Top 10 Non-Sports Mobile Apps For Sports Fans

Sports fans everywhere are about to get some time off for the holidays. In between games or during commercials, here are 10 non-sports apps for sports fans to cleanse their mental palette in between the glorious angst and revelry that is sports spectating.

1. Oink

For finding top prospects on everyday stuff.


Tired of reading 10 good reviews and 10 bad reviews about the same sports bar on Yelp? Me too. Oink changes all that by allowing you to rate specific products and services.

For example, I’d like the best buffalo wings in my city. I don’t care about the ambiance or the hostess or how the manager treated somebody there “one time when”. I just want the best damn wings in my city and Oink actually has a list of the top ranked wings in each city.

2. Jaw Bone Up

For healthy living.


As sports fans, most of us are obsessed with stats…and now you can have all the stats on you!

JawBone Up is a bracelet-app system that you wear during the day and while you sleep. The whole time it passively monitors your fitness and heart rate.

After you sync the bracelet and app you are given daily/weekly/monthly graphs of how well you are sleeping and how much exercise you are getting.

3. Dateventure

Improving your “other” game.


Just about all sports fans love sports simulations as a way to enjoy sports when we can’t be at the game.

Here’s a dating simulation to help you prepare for those off-the-field touchdowns ;-)

4. Calorific Diet Tracker

For making it simple to eat healthier.


Okay so you’ve eaten chicken wings and cheeseburgers all fall while you watch your favorite team, and now that your blood is 60% beer cheese soup you know it’s time for a change.

Calorific Diet Tracker is much easier than it’s name implies.

It divides all foods into healthy, average, and unhealthy and helps you change your habits until your eating mostly healthy instead of mostly unhealthy.

5. Fart Sounds

For fart pranks.


This selection doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

6. Brewing Assistant

For making your own beer.


Home brewing is becoming the official DIY activity of sports fans everywhere.

This app helps you understand and plan your projects as well as craft your own creative playbook of original beer recipes.

7. Mobiscope

For home security.


If you’re like most sports fans you’ve got $3k worth of electronics in your living room, and it’s finally affordable to keep an eye on this stuff.

Mobiscope is inexpensive and allows you to remotely monitor, pan, zoom, and record multiple home cameras. It’s pretty high-tech and very cool.

8. GasBuddy Gas Prices App

For saving money.


Heading out to a bowl game or just to visit family for the holidays? GasBuddy uses crowdsourcing to always know the best prices near you no matter where you are.

9. LinkedIn

For networking.


Just because you’re at the game for the game doesn’t mean you can’t make a few business connections during tailgaiting or with the people sitting around you.

Just about everyone is on LinkedIn these days and the app makes it easy to connect with them while you’re thinking about it because, if you’re like me, you will definitely forget the person’s name you met while standing in line to buy your 8th beer.

10. Photoshop Express

For photo editing.


Make those favorite photos from the big game look professional and stunning. Color correction, cropping, and just about anything else you need.

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