fan later woke up, vomited everywhere, and is now referred to by everyone in the section as Ndamukong Spew.


* – This is made up and most likely not true at all.

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